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The Ecclestone Sisters

Shop Til You Drop

9/3/2011 5:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mega-rich sisters Tamara and Petra Ecclestone went shopping this afternoon on Robertson Blvd., flanked by their respective significant others.

Hopefully they left some stuff on the shelves for everyone else.


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They're a pair of nobodies who do nothing all day but live in undeserved unearned wealth.

BUT it's pretty obvious that they are doing what the Hilton sisters did with hiring a publicist to hype them up as "celebs" in the media to convince the pblic that these nobodies are somehow famous and important.

1149 days ago

Flying Blind    

wow, the last time i seen somebody that skinny someone was wanting me to send money.

And the guy lighting a cig is real classy.

1149 days ago


These two dim bulbs have done nothing to invite celebrity notoriety. Why is TMZ following them? The one other useless dim bulb, who is probably really pissed is Paris, the skunk, hilton who is now relegated to the back page. I'm sure we'll have another video from paris soon to get her back on top. Maybe one night in Paris' Arse.

1149 days ago


I would let either one of them gorgeous girls p on my face just to see where it comes from!


1149 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm... I just tried to come up with some dialogue these people would say, but I drew a blank. Blandest bunch of billionaires I've seen. Not that I've seen many, mind you.

1149 days ago


You've gotta love the press. Ecomonics 101 boys and girls: The Ecclestone barbies ARE NOT RICH. Their PARENTS ARE RICH. These bimbos can barely walk and chew gun at the same time while having absolutely zero life accomplishments other than wearing out daddy's ebony AMEX card.

1149 days ago

comic con fan goes to show you money cannot buy taste...the two guidos look like jersey shore rejects and the guy lighting up...stinks

1149 days ago

comic con fan can't buy taste...lokk at those two guido rejects from jersey shore...and the one lighting up...p. u. that stinks

1149 days ago


Hopefully, this will put the untalented fame hos Kardasians out of business!! Keep up the reporting on ths group. Bet Kim snd Chris are pissed.

1149 days ago


The E! channel paid for Kardashians wedding. Married in August but will air in October. Still can't figure out how they came up with 450 guests. The Hollywood A-list was George Lopez. No offence George.

Ecclestones wedding was a wedding. A whole different 'class', financial league. Kardashian, regardless of how much money she makes will never come close to being in that league or circle. Kim Kardashian will never have the sophiscation or class.

1149 days ago



1149 days ago


Ugh! Why, TMZ, why?? We already have enough Good For Nothing Heiresses. I keep crossing my fingers I'll wake up and there will be no more Kardashian and/or Hilton stories, and now you bring on these clowns. Are there no other stories in Hollywood?

1149 days ago

Fat Mike    

They are more boring than Bernie, but at least he deserves his status. Which TMZ staffer has a boner for these girls? Due to their age and sex, we know it's not Harvey.

1149 days ago


So, now people get publicity just for being rich? I just don't care...they aren't relevent to my life. They have not written a book I can or want to read. They have not produced a movie I want to see. They have not got a song I can download to listen get my point....they don't do anything but be rich. Nice for them...nothing to me.

1149 days ago

St. Martin    

Has either one of them or both, made a porno flick yet?

1149 days ago
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