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The Ecclestone Sisters

Shop Til You Drop

9/3/2011 5:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mega-rich sisters Tamara and Petra Ecclestone went shopping this afternoon on Robertson Blvd., flanked by their respective significant others.

Hopefully they left some stuff on the shelves for everyone else.


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GOD! L.A. guys are SO DOUCHEY!!

1114 days ago


TMZ, this is the LAST family you should be promoting...they are probably paying you out of the ying yang to get their names out in the American public...but, these girls are wasteful nothings who just spend daddy's money on material things to keep themselves in England's socialite circle and in the "news" (aka tabloids). Why are they even in America? Do they just want to be world known as selfish idiots who spend daddies money and flaunt their wealth in a recession or do they want a reality show? These are probably the last people who would make it as reality stars here (but with the way the country's viewing of reality TV goes, I could be wrong, but I pray to God, I'm not!). It sickens me that TMZ is promoting these girls...

1114 days ago


SkipperBarbie, Keith was saying THE GIRLS HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING in life to EARN the money they are's not theirs, it's their father's. It doesn't matter if it's a trust worth billions or not, it's their father who worked hard to make that money, not them. Bill Gates and several other billionaires have got it right by leaving a trust to their kids worth several million to give them a heads start on making their own money, inventions, charities, etc...Gates kids will have to make their own living (with a great start--which is what parenting is all about--teaching them to live, make mistakes, learn, work, develop one’s self, etc.). Eccelstone, has done a serious injustice to these girls.

1114 days ago


THERE IS A STRONG POSSIBILITY the newly arrived Ecclestones will push the Kardashians off the charts and out of sight where they belong. Even they, the Ecclestones, do not appear to be asking for publicity. One of the sisters bought a mansion, so what??? Their father earned his fortune, respectfully, and is passing it on to his family, what's wrong with that??? NOTHING, except, if you are an envious Kardashian or, a fan. Even Mama cannot compete with the Ecclestone billions with the Kardashian few millions. No comparison!

1114 days ago


Will you stop giving fame to people who have done nothing to deserve fame! Since when did being rich deserve all this attention. ******* sick...stupid American press. You make idiot famous for nothing. Thanks for another lame reality show you bunch of retards.

1114 days ago


Can these two dumb biatches just shop online and spare us the staged photo ops along Robertson Blvd? If these two dummies were daughters of factory workers they would be hard pressed to get dates.
Loser Leeches living off somebody's else's sweat.

1114 days ago


How much did these two stupid girls have to spend on these men that afternoon to keep them around anyway? These men are just as much ho's as woman are who latch on to some rich dude who pays their bills. Prostitutes.

1114 days ago


I honestly think inherited wealth is a curse! It not only robs people of all ambition, it keeps them children to their parents forever!

1114 days ago


I don't understand all the hate going on here regarding this girl and her family. So, she's rich, very rich and she had a great wedding, bought a great house (all because she is rich) and everyone i*****ing on her? She's never done anything wrong, she's just rich and you all go hating on her for it. Petty jealousy is all it is.

1113 days ago


ECCLESTONE sisters how much do we care

Not a minute or second for us to spare,

No time for FLASH non-meaning lives

Their lifestyle for us just doesn't jive.

Copyright 2011 soulofanangel

1113 days ago


They're really making themselves known...trying to out do those Hilton sisters. They seem to be doing that plus they're a hell of a lot better to look at!

1113 days ago


These girls are the daughters of Bernie Ecclestone. Who just happens to be President and CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration.
Sorry he doesn't do Nascars or Indy.. that's why you all wouldn't know :P

1112 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Petra is too skinny. Her legs look like matchsticks. Ick.

1112 days ago


Who are these ppl?????

1111 days ago


Whoa are they? Oh Yeah they're no one. I would be more interested if they were actually doing something worthwhile.

1111 days ago
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