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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

AZ GOP Auctions Gun Like

The One Used to Shoot Her

9/3/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So far ... this wins craziest story of the weekend ....The Republican Party in Pima County, AZ is raffling off a gun almost identical to the one used to shoot the Congresswoman in that very same county ... Gabrielle Giffords.

The online newsletter (see below) went out last Friday and features on page 3 a chance to win "a Glock 23 .40 handgun for just 10 bucks." But hang on -- if your name is drawn, you don't just win the gun ... you get "three 12-round magazines, adjustable grips, and a case."


A Glock 19 handgun was allegedly used by Jared Loughner in an attack on January 8, 2011 that injured 13 (including Rep. Giffords) and killed six.

Michael McNulty, Giffords' campaign manager, told the Arizona Republic he was "struggling for the words to describe my reaction" to the raffle.

The interim chairman of the Pima County GOP told the paper he was surprised at the reaction, saying Rep. Giffords owned a Glock herself and was an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment. He explained, "That Glock is no more responsible for those deaths and the congresswoman's injuries than a Number 2 pencil is responsible for cheating on a test."

Translation -- guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Real translation -- This guy doesn't have a clue.

Interim Chairman Mike Shaw told the Arizona Daily Star that the raffle went so well ... they sold a deer rifle too. U-S-A!!!


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REAL real translation: "TMZ Staff writer" has his or her head up his or her ass... ALL Glocks look about the same.

If this were the Hamptons or "Wine Country", they GOP would be auctioning off dinner for two or a weekend at a B&B. In Arizona, you auction things that they care about in Arizona.

The only thing wrong here is that TMZ bothered covering a it.

And for the richard-heads, what ANY firearm is designed for is to consistently deliver little wads of metal accurately down-range, reliably. It's a tool. Whether it's for use as a costly, accurate remote-paper-punch, or for putting wild game on the supper table, or dispatching threatening animals or protecting your family, it's still just a tool (in a different way than you are a tool).

Do bad guys use tools? Hammers and pry-bars, picks, knives, screw drivers, computers, trucks and cars, panty hose, and yes, firearms. Do regular people use tools? Actually, the vast majority of tools are used by good, honest, law-abiding people. Strange, firearms are in the list also.

@Bill, you were never a "lifelong Republican voter", you're just another liberal stooge. A matching lie to your lie would be "I've been a life-long Democrat, and you know, I've realized that most Democrat politicians are snobby, elitist, would-be rulers, and they would never stand up for America. They've allowed the Democratic Party to be taken over by radical socialists under the guise of 'liberals' and they was willing to broker a deal that will eventually kill the American Dream and destroy America's technological lead, making us a second-rate and eventually third-rate country. They've allowed pandering, two-faced, petty crooks to speak on behalf of the Democrats, and have made us all look like putzes. Well, NO MORE! If MoveOn is behind the politics, if Maxine Waters is allowed to open her mouth on camera, if the ******* in office can't figure out that they're pissing away American, then don't expect MY vote or support next year!" -- but people would recognize that I am just blathering on pretending that I'm a despicable liberal rather than the intelligent, intellectual, concerned, conservative citizen that I am. Heh.

1145 days ago


Omg! How can people be to insensitive and crazy- EXCUSE ME.. GUNS KILL shots do not-- the end!

1145 days ago


All I see is the same GOP what's the big deal on the auction talk over and over again in these comments. I bet if Democrats came up with this Idea GOP would be asking for there heads and it would be the top story on Foxnews.

1145 days ago


Since TMZ has chosen to open the liberal anti-
gun can of worms, I think it only fair that the
public be notified that the media has been trying
to keep quiet about the ongoing Congressional
hearings that have been going on for months
concerning the BATFE.
I came late to this party, and had to read 12 pages
before I came to the post by PA above, whom I
thank .
When Eric Holden, Obamma's Adjutant General, was
Asst AG under Clinton's Janet Reno, the BATFE
brought us the massacre at Ruby Ridge ID, and then
the Waco TX slaughter. These murders of US citizens
were the acts for which the Oklahoma Federal Bldg.
was blown up, Having learned absolutely nothing and
now in charge, As AG Holden authorized the use of your
taxpayer money to have thousands of semi-automatic
rifles and hundreds of pistols purchased by straw men
who transferred them to Mexican illegals, drug dealers
etc. When US gun dealers protested, the BATFE agents
put pressure on them to comply. These guns are turning
up at crime scenes on both sides of the border, and have
resulted in the death of at least one US Border Control
Officer. U.S. rep Darrell Issa, R-Calif.,the chairman of the
House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform,
has been on TV last week flatly stating that the Justice
Department continues to obstruct his investigation at every
turn. Everybody stay tuned, because like all Washington
coverups, sooner or later their is a rat. They never learn.

1145 days ago


Hum indeed, which should TMZ run a post on, 1 Glock at an auction or our own Govt in a treasonous act selling thousands of firearms to criminal Mexican drug dealers which have been found at multiple crime scenes both in the USA and Mexico

1145 days ago


While TMZ, and other liberal extremist outfits, keep bringing up Giffords they neglect to bring up the fact that others were victims of that crazed lunatic, including a little girl who actually died.

I guess the political class is more important to liberals than dead babies.

BTW, Guns really don't kill people. If you can't see that then YOU haven't a clue.

1145 days ago


did you ever notice how hateful this site is--I say if you are a democrat--like me.. lets boycott TMZ.lets just stop coming here..let the weirdos all hate among themselves. anybody with me? after we really need to know what Kim is up to today or could we live without that important info- BOYCOTT TMZ--leave it for the Nazi party! who is with me.

1145 days ago


Wow. I don't know what is more scary/sickening. The ridiculous (and unbelieveable) idea of auctioning of*****un (What the hell for???) or the fact that a lot of people are defending this idea. Not really sure what the point o*****un is other than to KILL something. No need to have one at all. And for those comparing a gun to a car- a bunch of morons. The sole purpose of a car is transportation, not to mow people down. No wonder everyone is laughing at your country. I'm not laughing though, I'm truly sad for you. I would argue more... but there really are no words. For those of you defending this, you should be ashamed and embarassed.

1145 days ago


Stupid report. Not the same gun, there's really no relation. The GOP auction included all sorts of guns, so TMZ just chose a similar gun to the one used in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting being auctioned, and turns it into a news story. Come on TMZ, give us some real news here!

1145 days ago

Robert Sorrell    

I used to like your website and news about celebrity's but your liberal views that the actual metal inanimate firearm is why they we're shot is freakin ignorant. you guys need to get out of the high dollar lifestyle and think about what made this country free to begin with.. People fighting for personal freedom and freedom to worship however or whomever you choose. It was accomplished by fighting against the King of another country who wanted to control their every being and collect their money to pay for his elaborate lifestyle.. Goodbye to TMZ, you guys are idiots.

1145 days ago


Bill: 13 hours ago ( conveniently the very first post)
"This time the out of control GOP has gone to far. As a lifelong Republican voter I can only say, don't expect my vote next year, or my support."
Sorry dont buy it for a minute, your statement is over dramatic and phony not to mention you contradict yourself. You never were a Republican and this would not this cause you to end a life long voting choice.

Out of control is your ability to BS.

Using this "celebrity web site" in an attempt to manipulate political opinion isnt surprising, but at least be honest in what your doing and saying.


1145 days ago


Bill: 13 hours ago ( conveniently the very first post)

"This time the out of control GOP has gone to far. As a lifelong Republican voter I can only say, don't expect my vote next year, or my support."
Sorry dont buy it for a minute, your statement is over dramatic and phony, you never were a Republican and this would this cause you to end a life long voting record for the party.
Using this "celebrity web site" in a attempt to manipulate political opinion isnt surprising , but at least be honest in what your doing and saying.

1145 days ago


From the comments of some of these people you can tell they are pure evil, just the devil in disguys. America is abnout % percent of the worlds population yet we use 80 percent of the drugs of world i wonder why. our souls are ****. we have done so much evil that we can't live with ourselves.

1145 days ago


So what this article is saying is: The GOP is sending subliminal type messages and hoping those mentally unstable will do their dirty work for them.

1145 days ago


Anytime I go inland of the 101 frwy you run into the gun carrying good 'ol boy mentality. So no surprise.

1145 days ago
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