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Jay-Z's 40/40 Club

Union Protests Have

Turned Racial

9/3/2011 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z's 40/40 Club is undergoing a remodeling in New York City and a local union is protesting the fact they aren't using union workers for the job -- but Jigga's people tell us some protestors have gone too far ... by hurling racial slurs.

The New York City District Council of Carpenters erected giant inflatable rodents outside the club as part of their protests, claiming the company that was hired to do the job does not meet "area labor standards" and is paying their workers a "substandard wage."

A rep for the club tells TMZ they are in a non-union building and are not required to use union contractors. The rep tells us some protestors have been using racial slurs against the workers they are using, which the rep called a "poor tactic" to try intimidate people and scare away business.

The club is scheduled to re-open on November 1.

Calls to the NYCDC were not returned.


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C'mon, this is the city. Inflatable rats. Sounds like they don't give a rats ass who you are Jigga. Maybe a non-union building...How are those re-modleing supplies doing? Any problem with that?

1116 days ago

you know who    

To medina all i can say is, with your lack of communication skills and your large vocabulary of vulgar words you strike me as being not very intelligent. So keep doing your non union work and keep hiring your foreign workers and i am sure the inspectors have a field day inspecting your jobs that is if you even pull permits. You are whats wrong with this country when things don't go your way you spout out with profanities at everyone including your workers, but I'm sure that's how you keep them in line. I'm sure you have done some very large scale projects such as putting up new paneling or maybe even a sheet or two of drywall and if you did I'm sure it was not the right size or not fire rated. either way keep on the path you are going and i can only hope you are hurt by your own spotty work. anyway have a great labor day holiday. oh yeah you probably don't celebrate that holiday being it is a union mans holiday.

1116 days ago


I can't stand union people. They never lift a finger unless they're paid $60... and hour for it then when the company is going bankrupt, they refuse to even sit at any negotiation table and here in Chicago, they will set your place on fire to keep you from doing business if you piss them off. They are modern day thugs!! They are ruining businesses all over this great country.

1116 days ago


This is a non-story. I'm not condoning racial slurs. I'm just saying there's nothing remotely interesting or surprising about that. I used to see those stupid inflatable rats on Long Island when I worked out there. These sorts of protests just aren't effective. If the union is unhappy and legitimately interested in negotiating change, they clearly need to represent themselves more professionally.

1116 days ago


The union people are MORONS! Just because you have a stupid union card, doesn't make you an expert in ANY field. How much of the union members dues were spent on those rats? Bring those dumba$$ union folks down south, we will kick their asses if they try anything like that!

1116 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Want to get rid of these whiny union workers? Hire a 15 or 20 guys to drive by and throw buckets of human feces on them ever hour or two. They'll get the hint and leave.

1116 days ago

Union Hater    

The union is to protect lazy people that dont do their jobs anyway. Down with the uion

1116 days ago


Um, if you don't have to hire union workers, there's no reason to. More pay for less work? No thanks. As long as the workers are cool to be working in the US, I'm fine with it.

Freakin' parasites. Enough with the thuggery, it's not gonna get you anywhere this time. When we needed them during the Industrial Revolution and after, they were a godsend. Now, they've gotten WAY too big for their britches. It's time for reform in the worst way possible, preferably before they bleed the taxpayers dry.

1116 days ago

you know who    

i find that there are several of the anti union protesters here have legitimate things to say and are well spoken, but for the most part the others with there threatening to kick some ### or throw some feces or just mostly illiterate poorly communicated souls that lack the ability do to anything other than when they get backed into the corner just start handing out the profanity. sad part is by Wednesday jayz will have realized he has made an error and will correct it. you on the other hand will still be mad at him instead of the unions, but in the mean time please feel free to blame the unions for anything you can think of such as irene or the earth quake or even the economy. fact is i have worked hard my whole life and yes i have made a decent wage doing so and i thank god for the union i belong to . as is your right to not belong to a union it is mine to believe in a fair days pay for a fair day of work. and i'll have words with anyone that works under me if i don't feel that he or she isn't pulling there weight. i've run work most of my life and will not tolerate lazy people. sad part is there are lazy people in all walks of life and if you allow them to get away with it they continue. i find most people when told to pick up the pace will if they don't then they are handed there walking papers. most are hard working people trying to put there kids thru school and are worried about loosing there job. i don't sugar coat things with my employees i tell them what i expect and what has to get done and i lead by example. enough said about this good bless and have a great labor day

1116 days ago


just like a newyorker haten on a brother for trying to help his people where is the love, all jay says aint no love in the heart of the city

1116 days ago


this doesn't surprise me that unions are being bullies again. they feel they are entitled to any job that pops up. they aren't being hired because jay-z knows it will take twice as long and cost at least twice as much with union labor.
i don't know for what party he votes but, it is likely democrat. and unions are one of the funding foundations for democrats. so, if he does vote democrat, then it simply means he doesn't really believe in who and what he votes for.

1116 days ago


People just want to work an they have to deal with this crap to feed their families. Who's side is the union on? Oh yeah, the Democrats, the ones who want open borders, the ones who are forcing manufacturing out of US to compete, the environmentalists who are shutting down oil production and oil shale production and farming in CA because of a poor little minnow. Unions suck more taxes from all of us to support their ponzi schemed pension funds.
Unions are insane, how can anyone support them anymore?

1116 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

let me get this right-they are protesting jay z's club because they're mad he didnt hire them and went with someone else? What type of BS is that?His club is a private business. If he chooses to go to Somalia to hire workers thats HIS business. They can suck a fat one.

1116 days ago


Just a heads up. How can the UBC Carpeneters protest at the 40/40 club for a company not paying area standards and benefits when they are putting non Union workers on the jobs at $11 an hour with no benefits per their own contracts. Even worse they are having the contractors pay money in for these workers for health benefits they will never get because they cannot make enough to qualify.Therefore any money that gets paid in their name the Union keeps. the Union says a rat is "“A rat is a contractor that does not pay all of its employees the Area Standard Wages, including either providing or making payments for family health care and pension benefits"

So what is it when the Carpenters Union does it. Double Rats???
Read the new UBC Contract for Upstate NY at
Read Article 15
Richard Dorrough
23 Year member of the UBC resigned

1116 days ago


These are the "tolerant" people who accuse Tea Party and other conservatives of racism???? ABSOLUTELY TOTAL STUPIDITY. UNIONS ARE OVERFUNDED, OVER-EGOED AND JUST PLAIN ABUSERS OF POWER.

1116 days ago
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