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Jermaine Jackson Music Video

1978 Called...

9/3/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jermaine Jackson is shooting a BRAND NEW music video for the Jackson 5 song "Blame it on the Boogie" -- problem is, he's missing four Jacksons ... and it's not 1978 anymore.

The 56-year-old was putting the video together earlier this week in Venice, CA.

FUN FACT: When "Boogie" came out in 1978, Jermaine wasn't even in the band anymore ... he had been replaced by his brother Randy.


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HOw about starting with getting rid of the california raisain hairdo.
The problem is Michael was bigger than life and it is unfortunate that anyone who sings his songs, will be compared to him. And that only means they will always fail.
Maybe Jermaine can try a differnt look , he has looked the same and he needs to let go of that already.

1083 days ago


Jermaine is making the same mistake he always does - which is that rather than using his own talent and self-proclaimed musicanship - he is putting himself under Michael's shadow by singing this Jackson'*****. He is simply setting himself up for criticism with this wannabe approach - the recycled song, the red shirt, the dance video - when he himself isn't known for his dancing abilities.... I appreciate his need to making a living to support his families - but if he is as talented as he is always saying he is - he needs to come up with his own ideas.

1083 days ago


A new Californian Raisin commercial!

1083 days ago


Michael and his other brothers were kickin' it in the original video. Jermaine is hardly moving. Maybe, he's trying to reminisce on what he had missed out on when he was not part of the group. I still can't help but think that this a selfish act, where he's only thinking of himself. Just like when he left the group for the very first time and left them hangin'. But good for them, that it was really Michael Jackson, who carried The Jackson 5, and not him. So, they were able to continue to succeed as The Jacksons, where he failed solo. So actually, he has no dignity right to cover this song, and especially without his other brothers. He did not want to be with them back then where he could have had the opportunity to be one of the original singers of the song.

1083 days ago


The original!
Is this guy still alive?

1083 days ago


Can he not come up with his own original song? Actually no. I don't think so.

1083 days ago


Please, Jermaine. I love you, but don't remake this song. Nobody does it like Michael!!!

1083 days ago


OMG are you kidding me???? Jermaine can't sing worth crap. Just look at some of his recent performances on Youtube. He is singing here to a prerecorded track which I am sure has been doctored to death.

This was one of Michael's trademark songs. Doesn't matter if MJ performed it with The Jackson's. Just goes to show how talentless Jermaine really is that he cannot come up with his own material.


1083 days ago


Michael has covered other people's songs and been successful. But, to date, I have not heard any cover his songs and be successful.

1083 days ago


OOOO....MMMMM.....GGGG! Poor Mike, I am SURE he is rolling over in heaven right now. WTF...Jermaine, give it up my dude. U left the group, now your singing Michael's part. R U f&*ckin serious?

1083 days ago


Jermaine wanting to work and earn his living is good. And he shouldn't have to be compared to Michael all the time, I agree on that.

But - he does nothing that is just Jermaine! He is still living off the Jackson 5 time, and most of all off his brother. Therefore, it's impossible to judge him on his own merits. He never does anything that makes you think of ONLY him, not the seventies, or Michael, and that doesn't end well.

1083 days ago


I don't fault Jermaine for trying to earn a living. But really, this is pathetic! The man cannot sing much less dance. And truthfully, the song being sung by anyone other than Michael just sucks! Jermaine should forgo all singing of music and try to get a job like say doing the recording aspect of things or something, or perhaps a regular job like the rest of us poor folks. He is such an embarrassement - just like the rest of the Jackson family (except for Janet who holds her own).

1083 days ago


I must admit I don't care one bit for Jermaine, and him doing stupid things makes it difficult to even respect him.

But should I give advice, well meant, it would be to agree with a former poster on changing his style. Stop the soft talk which I don't believe in (the man once tried to rape his former wife), change the greasy ugly hair style that we now only associate with Michael's death and the Vienna fiasco, leave the Islam stuff behind along with the silly maharadja costumes, and start anew. Grow natural hair, stop the false smile, put on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and sing about something that has to do with YOU. And don't try to dance!

1083 days ago


Oh dear... *sigh* This is pathetic. Suppose he use Michael's money to produce this, because who would invest money in a Jermaine project...

Anyway... he tries to earn money himself in addition to living on his brother. But sadly he's on the wrong track.

1083 days ago

Max Smart    

Why is he doing this so close to the MJ trial? What an outrage. Hypocritical, mercenary douche.

1083 days ago
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