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Jermaine Jackson Music Video

1978 Called...

9/3/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jermaine Jackson is shooting a BRAND NEW music video for the Jackson 5 song "Blame it on the Boogie" -- problem is, he's missing four Jacksons ... and it's not 1978 anymore.

The 56-year-old was putting the video together earlier this week in Venice, CA.

FUN FACT: When "Boogie" came out in 1978, Jermaine wasn't even in the band anymore ... he had been replaced by his brother Randy.


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Jerkmaine, stop already. You are a has-been that never should have been a has. Get a job flipping burgers, your talents OBVIOUSLY lie elsewhere. Also, deal with your kids, quit trying to use your dead brothers name and fame to get through life. Some intensive therapy wouldn't hurt, either.

1148 days ago


There isn't much that Jermaine does that makes sense.
There already is a music video for this song.
Jermaine was not a part of the Jacksons when this song was made.
Why aren't the other surviving brothers a part of this venture? Will Jermaine include clips from the original video and will the surviving brothers shoot their own scenes?

1148 days ago


i was all set on being supportive, I really was...But "it's" just not there. Tito went off and did his own thing, why can't Jermaine do the same instead of trying to be Michael. It will never work; I'm sorry - Michael was the star (not his fault he happened to be better).

1148 days ago


so he just sings the song and has nothing to do with the production? so no need to spend my money on it.

1148 days ago


Agreed. Once he starts finding his own style he will be respected. Instead of rehashing old jackson 5 stuff from the 70's. Michael like Madonna knew that if you keep rehashing the same stuff in the music industry your as good as dead.
So he was not afraid to try something new. He looks the same as if he came out of the 70's, except he's still what over 50??

Your telling me with his name and fame he can't find a job as a music producer or anything else in that field?. He could do other things in music, maybe backup singer or featured singer on other artists albums. Hell even crappy upcoming rappers would put him on just for some weird cache value.

A cushy gig at a music magazine maybe as a writer or reviewer of music. They'd probably hire him on name recognition alone. Same goes for those crappy music talent shows.

He could be like lil jon the rapper who when hes not making albums DJ's for cash (not even sure he makes new music anymore?). Gets paid for a few hours work of playing other peoples stuff. Not exactly requires a brain.

Point being that yeah i hate to see the man have to live down his brothers shadow but it doesn't even seem like he's even trying. At least his brother and sister were trying even when they didn't do so well. If someone doesn't come to him with an idea he would probably sit around waiting for things to come to him.

His singing is awful. His dancing sucks and he needs a bunch of young kids jumping around in the back to still look hip. It comes across as really forced with him looking like a mummy while these young kids bust out the moves. He looks really out of place among those energetic white kids. Looks like it was recorded in someones neighborhood within an hour and cost very little to make. Is he pocketing the saved cash on the side? Looks like he went to the local college and had a calling call for a bunch of kids who think appearing in a jermaine video would be amazing. Wanna bet that they were probably paid peanuts?

Point being? Jermaine change your look find your own style and stop living in the past. So you can't dance? Who said you have to. Same goes for singing? Having been in the J5 you have opportunities available to branch out into other areas of music that others don't? You could produce other artists music, manage other groups, whatever. Alot of people in the music industry even hiring him would be publicity. Who cares. Nope he chose to leech off his family instead of using his connections to maybe get jobs and help out his family. At over 50 he his essentially dead in the industry. His brother and sister hustled their butts off nonstop. Why doesn't he try a new area instead of trying to reclaim past glory? Get on one of those crappy music talent shows, write articles, just do something different for a change. Fact is you aren't making yourself relevant anymore. Only time we hear from you is when you are connected to the jacksons. Whenever the latest tribute,controversy,etc is the only time we hear anything from you.

He has family contacts,etc Many advantages but he chooses to ignore them unless handed to him and have others seek out those opportunities.

Naw i think he just prefers to live in the past and have his bro's fortune help him live.

1148 days ago


He has the nerve, even wearing MJ's trade-mark black and red.

1148 days ago


Sorry Jermaine, there are only two Jackson kids that are any good at music. One of them is dead, and the other isn't you.

1148 days ago


Jermaine knows that he stole music & videos from MJ's vault, so is this something that is MJ's? I would love to see MJ's children sue Jermaine & the rest of the Jackson family for taking money, belongings from their father which is for them. I would like to know who told Jermaine as well as the rest of the Jacksons that they can sing, dance and etc., they are not Michael or Janet.

1148 days ago


You people kill me. I mean, are people really that stupid in this world? I think all you who criticize Jermaine and his family are just jealous cause you live a unsuccessful life. This is a very talented family. Sure Michael and Janet stood out and had more success. Sure, Michael was the main attraction with the Jackson 5. But I wonder if Michael started out as a solo artist, would he have been a hit? I don't think so. The Jackson 5 was a great group.

And for those who says Jermaine has no talent are obviously just jealous or you don't know what real talent is. Jermaine is a great singer and one hell of a bass player. He's actually a real musician...unlike most singers today who needs autotune to make a record.

Don't judge Jermaine's talent because you don't like what he does or did in his personal life. The whole Jackson family...even their kids and grandkids all show signs of great talent. Don't judge them just cause Michael is King and don't compare them to Michael.

1148 days ago

Brigha from UK    

I just don't get the reaction to Jermaine!

When the greatest entertainer in the world is in a band, it's obvious that the other guys are going to appear dull in comparison.
Jermaine and his brothers must have found it very frustrating to be constantly compared to MJ when they were younger, because they did have talent too (just not in bucketloads like MJ).

Okay, so Jermaine has made some bad decisions with his career, and maybe this new release is another one. But, personally, I'd rather listen to Jermaine, or any of the Jackson clan for that matter, than the numerous manufactured X factor clones that seem so popular nowadays.

However, I do agree that perhaps he needs a change of direction. Maybe he could reinvent himself by covering some of the old jazz or Motown classics. It worked for Rod Stewart!

1148 days ago


He needs to sit his old ass down, with that fried and dyed laid to the side hair.

1148 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

So, what's Pia Zadora up to these days?

1148 days ago


Thanks,Phantom. I like this song, very nice video.

1148 days ago


This man is insane! He even named his daughter "Jermajesty." Honestly, that's his daughter's name. Can you imagine the torture that kid is going to go through.

1148 days ago


Yes, he is a good bass player, not very good singer but OK, and no dancer at all. But what has he done during the last 20 years? He was fixated at the Jacksons coming together again, although Michael obviously didn't want to do that, instead of trying to create something completely different. After Michael's death, he made the amazing statement on camera that he could use any Michael music he wanted, because Michael came out of the Jackson 5, so taking that music would not be stealing - he can't steal from himself, can he?

What kind of mind works like that?

Honestly, and I am sorry to say this, I think he cannot really tell the difference between Michael and himself. But as many of us have said, besides being immensely talented, Michael also worked very hard creating new things. And he managed to get things together and made them happen.

Jermaine needs advice, but it seems he won't take it, if it's tough. He may well read this (I'm actually pretty sure he does), but I doubt he'll get what we are saying. Much easier to trot along as before, en enough people will tell him it's great if he sings the old songs in half-baked videos. He lacks Michael's hunger for big things, new things, perfection.

The only "other thing" I know he did was Big Brother in London.

1148 days ago
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