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Jermaine Jackson Music Video

1978 Called...

9/3/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jermaine Jackson is shooting a BRAND NEW music video for the Jackson 5 song "Blame it on the Boogie" -- problem is, he's missing four Jacksons ... and it's not 1978 anymore.

The 56-year-old was putting the video together earlier this week in Venice, CA.

FUN FACT: When "Boogie" came out in 1978, Jermaine wasn't even in the band anymore ... he had been replaced by his brother Randy.


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Beatriz Girón    

OOOhhh,por Dios Jermaine,anda a trabajar!!!no dañes el single!!!

1149 days ago


Jermaine just STOP IT !!!! You are NOT Michael and you NEVER will be. That song was epic in 1978 but this is 2011. Can't you create anything "On your Own" ... Oh thats right you are talentless so you feel that you must use the past to fund your sad future... Nobody will care about this song or video, "Why" ? Because everybody relates this song to MICHAEL !!! Jermaine I really think you need to go back to school and get a degree in something to earn a living and leave Michaels Legacy alone !!! Have you "No Pride" ...

1149 days ago


Blame It On The Boogie is a song by The Jacksons, not The Jackson 5. Jermaine did not sing on that song originally.

1149 days ago

Paul Harold    

Lost for!

1149 days ago


look at all the hangers on,,,,,,,pathetic.

1149 days ago


Once again Jermaine is trying to live as Michael's shadow but he is not even he dirt on Michel's old shoes... GIVE IT UP!!

1149 days ago


The Jackson 5 never recorded "Blame It On The Boogie", it was THE JACKSONS, there's a difference.

1149 days ago


At first, Jermaine and Randy complained about The MJ Tribute Concert being to close to the Conrad Murray trial for killing Michael Jackson. And didn't think it was appropriate timing. And now he comes out with a video rehashing a song that Michael sang with his other four brothers as The Jacksons. This is bad timing also. The whole time that Jermaine was complaing about the concert, he already knew that he was planning to do this. Because this is not an overnight venture that he just happened to do. He's not that good to be able to do so. This just reaffirms how sneaky and low he is. All the while, I always felt that it was strange of him to come out and expresss disagreement with the concert because of the Conrad Murray trial. He never showed no support for Michael any other time when he wanted to do his own ventures. So, I never did jump on that bandwagon about Jermaine being right for a change. I always felt suspect of the whole thing. And low and behold, my instincts did not prove me wrong. Isn't that something!

1149 days ago

dennis in sac    

Love it!

1149 days ago


thats disturbing

1149 days ago


I Love This Family!! There isn't a dull moment with them! I
will buy that video!!

1149 days ago


Jermaine, surprise it's 2011. Stop living in the past. Life is rough when you don't have your brother supporting your ex-wife and kids for 20 years anymore. Ask Tito if he will hire you, but we don't need old songs rehashed or books written about MJ to pay your bills. Find a job away from a camera.

1149 days ago


I am so sick and tired of seeing Jermaine trying to mimic Michael in everything - from dressing, to songs, to dancing, whatever. He can't hold a candle next to his brother Michael in any matter, shape or form! And when he comes out with these idiotic things to promote himself as being like Michael - it is so pathetic and sad! No matter how he dresses, sings, tries to dance or whatever - He is NEVER GOING TO BE LIKE MICHAEL!!! Since Jermaine will not get a job like the rest of humanity - I would suggest that he work in the recording studio putting together other people's music (providing of course he has knowledge of it), or get a job in some other music related field and leave the singing and dancing to someone else who does have talent in that area! If not, then Jermaine had better get a job somewhere - where he can pay his child support, and still have money to live on - instead of dumping his responsibilities onto KJ or Michael's Kids. Even if that means that he cannot afford to live the way in which he has become accustomed to over the years. Jermaine is a pathetic wanna be, irresponsible, no talent, leach & bum! And he makes me Sick!!!

1149 days ago


It wasn't a J5 song. It was a Jacksons' song. Jermaine wasn't a member of the Jacksons since he remained with Motown as a solo artist. Jermaine rejoined the group in time to do the Victory tour.

1149 days ago
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