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DJ Pauly D

$40,000 Wedding Gift

To Kim Kardashian

9/3/2011 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D wasn't invited to Kim Kardashian's extravagant wedding -- but that didn't stop him from giving her a gift that is valued at $40,000 ... kind of.

According to our sources, Pauly was approached by Kim to DJ an event at her DASH store in NYC for Fashion's Night Out, the biggest event during Fashion Week.

We're told Pauly agreed to do the gig ... and even agreed to wave his appearance fee as a wedding present. He usually gets $40,000 per appearance.

There's something you don't see on your average wedding registry.


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stinky mcgee    

I hope he doesn't hurt himself waving goodbye to his fee. Oh! You mean WAIVE his fee. Duh to me.

1117 days ago


he and the rest of the jersey shore people look like douches

1117 days ago

Deejay Davey    

Too bad he can't DJ or beat match. He played at the club that I spin at in Ottawa earlier this year and it was definitely the worst performance i had ever heard. This isn't jealousy speaking; this guy doesn't know the first thing about blending tracks together.

1117 days ago


As much as I hate Pauly D, he looks pretty young for someone who's 31.

1117 days ago

V Kint    

I can't wait for the REALITY show about these 'reality' stars after they've blown through all of their easy-come 'reality' cash. THAT, I will actually watch will be hilarious!

1117 days ago


So this guy that knows how to work a record player and ipod throws the queen of trash a freebie and than calls the press to let them know? Don't any of these wannabes have an ounce of class?

1117 days ago

Cheryl Sirote    

Enough about this idiot show. Why does every show have to keep mentioning "Jersey Shore". They are nothing but drunks and idiots and think they are better than anyone else & should be treated "like stars". Give me a break. They are not stars & will never be stars. Get rid of them.

1117 days ago


I can't stand people who invite you to do things around the time of their wedding hoping to score some free swag. She should insist on paying him.

1117 days ago


This makes me laugh...Why would Kim approach a so called DJ, who cant beat match or blend records what so ever. Pauly D is a joke, far as being a DJ is goes. Dude seems mad cool as a person, but why his booking fee is quoted by TMZ is at 40 Grand is mind blowing...Tiesto & does big named DJs get around that price, but they produce music, which Pauly will never do...Its sad, the DJs will real talent have to work so much harder to get that price, & since he is on Jersey Shore, that booking fee is handed it him....

NOTE to Club owners: Book real talent, not someone like Pauly D, who trainwrecks every song he plays, cant scratch, or beat match..Save yourself 40 grand & book real DJs smh

1117 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Thats not a $40,000 wedding gift. He's not worth $40,000 and he isn't spending $40,000 out of his pocket.

1117 days ago


Some one tell that drunken Mickey Mouse looking freek wtf does he think he is worth 40,000.00 for a night
Some one take that whole crew and dispose of properly

1117 days ago


This chick never pays for anything! Geez! And the rich get richer! Bad move, pauly.... She's a greedy b!tch.

1117 days ago


This guy get's 40k to do what? Let some guy fist pump him in the arse? Probably because we all know he's one big homo douchbag.

1117 days ago


Did Kim also have to agree to give Pauly D a b--job in the backroom for his "services?" lol...

1117 days ago


I strongly believe he needs to get checked for Parkinson's because his nervous tick seems to be getting worse. I'm serious. I was right about Michael J. Fox.

1117 days ago
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