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DJ Pauly D

$40,000 Wedding Gift

To Kim Kardashian

9/3/2011 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D wasn't invited to Kim Kardashian's extravagant wedding -- but that didn't stop him from giving her a gift that is valued at $40,000 ... kind of.

According to our sources, Pauly was approached by Kim to DJ an event at her DASH store in NYC for Fashion's Night Out, the biggest event during Fashion Week.

We're told Pauly agreed to do the gig ... and even agreed to wave his appearance fee as a wedding present. He usually gets $40,000 per appearance.

There's something you don't see on your average wedding registry.


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Pauly D was voted the top DJ in the country! Deal with it people...he has skills!

1110 days ago


WOW! An over paid nobody spinning, ( oh oops I mean playing songs from a playlist ) for a no talented non-celebrity!

1110 days ago


all you are hating so much jealousy

1110 days ago


That's why rich people are rich--they don't pay for anything.

1110 days ago


desperate for attention, its quite sad.

1110 days ago


Well good to know that someone who gets paid for no real reason is willing to waive his fees for a different person who gets paid for no reason.
UNITE those with paychecks for nothing!!!

1110 days ago


He's a damn fool. He has a business. Unless he got something else going on with the K's like....he can shop at the store and get stuff free for a year or the K's gave him a list of people who would want his business for sure and it would be equal to $40,000 or more. You never give away your time and talent for free unless it's for a good charity and that event is not for charity. SMH.

1110 days ago


this is supposed to be funny, right?

1110 days ago

Yep I said that    

LOL that DASH store was laughed at by the NY critics when it opened for the over priced clothing they are trying to seel

1110 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

This bitch dont like to pay for ****

1110 days ago


Pauly is mad retarded. Does he really think he's that great and famous that 40,000 is like pocket change to him? Thats stupid. Yes pauly its only a few hours of just playing songs from a playlist but still. When his fame is over trust me he will be crying over that amount lost. He really should put that cash away for a rainy day. Kim can actually afford to pay that money and trust me it won't break her bank to actually pay sometimes for services. Take the money who gives a f down the road. did you know her personally as a person that you basically threw away 40k and called it a wedding gift????

As stated He's a crappy playlist ipod dj no better than lindsey lohan's ex. He doesn't make any music. If he wasn't pauly from jersey shore he'd be lucky if he pulls gigs in local crappy clubs. His selections are whatever headbanging noise guidos and trashy clubbers listen to.

Yeah he sucks as a dj but at least he should suck up as much cash as possible while his 15 mins are there. Least the situation is cashing in as much as he can.

Pauly having a laptop some cds does not make a dj. can't mix anything coherant. His only original song is a lame single from the jersey shore soundtrack and it blows.

Tiesto and real djs

1110 days ago


Two twits that are famous for nothing more than being a talentless boob, and a porn star.

1110 days ago


I sure hope they meant 40,000 pennies, but even 400 dollars is 400 dollars more than anyone should pay this moronic tool to show up and DJ.

1110 days ago


oh great...kardashians get another thing for FREE. Shoulda donated the $$ to charity...

1110 days ago


So now he's broke.

1110 days ago
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