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Chaz Bono & Lacey Schwimmer

Watch That Hand, Mister

9/5/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_chaz_bono_bnChaz Bono is sporting a massive grin in his, just released, official "Dancing With the Stars" photo -- and maybe that's because dude also has a right hand FULL of Lacey Schwimmer's ass.

Now we know what Chaz's prom photo would have looked like.


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Oddly enough Chaz is a man with a vagina.

Why don't I get any attention? I am a lesbian female with a penis... you would think that would be fameworthy.

The world is just so unfair to us.

1113 days ago


omg. thanks for the tip
on looking up BUCK ANGLE.
i have never see anything like that before.
i thought it was a dude, but scroll down for a surprise. holy moley
or is it spelled ANGEL? YES ANGEL..

1113 days ago


I am old enough to remember Chastity Bono on the Sonny & Cher show. She was such a cute little girl. It was really hard t accept she changed her gender. I saw her on David Letterman not too long ago and she presented herself really well and explained it to Dave comprehensively. So I am not going to judge her/him anymore and just try to accept him as Chaz. I hope he does well on DWTS and I hope he gets healthy regarding his weight.

1113 days ago


Looking good Chaz

1113 days ago


TMZ, shut the f*ck up with your lame comments. Looks like his hand is on her waist to me. What are you,tmz, jealous? I'd rather see him dance any day of the week instead of that butt ugly, lynch mobber Nancy Grace. Carry on, Chaz!

1113 days ago


F U TMZ! F-ing Jer*o**s!!

1113 days ago

American Mom    

Hey! Why isn't ABC introducing every dancer by announcing how they like it? Can you just see it now, Here is Maks he's a single male who likes females, he still has all his original body parts, oh yea and he can dance. Hahaha!!! If ABC wants to announce Chaz and his personal stuff then equal rights for everyone right? Abc you need to tell us about every dancers sexual business as you introduce them or none. Oh yea, and we want to know about their parts are they real and the original parts or new, used, or borrowed. Hahahahaha!

1113 days ago


So what we have here is a fat female in a suit dancing with an attractive female in a dress.

Umm......where's the guy dancer?

1113 days ago


Chazbo is a fictional man. How can you be convinced that you're a man if you were not BORN a damn man! wtf does a man feel like? At least gay people walk in the skin they were given. Chazbozo is coward in men's clothing. How can you stand there and LIE to our faces that you've always been a man who just "HAPPEND" to get there period by ACCIDENT?! This is flaming BULLSh**!

You know what, I've always felt it's been been destiny to take children's baby teeth and replace them with coins. I am the toothfairy. It's been me all along. Thank you for your service.

1113 days ago

kit kat     

come on people chaz is still part woman she still has her female parts on the lower side .so what dose that mean chaz is all about gettong on lime light

1113 days ago


I'm a Christian, and I think it is about time. He should dance with a women and be a role model for everyone not just for gays or transgender. Cher should have been also on the show, for her son as a celebrity. He still needs to teach his mom some things. DWTS has a problem with the word Stars. Most on the celebrities on DWTS are not stars. DWTS could cast with 80's-2000's shows and have the cast be the celebrities. Like Cheers, 90210, ect. Even have homosexuals vs christians, games shows hosts. As for Chaz, if he stays positive and stay on the show longer than Nancy Grace who says she is a christian and doesn't know her Bible or live by it. He is getting my vote even if he is as bad as Palin. He needs to be laughing at his faults like Kristy did and he will improve over time. Chaz biggest and worst judge is him. Nancy on the other had knows only one thing God forgives everything when asked. Nancy could go far if she lightens up and stars to use the Bible on herself. She may say she is a christian but actions speak better then words. Harvey is right about this one thing, she could change her show if she lightens up alot. Chuckles is right, about it would show a little differt side of her if she changes. I mean little. Not a fan of Lacy, but I think any of the girls would be honor to dance with Chaz, not that Lacy took on for the team and had to dance with Chaz, because she believes in change. Alot of people do. I hope Lacy doesn't make a mistake and put Chaz out of the show by accident. But since she is dancing with Chaz, I will pray for her more then normal. Injury free this season and God Bless.

1113 days ago


thats ridiculous! He's going to be ass grabbing more than any other guy? Get over yourself AOL.....stories like this make me want to puke in the laps of the AOL writers...

1113 days ago

moe l.    

Chaz - how's that 3rd leg swingin'????

1113 days ago


The END OF THE WORLD as we know it.

1113 days ago


Most of these post must be comming out of Iowa or South Carolina.

1112 days ago
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