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Chaz Bono to "Dancing" Staff

Cut the Crap!

9/5/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Chaz Bono
has already lost 5 pounds rehearsing for "Dancing with the Stars," but he's upset because he feels all the crappy junk food -- courtesy of producers -- is thwarting his diet.

As for the food that's pissing off the freshly-minted man ... chips, candy, granola and protein bars. 

We're told Chaz has already made very specific food demands to producers.

God help Chaz if he ever comes to the TMZ office.


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Blue Craze    

Is his partner Gov. Christie?

1123 days ago


Yeah, it's EVERYONE else's fault she's fat

1123 days ago


Chaz is NOT a 'HE'
'SHE' has 'Female' parts, 'NOT' male parts!
Would you call a dog a cat just because the dog wanted you to??
You have an 'inny', your a chick. An 'outty' your a dude no matter what you say. And until those things change, you are how you pee!
And by the way... being 'grossly' overweight by shoving in far more than your putting out, yet your 'complaining' about the food given you NOW??
Go get your own ya spoiled cow and don't blame anyone else cause 'your' the one who stuff's her face.
Get a real life.

1123 days ago


Mentally, this woman is about as screwed up as a soup sandwich.

1123 days ago


The granola and protein bars are okay, but the chips and candy is a no-no NO MATTER how heavy you are. I cannot believe the pro dancers don't demand better food and that the DWTS does not provide healthier food. You need a very balanced diet to do what they are doing, low fat and carbs (for energy). The pros can probably eat anything they want, but for the rest of the cast, ie the "stars", a more balanced diet is required. But then you have that blond bimbo and the model who probably don't eat AT ALL!! Also, I don't believ Chaz DEMANDED anything, but you can always say "no" to the crap food.

1123 days ago


What makes her mental illness so complete is that she ACTUALLY BELIEVE she is a man.

1123 days ago


Apparently personal accountability isn't in Chaz's vocabulary. I guess it would be Mickey D's fault if he made an illegal U-turn and got a ticket just to get a Big Mac in the drive thru.

Hey Chaz...just say no or pack your own snacks to rehearsal!

1123 days ago


Aww!!....What a human waste.

1123 days ago


so this fat broad feels like she can dictate what food the place can serve huh? hey chastidy, you made yourself into the disgusting , fat, lazy slob you are today. i saw a picture of your from a week or 2 ago and you were stuffing your big fat face with a burger and who knows what else.
if you can't control yourself- that's your own damn fault!

1123 days ago


Chaz don't blow it already by acting like an entitled a55! If you don't like the food being offered, walk away from it and get your own! It's all about choices and HE of all people should know about choices!

1123 days ago


I'm sorry but no matter what you do she will never be a man!!! Be who you are not what everyone wants you to be...!!! That's why this country is in the crapper. Nobody has a backbone for whats right and moral. The whole country has just run a muck!

1123 days ago


You go Chaz !! Junk is junk, great on the 5 lbs, I'm VERY jealous !! Keep dancing !

1123 days ago


That's not a "he" no matter how ugly it gets.

1123 days ago


So would Chaz now be considered a Prima Donna or Prima Don?

1123 days ago


Special treatment on top of special treatment. This chick needs to call the circus.

1123 days ago
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