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Chaz Bono to "Dancing" Staff

Cut the Crap!

9/5/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Chaz Bono
has already lost 5 pounds rehearsing for "Dancing with the Stars," but he's upset because he feels all the crappy junk food -- courtesy of producers -- is thwarting his diet.

As for the food that's pissing off the freshly-minted man ... chips, candy, granola and protein bars. 

We're told Chaz has already made very specific food demands to producers.

God help Chaz if he ever comes to the TMZ office.


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I am sorry he sounds like a pain in the ass. Bring your freaking vegetables and stop whining. Goodness this people aren't even real celebrities just be glad your on the show.

1082 days ago


Lose all the weight you want "Chaz". I won't be watching until I hear you're kicked off. It's a family show and while I don' hate you I don't want your values and sexuality promoted in prime time.

1082 days ago


when ever she is voted off early you will get to hear the media like TMZ and her complain and say america isnt tolerant that is the reason she got voted its coming

1082 days ago

What I Think    

I'm sorely tempted to tune in. But only because I know she'll more than likely drop dead on stage of a heart attack. That in itself would be worth watching.

1082 days ago


The a-holes at TMZ are at it again. God forbid somebody want to have healthy food around for DWTS - a great reason to get on his case huh TMZ you lousey F**ks! Your reporting on stupid crap like this is as bad as listening to you talk on your TV show. No, wait, nothing is that bad.
You all are a bunch of stupid, gossiping losers. And joecrabs, if you had ANY sense, and I do mean if, you'd realize that its always the better idea not to have junk food around anywhere being that the US is so stinking fat from eating all this sh*t all the time. Grow up whatever you are. Probably a fat, ugly, stupid a-hole who never gets a date. Crabs - yeah, right, I bet you NEVER get any- so no chance of crabs there.

1082 days ago


Lacey is quite the chunky monkey. So i don't think he has anything to worry about.

1082 days ago


Doesn't look like he's/she's been too concerned about a diet before this.

1082 days ago


Is there anything worse than a currently fat pig who's dieting and starts preaching to everyone else, who isn't fat, what they shouldn't be eating? Physician heal thyself!

1082 days ago


NO offense to DWTS but I'kll be watching something else in that time slot.

I don't care who he/ she was but there are definitely BETTER Celbs out there than THIS!

What a PR nightmare; good job and NOW I can watch something better.

1082 days ago


A-h-h-h....DOn't you have to be a star first before you can be on DWTS, or does idiocy simply qualify you automatically?

1082 days ago


Wow, lost 5 pounds?. Thats how much crap you have in your digestive tract when you weigh as much as he does. The first 5 to 10 pounds for a very fat person is the easiest.

Lets see him go down 25 pounds before he starts making demands.

1082 days ago


Chaz, real dudes dont complain that there is no tofu or rice cakes at the buffet table. BE A MAN!

1082 days ago


You people are so dam close minded and disrespectful.
Why make all the nasty comments about this persons gender.
I thought this was about healthy food not what sex someone is.
You all sound like a bunch of hateful nasty uninformed 12 year olds.
You must all have pretty sad empty lives if you feel the need to post such mindles*****e.
Funny how hiding behind a keyboard brings out the brave in people who would not say **** to a persons face if they had the chance.
Spineless cowards.

1082 days ago


Chastity Bono is finally getting the attention she craves..Her famous Mommy got all the press and NOW its MY Turn dam it..IM Chaz, I am Somebody..IM A Woman who looks like a Man..PAY Attention 2 ME not cher..IM angry at my Mommy as SHE got all the ATTENTION now IM getting mines..What a Pathetic SLOB chaz has turned into..Cher is crying her eyes out right now.. The NIGHTMARE continues..GO AWAY Chastity Chazz go away please..

1082 days ago


Too funny. Personally I'd think eating a little junk food would be the most healthy thing this woman has done in a long time. Chaz is a poster child for what happens when women inject their bodies with hormones and other substances to mask their true identity. In the end you end up with a body that's as confused as the mind. A mind which would look as bad as Chaz if you could see it.

1082 days ago
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