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Dancing with the Stars

Allred to Dance

With Transgenders for Chaz

9/6/2011 6:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred and a famed lesbian rights activist will hold a news conference Monday to protest people who are urging children not to watch Chaz Bono on "Dancing with the Stars."

We're told there will be dance and viewing parties across the country with transgender individuals and their supporters on September 19 -- the night of Chaz's debut -- and Gloria will dance with every transgender person who wants to dance with her -- but only at the L.A. party.

The news conference will be held at Gloria's office at 10:30 AM PT.  Of course, we'll nutbush (a form of line dancing) right over there.

11:20 AM: Gloria and lesbian rights activist Robin Tyler just announced their pro-Bono dance and viewing parties later this month -- where Gloria promises to show off her moves -- but sadly ... she refused to give us a preview.



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I'm ALL FOR Chaz doing what he feels he or she needs to do for himself. I'm NOT all for him trying to put it on parade, and trying to make it seem perfectly natural. It simply is not, and will never be, no matter how much nasty people like G.A. try to use this issue to promote themselves.

1151 days ago


Gloria seems like quite the skanky publicity whore

1151 days ago

Loraine Gonzales    

You know back inte the day if people did not like something they would just not look at it, buy it, or deal with it. I don't understand why it has to waste media time when there are more important things going on in the world. If Chas wants to be on dancing with the stars then that's her choice. All I'm saying is if you don't like it then don't look at it. I know in my case I have over 300 other channels to choose from so get over it and quit making things such a big issue.

1151 days ago


Looking forward to the day this Ambulance Chasing Publicity WHORE DIES.It will a day to Celebrate.

1151 days ago


Are feminist the people that claim that the differences between the way men and women act are socialized and not biological. I guess it is all of a sudden biological when a man wants to become a woman or vice versa.

1151 days ago


Silly, silly, silly

1151 days ago


It's a shame that the media as well as Gloria Allred are using this opportunity to use DWTS as a platform for transgenders. The show is about dancing! It's not about what sex a person is. This is getting so far off track and making more and more people disgusted with the show and turning away from it. Sometimes people can push an issue too far. I know I'm getting sick and tired of hearing about it all the time already. If the media wants to discuss how Chaz is coming along with his dancing then fine, I'll listen/read. It would be nice to hear about the others as well. This has turned into the Chaz Transgender Feud instead of it being about the dancing. Showcase all the people or leave it alone, it's getting old already!

1151 days ago


Couple of things here: 1) Why on earth is Gloria Alred opening her mouth about this at all? Ugh - this woman is awful. 2) Why are other people telling me to what and what not to let my children watch on television? Oddly enough, I have managed to raise 5 kids without "their" help for the last 23 years. My husband and I have have been able to figure out what's appropriate all on our own.
Children are smart and accepting little creatures. When things are confusing for them , they don't hesitate to ask. The only reason a child will EVER think that something is "weird" is because an adult put the notion in their head!

1151 days ago


Band wagon jumper...fame and media whore.

1151 days ago


Is she serious? She has absolutely no credibility. Wow, she has outdid herself.

1151 days ago


Sorry but I just don't get it. If a person thinks he is a horse they are delusional, if they talk to people that are not real, they are schizophrenic, if they think they are the wrong sex, we are told to accept it?

1151 days ago


When Heidi Montag had multiple surgeries it was put down by everybody and people kept asking her why she didn't accept herself for who she is. Now we must accept a man getting breast implants as them trying to become who they are?

1151 days ago


Best thing everyone can do is no*****ch the slime DWTS but also don'*****ch the news conference.

Gloria and Chaz...what a lothsome pair made for each other.

1151 days ago


So lets see if I understand all of this correctly. Whenever there is something on TV that people may find objectionable, they are told to turn the station and just no*****ch it. Now that parents want to do just that, Gloria Allred is getting mad at that. So it is either Gloria's way, or no way. Gloria is a joke !

1151 days ago


This is a testament to the fact that Gloria Allred is all about publicity ... for herself!

1151 days ago
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