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Chaz Bono on 'Dancing'


On Kids with Gender Dysphoria

9/6/2011 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090611_chaz_videoChaz Bono believes his stint on "Dancing with the Stars" will have a "positive impact on kids with gender dysphoria" -- and says it's "crazy" that people are boycotting the show.

Chaz appeared on "Good Morning America" and told George Stephanopoulos, "When I was growing up, if I would have seen someone like me on a show like this, it would have made all the difference in the world."

In the end, Chaz says he's just "a regular guy."



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She/He needs to find a way to get attention by developing some kind of noteworthy talent, not the way it's chosing to display itself so we will pay attention to She/He...What's with the pubic hair glued on the botton of his chin..

1111 days ago


you may be losing some bigoted hateful viewers, but you're gaining some open minded and loving NEW viewers. I dislike reality TV in general and have never watched your show, but will be doing so all season because of the fact @Chazbono will be on there! Thank you for including a transgender individual on your show! This means so much to not only the LGBT community, but especially the transgender community! Thank you and Kudos to you @Cher for being such a supportive mother and friend to the transgender community during all of this conflict! The lies, hate, and just plain bushtit people are trying to force on others is so sad... None of these "Christian" groups/people say they'll stop watching when a @Playboy Playmate is going to be on the show... So sick of the Transgender community not having a louder, stronger, respectable voice on the main stage! @chazbono thank you for being that voice! Can't wait to watch and vote for you! GL! As a Christian, it pains me beyond belief to hear people that claim the same God I do, the same Messiah (ya know, the one who offers redemption, forgiveness, understanding and Love for all his children) spewing such hateful, evil, sinful judgments upon fellow children of god. You know not the heart of man. To claim as much is to claim the power of God and that is by far one of the greatest sins. You claim to speak to God, or to know the heart of Jesus, but your words and mouth are wicked and bring shame to the house of the Lord. You have no right to speak for the Father. You bring fire to hell to make it stronger, rather than shining light on His love so that we all might live happy and longer. You turn people away from the Lord, when what he teaches is to bring people to him through love and redemption. Forgive these people with hearts full of hatred and judgment for they know not what they do. "They use God like He’s a weapon only for a chosen few, then hide behind pious face, like the guilty always do" Sisters of Mercy ~ Cher

1111 days ago


chaz should not be aloud to dance as a man when that is not what she is

1111 days ago


Why can't DWTS be about dancing? Why does there have to be an agenda? Why aren't there any real stars on the show?

1111 days ago


Really she is just a "regular guy" nope I'm sorry but she is not a guy at all!! This is just disgusting that SHE keeps going on and on about this

1111 days ago


the 20 or so kids out there will
be so happy chas is dancing?
when i was a kid, i was confused
when mary martin played peter pan!
somehow i knew that it was wrong, a woman playin a guy part.
and everyone calling her a him! this isnt the right thing to do.

1111 days ago


"Gender dysphoria"? "Regular guy"? He is still, physically, a woman trying to be a man
because he has mental issues. I can sympathize with mental illness, but let's not put
fancy names on this and allow this "regular guy" to continue to make money flaunting
his problems.

1111 days ago


What we object the most is having it flaunted in our faces to "accept" this gender change.
You want to change who you are, fine, do it privatly and go away. No need to flaunt it to and more disgustingly ROLE MODEL for children?
ABC shame on you, you have sunk to a new low.
We will boycott not only the show but the sponsors as well.

1111 days ago


Ignorance breed*****red and intolerance. some of you need to go do something nice for someone, it will get rid of some hatred.

1111 days ago


Hell no..that obese weirdo still sounds like a woman no mater how much testosterone they put on her. Trans-gernder and obesity.

1111 days ago


Good for you Chaz. Best of luck.

1111 days ago


Someone at TMZ has been deleting comments... naughty, naughty. Especially those that have spoken no ill toward this man or his dance ambitions.

'DWTS' is not a show on ABC, but an independent multi-media project from which the 'DWTS' moniker was stolen.

Learn more?

1111 days ago


I'm shocked that so many people feel so threatened over the existence of Chaz Bono. I'm further shocked at how many people keep referring to DWTS as a "family show".

Chaz Bono is only threatening to people who are intolerant bigots, who have some faux-utopian nostalgic view of an America that never existed.

And if someone thinks that DWTS was ever a "family show" needs to take a look at a) the skimpy costumes, b) the fact that there have been many dances that implied, either directly or indirectly, a sex act, and c) the number of Playboy centerfolds and sex tape stars that have graced the dance floor.

Get over yourselves, people!

1111 days ago


While I for one do not hold anything against Miss Bono.. I do not feel that this is a topic suitable for children. I might have watched however as I don't see her as the worst thing on tv. But Nancy Grace in my opinion makes it just impossible to watch. I am not going to waste my breathe explaining to my kids how a girl can do that to herself because she wants to be a boy, and then explain why the other one thinks it's ok to promote vigilante justice and murder when the court system doesn't agree with her! Neither topic is suitable for family veiwing and ABC will jump on both thinking they can get ratings from it!

1111 days ago

John Stone    

I am so damn sick of seeing pictures of this freak.

1111 days ago
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