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Chaz Bono on 'Dancing'


On Kids with Gender Dysphoria

9/6/2011 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090611_chaz_videoChaz Bono believes his stint on "Dancing with the Stars" will have a "positive impact on kids with gender dysphoria" -- and says it's "crazy" that people are boycotting the show.

Chaz appeared on "Good Morning America" and told George Stephanopoulos, "When I was growing up, if I would have seen someone like me on a show like this, it would have made all the difference in the world."

In the end, Chaz says he's just "a regular guy."



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you haven't made up your own mind yet, so how can you continue to say you want to be a man when you still have your v-jj. How is your girlfriend gonna want a penis when she's gay I thought gay people were gay for life.

1144 days ago


keep telling yourself that. maybe one day you will actually believe it. YOU WILL BE THE REASON WHY KIDS WILL GET BULLIED. you are forcing them to think getting a sex change is a great option. it isnt. if they tell their classmates they want to do this operation, they are sure to get bullied. nice effect you have on kids chaz. i wonder how many kids will end up in the hospital or worse BECAUSE OF YOU. you letting them know it is right, because this sick thing was right by you.

1144 days ago


You are not a GUY .. you are a GIRL! I will NOT be watching this show this season because of this. I am 100% disgusted with HER and the show for allowing HER to be on it.

1144 days ago


You make me sick Ms. Bono. You should not be aloud to march your fat ass across any stage!!

1144 days ago



1144 days ago


Well this poor confused person has had the best and most expensive mental health and physical health care imaginable their whole life.

Seriously makes me wonder about the "mental health professionals" lurking in the background.

Mr/Ms Bono has serious mental health issues and continuing publicity and exploitation of Chaz disturbs me on compassionate grounds. Using someone with "issues" for political/social nonsense is pretty ugly.

Bless your heart.

1144 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Agenda pushing freak.

If Chastity wants to mutilate her body, so be it. Her moma foots the bill....but don't shove your freak show off on the rest of us.
I watched the show in the first season, but when I saw that they promoted and kept the barly can dance chumps....I turned it off.....and will never watch again with the influx of non-star freaks.

1144 days ago


Most of you people commenting here, make me sick to my stomach. Worry about your own ****in' lives, your failures, unhappiness and not being comfortable in your own skin! If you paid more attention to your own doorstep, you wouldn't have enough the time to notice anyone elses. Think about it the next time you are out supposedly having a great time with a friend or loved one and you find yourself being a miserable prick to someone in public... if your life was so precious and full of productive positivity, you wouldn't be doing it. Grow the **** up and if you can't do that, please don't procreate!

1144 days ago


You are a female that butchered your body to match your mind. Nothing more. I truly feel bad for you.

1144 days ago


That is just wrong to think- I won't be watching.

1144 days ago


I love how ignorant and pathetic all of you are. Well not all of you. Oh yes let a child suffer because they believe they aren't the right gender. Cool lets have them kill them self too just to make sure they don't do something as drastic as trying to find a way to help themselves. You are all idiotic and do not deserve to have children. If you have children I feel so bad for them. I hope you grew the hell up and realize people need to do what they need to do to help themselves. If God cared so much about suffering shouldn't he be doing something for his 'children'. Get over an entity that won't make an appearance in your life. If you get murdered will he stop it? If your child is raped will he stop it? Good luck you pathetic losers.

1144 days ago


WOW, who the f*** died and made all these people God. Who the heck are any of these people to Judge this MAN.
Get a LIFE. You don't like it don'*****ch.
Good Luck Chaz!! Hopefully you WIN it so all these haters have more to talk about.

1144 days ago


Well done Chaz. I'm sure he will provide great comfort to lots of people throughout the world. I can't believe some of the comments on here! People really need to open their minds and realise that Chaz is brave and inspirational. He didn't make the choice to be male, he just chose not to hide it. I hope he is happy and wish him all the best.

Sara (uk)

1144 days ago


I really don't feel like explaining to my kid exactly what this each his own which is why I've chosen to take a pass this season.

1144 days ago


Charity will never be a guy. Chaz is what happens when you don't have any parents in your life growing up and no values to stand for. Don't be fooled... Satan wants us to think that this is normal and us straight people are so mean and cruel.

1144 days ago
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