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Jews and Arabs Can Get Along

9/6/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jews and Arabs can make beautiful music together ... especially ELECTROFUNK -- and the proof is the band Chromeo.

The guys from the super-successful group -- David Macklovitch (Jewish) and Patrick Gemayel (born in Lebanon) -- were out in NY this weekend, where we asked if things ever get awkward between the two of 'em ... ya know, because of that whole Middle East situation.

The guys told us, "We were best friends since we were kids man -- it's never awkward, it should never be awkward."

Amen to that.


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Unfortunately, Macklovitch isn't the prime minister of Israel.

1141 days ago

some guy    

Teddy thinks Jews and Arabs should settle things over a ham sandwich.

1141 days ago

I Chinee    

Who is Chromeo?

1141 days ago


Who cares

1141 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Everybody in the world could get along if they really wanted to, we have a choice.

1141 days ago

Jewish Mayhem    

Why is it that Jews who are gentile in every respect of their lives except for the fact that their parents are Jewish, throw their so called Jewishness into the matter, when they themselves don't give a crap about Torah or Israel or doing any Judaic practices?

He knows more about Jesus than Moses and has more respect for Islam than the Talmud because of his lack of education.

Typical assimilated Jews with no national honor or national pride...what an embarrassment and shame.

Oh wait...he eats bagels and wears Amarican Apparel and votes Democrat, that defines the typical American Jewish (gentile)

Who needs gas chambers when Jews are falling over one another to be assimilated and loved by the World.

1141 days ago


@ 1 chninee..CHROMEO,a super-successful group that makes beautiful music.

1141 days ago


It has nothing to do with Jews and ARABS, it's MUSLIMS who hate the Jews...

1141 days ago


michael and uri lol

1141 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

Sure he's an Arab, no problem, he's a Christian Arab...makes a big difference...Christian Arabs were being slaughtered by the Muslims when Lebanon had their civil war, and Christian Arabs (the Coptic Christians) are STILL being slaughtered today by Muslim Arabs in Egypt, for example. This is a misleading article because you are not giving your readers enough background information. This is a dumb-downed fluff piece.

1141 days ago


it's a fortunate exception. Palestinians are living the hard life, oppressed, dying and starving while Isralian are living happily. it's not a matter of american jew or american arab. it's a area problem.

1141 days ago


You guys are so self absorbed that you didn't even bother to know what the problem in the middle east is about!! Arabs never had problem wth jews !! In Tunisia (my country)jews have been living with muslims since anyone can remmember and things are perfectly normal !! But the real problem in the ME is the creation of the state of israel on palestinian (arabs obviously)land !! So yes ARABS and JEWS do gt along and It's not exactly a shocking newes!!

1141 days ago


That is kind of a nice story. It is only when people are raised to hate that it spreads from generation to generation.

1141 days ago


If you are not taught hate, you won't practice it. They should be an example for those idiots who hate a particular race instead of getting to know the individual.

1141 days ago


I am jewish, my boss is Muslim. There are Christians, Catholics and Buddhists all working together in our clinic. No problems. It can be done and is being done. We are hoping for a Bahai to join us.......

1141 days ago
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