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Military Stores

We're BOYCOTTING Soulja Boy

9/6/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A system of stores run by the United States Department of Defense will NOT be stocking Soulja Boy's upcoming album -- so long as it contains the rapper's army-bashing song lyrics.

LTC Thomas Shrader from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service -- an agency run by the USDOD -- tells TMZ, Soulja's "Respect My Hustle" will have no place on the shelves of its 3,100 facilities ... whose MILLIONS in profits go to benefit armed services programs every year.

As we previously reported, the outrage is all over the rapper's new song "Let's Be Real" -- in which Soulja raps, "F**k the FBI and the army troops." Soulja has since apologized.

Shrader tells TMZ, Soulja's lyrics "are unacceptable and not the kind of thing we would want to market.”

But there's still hope for SB -- if the song ultimately gets cut from the album ... we're told the Exchange will reevaluate the ban.


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Delaware D    


1143 days ago


The United States Government... aka... "The greatest threat to our liberties and freedoms". They fight around the world to promote liberty and justice for all. Except here, where even our first amendment right is being denied.

1143 days ago

LB FiveSixTwo    


1143 days ago

The Real JJ    

No one buys soulja boys album but little girls and wannabees anyway. TMZ blew up a story that's just stupid.

1143 days ago

charley whole office is too...we're having a toss the crappy soulja cd in the trash along with him!!!!!!! useless fart of a human being!

1143 days ago


Gotta love how all these "soldiers" are posting how he has no right to say what he says because the "soldiers" are fighting for our freedom. If you were really fighting for the freedom of the people then why would you try to take away the first ammendment; freedom of speech. Yes Souljaboy is an idiot but he is allowed to say what he wants as this country has a ammendment of free speech. Soldiers want to hide behind a guise that they are protecting your freedom yet instead they could care less about your freedom.

1143 days ago


Relax. He's a non-entity.

1143 days ago


Although I may or may not agree with the man (I don't even know who he is), but it seems like no one is allowed free speech anymore unless the mass majority agrees.

1143 days ago


I say F**K souljaBOY

1143 days ago


I don't think America is gonna settle for an apology, he did this right before our 10 year anniversary, no respect to our country or our troops. I took it personal and really hate his person.

1143 days ago


Like I said, he's not sorry - he said what he said - can't take it back.

The only reason he (his PR people) said "Sorry" is because it hurt his brand. Let him pick up a weapon and stand a post and see if that doesn't change his tune. I don't think he would even make it out of basic training. You little S***BAG !!!! PS - I think he should go on the "No Fly" list too

1143 days ago


Our military has as much right to free speech as the BOY COWARD and also the right to boycott sand close their wallets. I would imagine there are many more that will condemn him then support him. Hopefully he will enjoy bankruptcy and poverty.

1143 days ago

jeff p     

Who the F**k is this punk anyways? Someone needs to pimp smack this little boy!

1143 days ago


I vote let him keep the song on the album, and he can listen to it all the way to Iraq, or Iran, or whatever 3rd world country that wants him. Yup, my Brothers and Sisters in Arms fight for our freedoms, but if I was fighting for someone in a street fight and that person said "f" you to me, I'd kindly step back and let him have his due. A person should respect what others do for him/her if they want respect and album sales in return.

1143 days ago


As he has said it, he should be held to it. Ban that album and ALL his albums...

1143 days ago
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