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Military Stores

We're BOYCOTTING Soulja Boy

9/6/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A system of stores run by the United States Department of Defense will NOT be stocking Soulja Boy's upcoming album -- so long as it contains the rapper's army-bashing song lyrics.

LTC Thomas Shrader from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service -- an agency run by the USDOD -- tells TMZ, Soulja's "Respect My Hustle" will have no place on the shelves of its 3,100 facilities ... whose MILLIONS in profits go to benefit armed services programs every year.

As we previously reported, the outrage is all over the rapper's new song "Let's Be Real" -- in which Soulja raps, "F**k the FBI and the army troops." Soulja has since apologized.

Shrader tells TMZ, Soulja's lyrics "are unacceptable and not the kind of thing we would want to market.”

But there's still hope for SB -- if the song ultimately gets cut from the album ... we're told the Exchange will reevaluate the ban.


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In The American President, a favorite of mine, Michael Douyglas' character says freedom is letting someone say what you would spend your life opposing at the top of your lungs. SB should be free to say whatever he wants, even if it curls your blood, and I have family in the military.

1140 days ago


Ok, people think about it why would the military exchange sell something that puts down what they do. The only people that buy from these stores is military so why would they want to put merchandise on its shelves that will not sell. All you civilians blah blah blah freedom of speech blah. If someone want to buy it they can go out into the civilian community and buy it. By the way military folks do not have the very freedom of speech they fight for you to have. They can get in serious trouble for what they say and do in public. Seriously get a brain.

1140 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dude. the guy is gangsta. what he is saying is, that in his life, you don't have time to wait for the army to come on in and protect and save you like a hero who's gonna be broadcast all over the news the next day and get a reward to hang over his fireplace....that is why he is saying 'eff the army eff the feds' etc. because they are so tied into being politically correct, that they can't do chit before every insultable sub-group gives their 'yay'.

1140 days ago


They are not violating his rights by saying they are offended and banning the sell of his album. They are exercising their freedom of speech by saying so and their freedom to pick what they sell in the stores. If I owned a business that catered to a certain type of people (the military in this case) and something came through bashing them why would I sell it. I totally agree with what they are doing, they gave him options, no where in the constitution does it say stores have to sell everything made.

1140 days ago


Who buys CDs anymore? People too stupid to know how to get it on bittorrent?

1140 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Haha, boycott Soulja Boy? Dam, I don't think militery stores have a clue who Soulja Boy is. Nobody follows this kid, and nobody's heard this song in question...and if they did, bet they turned it off before whatever line in question was spit. Haha, soulja boy..

1140 days ago


Hell. Don't reconsider. Ban him and all of his stuff completely and permanently. I'm black, not part of the armed services and I tolerated Soulja's musi*****il now. He apologized, but he already made his lyrics permanent. He knew what he was doing.

1140 days ago


My husband and I started this boycott of Soulja Boys CD's at our Exchanges by posting on my army wives fb page and him posting on Soldiers against Soulja Boys page to go to AAFES FB page and tell them to to tell AAFES not to sell this crap. I hope this sends a message to him and other "artists" that yes you have Freedom of Speech but just because you do, doesnt mean you can go around saying whatever the hell you want and not have conquences.

1140 days ago


good, just good.

1140 days ago


Majestik, I hope you understand business. To stock his music on military facilities would be a loss to them. Who's going to buy it soldiers and their families it is a not for profit organization the funds go back into military programs. I don't think they are trying to take money away from the military families so it can go into "soulja boys" pocket.

1140 days ago


Good for them! As for Mr. Boy's apology, I don't buy it. He should have known what would happen if he wrote incendiary lyrics like that. Idiot.

1140 days ago


soulja boy has to be loving the free publicity from this, will probably sell an extra hundred thousand albums

1140 days ago


Soulja Boy, I do admit, you did have some good songs, but not this round, after all the people that has died for you, how can you turn around and tell them that, you was out of line, and out of respect.

1140 days ago


I say turn about is fair play.America tell solja girl to go get f**ked

1140 days ago


You cannot put the tooth paste back in the tube. WHY HAS TMZ NOT COVERED THE KATT WILLIAMS STORY WITH THE ILLEGAL ALIEN ?

1140 days ago
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