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Military Stores

We're BOYCOTTING Soulja Boy

9/6/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A system of stores run by the United States Department of Defense will NOT be stocking Soulja Boy's upcoming album -- so long as it contains the rapper's army-bashing song lyrics.

LTC Thomas Shrader from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service -- an agency run by the USDOD -- tells TMZ, Soulja's "Respect My Hustle" will have no place on the shelves of its 3,100 facilities ... whose MILLIONS in profits go to benefit armed services programs every year.

As we previously reported, the outrage is all over the rapper's new song "Let's Be Real" -- in which Soulja raps, "F**k the FBI and the army troops." Soulja has since apologized.

Shrader tells TMZ, Soulja's lyrics "are unacceptable and not the kind of thing we would want to market.”

But there's still hope for SB -- if the song ultimately gets cut from the album ... we're told the Exchange will reevaluate the ban.


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Good for them!! and i hope other stores follow suit!! in fact tmz you shouldn't even publicisze him..he doesn't deserve any recognition..while we were are sitting at our desks, working, typing playing and eating..we get to come home to our family, we get to hang out and relax..our soilders are away, fighting, putting their lives on the line, missing their family, their friends.. show some respect!!

1120 days ago


As an Airforce wife that shops at the Exchange stores, I support them. Go F--- yourself idiot. Just because you can put it in a song doesnt mean you should!

1120 days ago


I read his apology where he said he is sorry and "his words got the best of him"... my words are shame on you! These brave military men and women protect your backside when you sleep at night, even when you sit in your home and dream up these hateful thoughts!

1120 days ago

Ghost Rider    

NAZIS, Let Freedom ring, frickin NAZIS!!!

1120 days ago


He is a discrace. Im glad that they are not going to carry his product. He was an idiot for putting that line in the song.

1120 days ago


With all the issues effecting our country and military (such as low pay for military and them being denied benefits and the like) is THIS really where they want to put their energy? If they don't like what this idiot said in his song lyrics, no one is forcing them to listen to it. Freedom of speech applies to BOTH sides of the situation. This just seems like such a waste of time..

1120 days ago


The AAFES is not an agency, not part of the DoD and the DoD doesn't run it. It is civilian run under contract to the DoD. This private company has a right to not carry any item it deems unfit for its shelves.

1120 days ago


This mofo deserves an AK shoved up his azz and hopefully a vet will pull the trigger.

1120 days ago


He apologized move on. Acting like a bunch of babies - what major influence could soulja boy really have? Sick of seeing this story continue on about nothing

1120 days ago

Paul Lynde    

Looks a little "COKEY".

1120 days ago


How can the exchange even CONSIDER selling the CD in their stores? Even if the song isn't included on the album, how dare they support a guy who could not only write a song like that, but sing it, and then stand by it and only appologize AFTER he's told to? I can tell you one thing, everytime I'm in my local exchange I will look for the CD, and if I find it, I will throw every single copy in the trash. I think if we all do that, we can effectively boycott it, whether the exchange wants to do it or not.

1120 days ago

Former SPC Omean Collins    

Quite honestly, I think his career should die off all together and let his a** join the military and get a crash course on what we went through on a DAILY BASIS WHILE DEPLOYED!! You ain't no "Soulja" Boy, you is a "Little" Boy that should be put in their place..

1120 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Screw the military!!! Thre Nazis and I have no respect for TYRANTS who think they can own me!!!They might as well be a bunch of Gorrilas run by General Urko, UP YOURS!!!

1120 days ago


Really, who cares? He has the right to say whatever he wants and we have the right to not buy his product. This is a non issue and TMZ is giving this kid too much attention.

1120 days ago


Uh, listen to the lyrics, you brainwashed SHEEP. Sadly, most of the military are low SES minorities who are targeted to do the work of wealthy white men. You aren't PROTECTING anything. You are pawns. Realize this already....

1120 days ago
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