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Jose Canseco

STIFFED ME After Dating Show

... Says Lawsuit

9/6/2011 1:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It doesn't pay to play matchmaker for Jose Canseco ... at least according to a Hollywood manager who claims she set the former baseball star up on a date, only to get screwed herself.

Gina Rodriguez has prepared legal docs targeting Canseco, claiming she booked him on a TV show called, "Celebridate" back in June -- where famous people are set up on a date with regular people. But Gina claims Jose never forked over the commission check for her work.

Gina claims Jose was paid $3,500 to appear on the show and she's entitled to her 10% -- $350.

For the record, Gina says she's not the only woman Jose has let down -- apparently, Canseco's "Celebridate" didn't go very well either.

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Professor Chaos    

She's suing for $350? Good lord. The lawyer is going to charge her more than that.

1113 days ago


wow ... these two are really gunning for the big bucks in Hollywood!

1113 days ago


I see Jose has resorted to hustling since his autographs are now worthless. Sounds like he couldn't get it up for his date. Can he sink any lower?

1113 days ago


If she had a real job, you know, something useful and productive, theses things wouldn't happen.

1113 days ago

Nadya Sue-Leman    

Maybe he should have sent his twin brother to the date.Gina needs a better class of clients, can't blame them for screwing that old whore can you? LOL

1113 days ago


Maybe next time she wont involve herself with a complete s***bag. This is what you get. Also, $350...lolololol

1113 days ago


Sounds like she is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame as well!

1113 days ago


Why is an old xxx actress trying to sue Jose again? She manages him for dates and wants 10% LMAO. WOW! Crazy people.

1113 days ago


a real business woman knows you get your money up front...

1113 days ago


Notwithstanding the deviants who are attacking the victim [all of whom are social rejects]... I support her going after the piddling $350, because he owes it to her, PLUS, it'll put his names out there for being the ahole that he is banishing him from the d-list to the unlisted "celebrities"

1113 days ago

samuel bronkowitz    

Gina Rodriguez is an ex-porn star. Guess the films aren't selling too well she has to sue for $350. Jose has turned into a $3500/night whore.

1113 days ago


Gina Rodriguez is ex-porn star Demi Dalia. Look her up on YouTube under "Mommy XXX", a web series. And poor Jose,humiliating himself for $3,500.He should unretire and play for the Dodgers for that price.

1112 days ago

The Truth    

I give her credit for leaving the XXX world and being successful, he's a s*** bag and needs to pay. He hasn't paid anyone this year. Whether its 350 or 35,000 its payment for her work. In small claims court you don't need a lawyer (professor Chaos), she will get legal fees paid by him as well. I'm reading everyone's comments and the ignorance is amazing, she booked him on a TV show and he didn't pay, she isn't booking him dates (read the story it says its a dating show). This woman has a real job that she created, she's probably making more than all of you. The only person who seems to have any sense in these comments is Joao.

1112 days ago


She's a used up porn actress. I'm sure she's quite used to being stiffed.

1112 days ago

Roy Hofkamp    

Jose Canseco better ought to focus on his play instead of this. And suing for $350, pathetic lol.

1111 days ago

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