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'Real Housewives'


For Russell's Suicide

9/6/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090611_housewives_videoThree "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" are VERY UPSET with people who blame the show for "playing a major part" in Russell Armstrong's suicide -- saying the finger-pointing is simply "not fair."

Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof, and Kyle Richards all appeared on "Today" this morning -- where they spoke out against the criticism ... and claim they're taking the "high road" in the tragedy.

Maloof says they are working with Bravo in an effort to do something "positive" together -- by getting the message out about suicide prevention.


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I'd like to know what is REAL about these housewives. Puffed up lips and faces filled with Botox doesn't seem real to me. That's why I don'*****ch "reality tv" soooooo phony!

1089 days ago


God help us, this Richardson biatch plays them as she needs them, get her off the show, I refuse to watch that fake. First, she sells out her sister, now she sells out Lisa and Ken...Taylor is a much better fit for her, you can take them out of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of them. Why the tears ? Taylor put in for a divorce, lets not now play griefing widow now. Had he not killed himself she would have sold him out this season and made her marriage to him a joke. All housewives, especially Richardson, with those fake tears for the camera, should let the man rest and shut up about it.

1089 days ago


Ann Curry said if this isn’t exploitation what is the message? And what have you come away with that can make you be aware when someone is suffering?”

Could anyone comprehend what those witches said?

1089 days ago


I don't recall much talk blaming these 3 dildo-holsters for the suicide until the 'Today' show appearance. The Today show. On NBC. The NBC that owns Bravo. This whole thing is a promotional stunt and a commercial. The media is the Matrix.
Welcome Copper-Tops.

1089 days ago


I blame the show and I blame bravo TV.they should tell him what was going to happen this guy will not consent if he know the details in front! The family the money matters everything contribuite to the tragic ending ! The women made his life miserable ,his wife was throwing him under the bus everyone hated him....I blame all of them!

1089 days ago


Do you saw those two squaling like two little kids? fighting at the table? this woman don't like and don't respect her husband for sure ,the way she treats him is so disrespectful....and him is obnoxiuos I will not spend a second with this guy he makes me sick ,he is so rude for sure he has not CLASS, he is a DR. and maybe he does good plastic surgeries ,but class I don't think so! I dislike everyone one in that show! it is not class in this rich people at all!

1089 days ago


God bless America.

1089 days ago


Is this trash your definition of CLASS, BRAVO?
NBC, BRAVO, isn't it time you stopped defining culture with this trifling, superficial HOGWASH?
PLEASE, take it in another direction.

1089 days ago


Kim and Camille have stayed away from this mess.

1089 days ago


Plastic women telling everyone about suicide? they no absolutely nothing about reality and real life. this is scary!!

1089 days ago


These women are no different then most women except they have money and exposed on TV.Some of the same types can be found in other income brackets. Some getting implants,botox and all the other beauty aids but call these women plastic phonies also buying knock off designer clothes. Most women would have a maid or nanny if they could afford one no wife/mother is that dedicated especially if you work .Be real people stop being hypocritical we all live above our means. This mans death was tragic but why blame others no one knows why he took his life but him.Bravo handled it in good taste.Every time a newsworthy person dies someone tries to make a buck.Why is Bravo exploiting his death they spent bucks having him on the show. This is a Reality show but we know all of it isn't real.

1089 days ago


Nothing positive comes out of these crappy reality shows. Garbage in, garbage out. No, thanks.

1089 days ago


Funny how Taylor was all about divorcing Russell but after the suicide she became the "grieving widow." I can't stand that duck-lipped witch.

1089 days ago


If they were taking the high road, they wouldn't be doing a media blitz!! Shame on them!!

1089 days ago


They should all be accountable and considered responsible - particularly his wife.

1089 days ago
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