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Russell Armstrong's Family


9/6/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Armstrong
's family isn't buying suicide as the cause of death ... they believe he was murdered, and they're putting a private dick on the case.

Although the L.A. County Coroner ruled Russell's death was a suicide by hanging, sources close to the situation say the family is convinced ... Russell's money problems caused him to get involved "with the wrong people."  They believe Russell may have screwed someone over out of desperation and that person or persons retaliated by killing him.

We're told the family is in the process of hiring a private investigator.

Russell Armstrong Death


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I will be so glad when their 15 minutes is over.

1104 days ago


I seriously cannot believe how many people are reacting to the term "private ******". What rock do you people live under?

1104 days ago

Lori Coyne    

First of all, I am AMAZED at how long the interest in this has lasted. Second, this guys' family has to GET A GRIP. They are either terribly ignorant, in complete denial, or trying their best to keep the "story" alive. PATHETIC.

1104 days ago


He and his business partner killed themselves because they couldn't live with the shame that would follow their 'threatened' gay sex home video leak. You know its ******* soon 8===D~~~

1104 days ago

george fudge!    

TMZ has previously 'reported' that Rachel whatshername (Tigers mistress) was enrolled in a private investigators course. One can imagine, that if she had been hired by this guys family, that TMZ could write that a public vagina is on the case instead of a private ****! :)

1104 days ago


A family of looser & idiots

1104 days ago


If someone is a wife beater, dying is good thing for the beater. If he screwed somebody over, he deserved to be killed. No lost to the world.

1104 days ago

South Beach    

Guy had been up to his eyeballs in "loserville" for years. it's amazing he lasted as long as he did.

1104 days ago


When someone you love kills themselves all you do is try to find answers, could I have saved him is the norm but I guess grief plays itself out differently for everybody. Sounds odd though, if you screwed a loan shark, they don't kill you, dead men don't pay...

1104 days ago


I think his fish lipped "wife" murdered him by spending him to the poor house. She knew he was worried sick over money matters and she helped him out by spending $50,000.00 on a five year olds birthday. Then when he was shown on the show moping, and "not having any fun" it was because he was probably wondering how he was going to pay for the party and all of her little shopping sprees to Rodeo Drive. I know she's claiming she was abused by him, but I'm kind of doubting that now. I don't believe that Bravo would pass up footage of that, and to date I haven't seen any pictures, police or medical reports that support her claim. If he did beat her he would have deserved to go to jail, but now that he's not around to defend himself I think she's just making the claims so that she doesn't look like the spoiled, self centered, needy, selfish, greedy little gunt fish that she really is. She and the rest of the Bravo crew are just doing damage control.

1104 days ago


So typical. And they'll never, ever stop either. Sad.

1104 days ago


So ridiculous when families do this. EVERYONE claims their loved one would never kill themselves, it's just stupid.

1104 days ago


They say there are seven stages of grief, and the Armstrong family still seems to be in the denial stage. This is really sad, I hope they can accept his death and start to heal soon.

1104 days ago


When the family realized Bravo was going to cover their ass with the upcoming episodes, they needed to find another avenue to try to cash in on his death, this is probaly it. He committed suicide...there were no signs of a break-in and he was found hanging. What other evidence do they need?

1104 days ago


private ****?

1104 days ago
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