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Soulja Boy

Army-Bashing Song

WON'T Be On My New Album

9/7/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy and his management team are SCRAMBLING to remove all traces of the rapper's army-bashing song from the Internet -- and they swear ... it won't come anywhere near Soulja's new album.

A rep for Soulja's management team, Debby Coda, tells TMZ, both the rapper's management and his record label have been working nonstop since Friday to take the video down off the Internet.

Debby tells us, the song "Let's Be Real" was hastily and foolishly posted to the Internet -- and was never approved for any album, including his upcoming "Respect My Hustle."

Debby insists, the song will never be available for purchase.

We're told Soulja is willing to do whatever he can to make up for the song -- which contains the lyric "f**k all the army troops" -- including free shows for the military, and meet-and-greet sessions.

As we previously reported, Soulja has apologized for the song, blogging, "I Am Deeply Sorry To All Members Of The United States Military Services And Their Families."



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Too late not-so-soulja boi - hope your career is destroyed

1138 days ago


Fuhck Soulja Boy, what the hell does his apology to troops mean? It doesn't mean **** because the fact is, is he still wrote the lyrics and sang the song in the first place. Fuhck him and his albums

1138 days ago


I am a Soldier serving in the US Army, I have been deployed twice, how about you? I volunteered to die for your freedoms, this is completely disrespectful to me and my brothers and sisters in uniform, no matter what branch of service. What have you done to better your fellow man?
You pay lip service in your shallow apology....... You call yourself Soulja Boy, but you are just a punk..... rap that.

1138 days ago


I want to know why it was written or recorded to even be "released by mistake?"

1138 days ago


seriously, WTF were u thinking even WRITING those lyrics, "soulja"? As someone who works for the VA, I can tell you the veterans are more "real" and hardcore than you could ever hope to be in your wildest dreams. You don't even know the meaning of the words. You deserve all the criticism, boycotting, etc. that's coming your way. And on behalf of my're an as****.

1138 days ago

chris debarr    

What troopps are going to want a person who HATES them to come perform a concert for them...this pansy and his management team are retarded. There's no way to save face here, so stop trying.

1138 days ago


I hope you NEVER sell another album. You idiot, you are bashing the heroes of this world who gave you the right to say stupid ass stuff like that.

1138 days ago


It doesn't matter whether the song is every going to be availible to purchase or not. The fact is it never should have been recorded in the first place. He's an idiot & I hope that he get's is ass kicked buy a one of the very Army Soldiers that he doesn't give a **** about!

1138 days ago

Private First Class Lynch    

That's exactly right. We as (real) Soldiers fight for the freedom of speech. He can say whatever he wants. However, that also means that we can tell him what we want. Congratulations, you just painted yourself as a gigantic ******* to a lot of people. Freedom of speech is great, but the second part of that freedom is dealing with the results of what you say.

We want nothing to do with him, and we want him to know he is not welcome nor appreciated on our bases or in our communities.

1138 days ago


This guy is an ignoramus and has no clue. I take care of our veterans everyday. I hear their stories and see the scars and the pain that they have to live with everyday. He wouldn't last a minute in the shoes of even one of OUR AMERICAN VETERANS..A chicken **** shouldn't talk crap unless he is willing to but the boots on!!!!

1138 days ago

A disable vet    

I don't think sorry is going to cut it. You cannot take that back, even if the video is eventually taken off the net. You are taking action because your fame was hurt, I think we should take action because our country was hurt. It's only fair.

1138 days ago


Screw this tool, what he said cannot be taken back. Because bottom line it was a disrespectful comment towards all vets and the founding of this country. If he doesn't like it than he can take his "hard" crap talkin sorry excuse for a rapper butt out of here and go make a living else where. I am so sick and tired of people like this taking what they think are given rights for granted and then apologizing to try and make up for their bad behavior!

1138 days ago


TMZ can permanently ban my postings from their site if they would like. However, I am in the Army and challenge that little bitch to step up to any REAL SOLDIER any day of the week. He is a fascist little bitch and deserves to have his ass kicked!

1138 days ago


The only reason he wants to apologize now is because he KNOWS his career is over!!! You don't disrespect the men and women who lay their lives on the line for your freedoms and just walk away from it. You have to pay the price, and it is no where close to the price these soldiers and their family and friends pay to protect his sorry butt!!

1138 days ago


It's too late now! Thanks for letting us know how you really feel! And your ignorant fans that supported what you said. Real fn cool!! who wants free tickets to see that garbage. Lemme guess publicity stunt?

1138 days ago
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