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Soulja Boy

Sgt. Records MAJOR Diss Track

Wants Rapper Banned

9/6/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy
is drawing fire from the entire U.S. Armed Forces -- and a retired Army sergeant is leading the charge with a rap response to Soulja's controversial song.

Former infantry sergeant and 5 year combat veteran Leo Dunson tells TMZ he recorded the diss track, "Change Your Name" (below) ... after hearing Soulja's "Let's Be Real" -- with the lyrics, "F**k the army troops."

Dunson -- who raps under the name Sgt. Dunson -- says Soulja's song is, "The most ignorant thing I've heard in so long" ... and adds that it's especially offensive with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 looming.

Dunson says an online petition -- started by a fellow vet -- to get Soulja Boy's music banned from all U.S. military bases is getting support from civilians and all branches of the armed forces.

Now consider this twist ... Dunson and all U.S. troops fight to defend our freedoms -- which includes freedom of speech. So, we gotta ask ...


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spc. [hd]    

poker at 12,000 feet.
by Clifford Deal on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 1:33am

His palms sweat beneath the gloves. The oxygen mask rubbed,and he blinked often to keep his vision clear.His tubby fighter, a product of the Grumman Iron Works, was gliding up through the clouds as steep as she could, on an intercept course. 11 others trailed him, as fleet Army p-38 lightnings , 4 all told, flashed past more quickly and at a steeper angle to get above. leveling off, he set a cource the Navy radar operators on ships below indicated would put him on the path of incomming Japanese bombers. His mission was simple..tear up the bombers with his belts of .50 caliber machine gun bullets before they could unload their bombs on the life carrying ships below. Jap fighters would try and intercept, but orders were clear. Go for the bombers, let the Army deal with the fighters.

And he did. For an hour, A 6 m 2 Zero interceptors, nimble little gun ships, did everything in the book to try to draw out the F-4-F Wildcats from their formation. Each time they did, the Marine Wildcats let the Army 38's do the Tommahawk chop on them, diving with the power of Twin allison engines, and a 5 gun battery that ripped the 'Zekes' apart..letting him save the ammo in his web belts for the Mitsubishi "Betties" carrying the cargo of Death.

Finally, it was over. the big bombers were drinking too much gas. They dropped over open ocean, wasting bombs to save fuel, and turned for home. He'd won a battle without firing a single bullet himself, or loosing a single precious airplane or pilot, both rare here on the remote island called Guadalcanal. he'd held his cards through head on passes, and the enemy had folded.

His name?

Joe Foss, Captain, United States Marine Corps.

Medal of Honor.

1068 days ago

SPC Williams    

Yes, We soldiers sacrifice our freedom so that everyone can have their freedom, but just because you have freedom of speech doesn't mean that anything said is acceptable. It doesn't mean that you cannot be held accountable for your words. These words were hurtful and as a soldier was once a supporter of soulja boy, I feel that his lyrics were in poor taste, yet the song was not retracted and a half-hearted apology was posted online. keep that we don't want it. we want retribution.

1055 days ago


who cares what he said.....i see these videos on the net of soldiers doing all kind of cruel ****....i dont see no one taking actions on them....get off soulja boys ****

1040 days ago


a minimum of you guys are still buddies. It is difficult to go back to getting pals after being friends plus additional.bracelet homme

1022 days ago


Special message for Soulja Boy check :

963 days ago

MISS & MR FIDELity    


913 days ago


why would yall ban him? i like his music but its rap he can rap about whatever he wants && yall cant do nun about it so stop with this please

887 days ago


**** the US military. **** Soulja Boi. **** anyone who tells me not to disrespect foot soldiers of a terrorist regime.

870 days ago


your old

784 days ago


It;s this rapper's right , as a god givin american to sing what he wants. Thats is what being american is all about , freedom of speech. How ever because of ****y people , that wants attention and wants to ruin someone elses' day and career , have forgotten that we still have the right to freedom of speech. if they dont like it , dont listen to it. I can walk up to an army base and say , **** soldiers , that would be my opinion.

761 days ago
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