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Soulja Boy

Sgt. Records MAJOR Diss Track

Wants Rapper Banned

9/6/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy
is drawing fire from the entire U.S. Armed Forces -- and a retired Army sergeant is leading the charge with a rap response to Soulja's controversial song.

Former infantry sergeant and 5 year combat veteran Leo Dunson tells TMZ he recorded the diss track, "Change Your Name" (below) ... after hearing Soulja's "Let's Be Real" -- with the lyrics, "F**k the army troops."

Dunson -- who raps under the name Sgt. Dunson -- says Soulja's song is, "The most ignorant thing I've heard in so long" ... and adds that it's especially offensive with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 looming.

Dunson says an online petition -- started by a fellow vet -- to get Soulja Boy's music banned from all U.S. military bases is getting support from civilians and all branches of the armed forces.

Now consider this twist ... Dunson and all U.S. troops fight to defend our freedoms -- which includes freedom of speech. So, we gotta ask ...


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I am currently deployed to the sand box... when i heard this so called "rap" soulja boy did... oh i had to do a rebuttal... i support everything that was given to me while growing up and i enlisted to give others the same opportunity of freedom as i did.... big up to Sgt. Dunson... i think soulja boy is almost DONESON!!!! check me out with my response to soulja boy after he says "fu@k the us army troops" on his last video... share if you like PLZ.... mad love from the middle east

1108 days ago


jt you're an idiot go back to school hate speech is not illegal in the U.S why do you think there are white supremacists rallies, westboro baptist church?

1108 days ago

some guy    

Teddy thinks Soulja's song is protected by the 1st Amendment.

1108 days ago


I'd also like to point out the great track, "Rude Awakening" by Stephen Hobbs of Redcon-1. Stephen is still actively serving in Afghanistan.

Buy the track, donations go to help him put out his album. Support our troops with more than just words.

1108 days ago

Moxie Crimefighter    

He has a right to say whatever he wants to say. Isn't that part of the freedoms our troops "fight for"? His speech is not harmful in any way, and therefore perfectly okay for him to say, even if you don't agree with it. I love how some people want to invoke censorship in this country only when it's something that offends THEM. It just doesn't happen like that. Personally, I'm more offended by people that deny the Holocaust happened than I am over someone saying "**** the troops". Get over it, move on.

1108 days ago


Can't cure stupid, and Soulja Boy tops those charts.

It's ironic the military is willing to lay down their lives if necessary fighting to preserve this knucklehead's right to free speech.

Get a grip, Soulja Boy. You're an insignificant twit unworthy to even stand near our military. Grow up and grow a few while you're at it.

1108 days ago

Brad Spangler    

In the words of USMC Major General Smedley D. Butler, "War Is A Racket". |

1108 days ago


Where can we buy the diss track? I wanna support him. **** Civilianboy.

1108 days ago


It's free speech, but in incredibly bad taste. He has zero respect for the country and the soldiers who protect it. Why not have him meet with some nice military vets in a dark alley to discuss it? However, he's not as bad as some of the far right "Christians" who applaud at military funerals and say the soldier's death is the wrath of God for America's sins.

1108 days ago


It's called free speech like it or not. If the Military doesn't like it don't listen to it. Why are we off in Afghanistan and still in Iraq? Stupidest war ever.. and yeah I love our troops but they are midless slaves only doing as they are programed oh sorry ordered to do. Mindless mind controlled slaves that is what these troops are.
and sorry but it is very possible 9-11 was an inside job folks. The building imploded for god's sake..they didn't explode. Wake up America !! You and your troops are being lied to.

1108 days ago


It's called free speech like it or not. If the Military doesn't like it don't listen to it. Why are we off in Afghanistan and still in Iraq? Stupidest war ever.. and sorry but it is possible 9111 was an inside job folks.

1108 days ago


For the record, Sgt Dunson wasn't the first to come out with a reply rap. It was Stephen Hobbs. Secondly, Diondre needs to suffer the consequences of his words. I'm not all for banning hi*****eful speech, but seriously, our MEN are out there on the front lines, protecting his rights. Then, Diondre comes out with hi*****eful, racist reply. He NEEDS to realize that our troops are comprised of people from EVERY ethnic background. They don't hate Diondre because he's black. They hate him for what he said. I'm urging ALL of your readers to boycott this immature little idiot!! Maybe his music doesn't need to be banned from bases, but retaliation is definitely in order. Had Diondre said F the Government, that would have been different. No, he just had to go and make it personal and attack our troops, inferring that they're a bunch of moron robots. Having served for 20 years, I will say that this is far from the truth!! Most of our military folks are some of the brightest folks out there. They have a job to do and they usually do it very well. Finally, Diondre's rap songs really leave a lot to be desired from a musical standpoint. His rhyme & meter sucks. I recently heard an 11 year old boy that could rap circles around Diondre. What does THAT tell you?

1108 days ago


Wait, they actually play Soulja Boy music on the bases? Maybe they should get their heads examined.

1108 days ago

Just Saying    

The kid is a spoiled little brat pretending to be some tough guy ... I guess his mouth finally got him into trouble and all his money he brags about isn't going to help him this time. I say that if he means his apology then he should donate all proceeds from his album to charity. Put his money where his mouth is for once.

1108 days ago


Little Soulja boy...should be required to do community service for the U.S. Marines!!!

1108 days ago
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