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Soulja Boy

The Right to Blast the Military?

9/6/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Soulja Boy apologizes for ripping the U.S Military -- the same military fighting to protect his right to free speech. So, was the apology necessary ... and will it save Soulja's bacon with the troops?

Plus, Taylor and Russell Armstrong were in couple's therapy before his suicide -- do YOU think therapy can save a marriage?

And, Charles and Jason call "radishes" on Harvey -- if you don't know what that means ... it's DEFINITELY worth finding out.


(4:15) Soulja Boy rips the military in a dumb new rap song -- then apologizes for the blunder.
(6:00) The terrible song in question.
(7:20) A veteran's opinion of Soulja's song and apology.
(17:30) A group calls for a boycott of "Dancing" because of Chaz Bono -- so Gloria Allred, naturally, has his back.
(26:10) We put up NINE polls on the Chaz situation ... so what did you think?
(33:00) "Housewives" new season premiered last night -- and Charles was forced to watch it, you know, for news reasons. 
(38:00) Does couple's therapy work?
(42:20) The tree Tiger Woods crashed into -- exposing his cheating scandal ... is as dead as Tiger's golf game.
(46:00) The "radishes" explanation.
(48:02) Harvey's latest crazy story. Radishes?


No Avatar


How is Chaz Bono going to influence small children? By watching him do the Cha Cha? They aren't giving him a spot on The View! give me a break.

1121 days ago

some guy    

Ehh... is Chaz gonna **** his partner in the middle of the dance? Who the **** cares.

1121 days ago


Every child under 10 should be in bed at 8 pm. So explain DWTS this season to children 11 through 14 who should be in bed by 9 pm. All other children should be in bed by 10 pm.

1121 days ago

Granny Linda    

As far as Chaz goes, I'm more worried about my son thinking it is okay to get as big as that.

1121 days ago


I'm confused...if chaz still has a vagina, how can she/he/it legally be a man?

1121 days ago


He has the *RIGHT* to say what he wants = thanks to those he is criticizing. Just like we have the *RIGHT* to hate him for saying it.
Eff Soulja Boy.

1121 days ago

some guy    

After we persecute the TS's, let's go after the gays and Jews next. Anyone here can get in touch with Hitler?

1121 days ago

La Mom    

Oh come on. Are people really paying THAT much attention to Bono on DWTS? I mean REALLY? I dont think for one moment this show or Bono's appearance garners this much attention. Other than the tabloid websites and tv shows, nobody is talking about this. At All. This isn't so much a hot topic, as much as it is a desperate ploy for promotion by DWTS if now Bono herself. Gimme a break.

1121 days ago

Jen O.    

Freedom of Speech.

1121 days ago

some guy    

Stare into my Eye, mother*******.

1121 days ago

Jennifer Michelle    

Chaz Bono is less harmful then teletubbies. People need to come to reality, and realize there are so many issues out there, Chaz is not one of them.

If your child is confused about their sex due to Chaz, parents need to do a better job :p haha

1121 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

I have always been tolerant of the LGBT community - I have family members who are gay. My daughter has come forward (19) that she is gay and while accepting for the most part there is a part of me that is disappointed. I understand Cher's feelings. I love and support my daughter but it's not what I imagined for her. That's the difficulty.

1121 days ago

some guy    

Just put some ketchup on it and tell her to STFU. That's what I'd do.

1121 days ago


Just an observation. Charles is always interrupting you Harvey when you are making a comment and then makes the comment his own...A little on the rude side.. He comes across as somewhat of a scene stealer... As I said, just my observation.. Thanks

1121 days ago

some guy    

Why is it so hard for people to let people go? I do it all the time. C ya.

1121 days ago
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