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Evelyn Lozada

I'm Quitting 'Basketball Wives'


9/7/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We've heard it all before -- but this time Evelyn Lozada says NO AMOUNT of money can bring her back for season 4 of  VH1's "Basketball Wives."

Sources close to Evelyn tell TMZ -- Lozada made up her mind yesterday, after VH1 posted a blog implying Evelyn may have cheated on Chad Ochocinco with his former teammate Terrell Owens.

We're told Evelyn is furious -- claiming the rumor is simply UNTRUE -- and she feels betrayed by the network. VH1 has since pulled the blog -- but Lozada has already decided enough is enough ... and she's told producers she won't be returning.

Sources tell us Evelyn is now looking for other opportunities -- and will focus on planning her upcoming wedding to Ochocinco.

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It's more to the story than what been told to us. Now what she should be mad about that they air her and chad first date, get azz night. Now if that didn't make her look like the slut she is. Royce is right on that one. So she trying to tell us she's mad about a rumor that supposely not be true. Think abuot it people and then remember what she told Chad or asked Chad when they were sitting outside by the ocean. Remember what she said on the reunion show. No matter what people tell her about Chad, no matter what people tells Chad about her. He and she know what is true and whats not. So why now is she worried about a so called rumor. Is the rumor true???

1051 days ago


I think Evelyn would make a better match with Russell Simmons, Russell would Tame that AZZ, although I would love to have him myself!YUP YEP. . . .lol

1051 days ago



1049 days ago


Has anyone seen Evelyn's facebook page today? She has changed her status to single!

1049 days ago


Evelyn is Single now. Check out her FB page today. I only feel sorry for Chad as I belive he really loved this Tramp. He has not twitted In 4 days. Not like his out going wonderful personality.

1049 days ago


What is strange to me is why now after this news that all of the bbw's has closed their facebook pages to viewing, even Chad. I Believe they can't take the heat from the public or VH1 told them to.

1049 days ago


Hey you guys she changed her status back to engage. Yes Ev keep hope alive. lol

1049 days ago


I feel Evelyn is a strong force. I am proud that she pulled the plug on reality TV. It's hard to fight for what you believe in when people turn stories around for good gossip and TV. I wish you and Ochocinco the best life ever!
If you ever hit LA again come to Life Long Pilates and I will give you a complimentary session! You will need to be stretched and worked out before your wedding so you don't take any lives on the way! Stay focused, stay calm and succeed!!!

1049 days ago


I hope Ev does not leave. The show is nothing without her. VH-1 need to straighten this out, about the blog maybe they were just trying to stir things up and drum up hype 4 the show. All parties involve know what they did and did not do. Chad and T.O. I understand u dont need the money Ev but if I were you I would get paid as much as I can from the show. Since they want to blog, make them pay 4 it! U will have access to money marrying Chad but to have your own money is always best going into a marriage. If Chad trust u he dont care about some blog. Get your 20G's like u asked for. Dont leave the show just because of talk on the net. Since u are a celeb people are going to do that. You cant trip everytime someone says something. They were just trying to stir the pot, so make them pay 4 what they stirred up. As long as your fiancee does not believe it ur good! Please dont leave Ev -- cus bbw LA is a ghetto mess. I like the bbw miami circle. You, jen and shaunie are the only class the two shows put together have. LA is a hot mess. If Ev leaves its gonna get canceled cus she keeps the show interesting not boring like bbw LA --cant stand Gloria. I know Ev got other things going on but u started with bbw, dont go away mad and leave like this. Both shows will probably be canceled without Ev. Dont let no one run u off with some BS that u and Chad know aint true!

1049 days ago


your a ho and you proably did sleep with T O if you act like a lady you'll get treated like one in your case your to far gone you can't treat a old dog new tricke

1047 days ago


Excellent.. This is the news ever for the Basketball Wives series, I only hope Evelyn joins her daughter in college and take prerequisite courses in English 101 to increase her vocabulary and learn proper sentence structure.She can be really embarassing to sistas around the world. Oh no , what will Jennifer do??/ She'll have to think for herself, becuz her non muthaf%@&ing factoring thought box won't

1047 days ago


Evelyn I enjoyed you on the show from the beginning. You have been real all along. The rumor that is out there is outrageous. You do what is best for you, but I will definetly miss you on the show.

1045 days ago


evenly if u know anit nothing happen beweet the two of u why worrie about wht people say u know the true and tht all wht matter,now on the other hand TO should be the one to tell the world tht tht **** did happen dont lost out on money because of wht to saying he just broken and trying to make hisself look good.

1041 days ago


Thank God, get rid of Evelyn with her money hungry self. That's the best thing she could do.Also i hope Chad changes his mind about the babies and the marriage,if not he will live to regret it.As far as sleeping with T.O. not surpised, she's probably slept Shaq too.Shaunie take a real good look around you.......

1040 days ago


Ha Ha!!! What goes around,comes right back around... Security!! (clap, clap)!

1032 days ago
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