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Rachel Uchitel

Hires Oksana's Lawyers

Over 9/11 Story

9/7/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Rachel Uchitel has hired Daniel Horowitz and Marty Garbus -- the attorneys who represented Oksana Grigorieva in her epic custody battle against Mel Gibson -- to go after the New York Post over a story insinuating she was happy her fiance died during 9/11.

TMZ has obtained a demand letter Horowitz sent to the New York Post, which ran a teaser for an upcoming article about Rachel and her deceased fiance, James Andrew O'Grady, who died during the 9/11 attack.

The teaser includes alleged statements from Rachel -- "I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good," adding, "It would have been tragic if we got into fights and then divorced ... I'm glad I didn't get to see any flaws that time brings on everyone.  I would otherwise be a fat housewife with three kids living in Sands Port, Long Island."

In his letter, Horowitz claims the story conveys "a disastrously false impression of my client," adding the story is "attacking, degrading and extraordinarily inaccurate." 

Rachel tells TMZ she feels she's the victim of a hit piece and the reporter went into it not liking her.

Horowitz also has words for the author:  "You created a work of miserable and demeaning fiction.  You should be ashamed of yourself."

Horowitz wants an apology to Rachel, and wants the "false words" withdrawn, although he is not specific as to how they would be withdrawn. The full story is supposed to come out tomorrow.

We called the New York Post yesterday, and a rep said "We stand by our story."


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I just figured out why Rachael went with Horowitz. "Somehow" his wife ended up dead. She has a fiance that also is gone. People have said some bad things about him concerning his wife's death, here to people are saying bad things about her. They both are money grubbing media W*h*o*r*e*s and they both rub people wrong. They are like two peas in a pod. One is just uglier than the other.

1151 days ago


She ran out of Tiger Woods money. Hell, Gloria Allred got her money and dumped her. Allred is now using Chaz Bono.

Now...Uchitel is pulling a 9/11. A dead fiance? 10 years later. How is she paying for the retainer?

1151 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Bet they have a recording of the interview and she'll look like the moron she is. Plus, since she's a public figure, she'll have to prove malice, which is very difficult in defamation cases.

1151 days ago


The report says he depressed about financial issues and relationship problems. Lucky Bravo!!! Not a word about him being depressed because his reputation was about to be ruined by a TV show. It wasn't stated at the scene and the report cites these other factors. This, plus the fact that some family members have said it was murder. Bravo should be able to dust any claim of liability on their part.

1151 days ago


Right, because she dislikes being quoted a*****ing the idea of being a fat housewife. The plastic whore she turned into is just so much better. I bet he's so proud.

1151 days ago


I'm glad The Post is going to drain what's left in her bank account via self interested, slimy lawyers. She deserves nothing less.

1151 days ago


Really? "as-saying" gets the asterisks? wth...

1151 days ago


For the love of G** PLEASE stop reporting on this piece of filth. If she has married that Andy dude, guaranteed they WOULD be divorced by now. You can't turn a ho into a housewife.

Hiring Ox's lawyers seems like a bad move since Ox decided to leave 25 mil on the table in order to extort Mel or even more cash. Where is Gloria Allred and why isn't she coming to Ukitel's rescue?

1151 days ago


What ever happened with Uchitel sueing Gloria Allred anyway? Guess she decided that was a bad idea so now she is going to sue the Post. Can't this ho make money a ligit way? Does she have to sue people, become a nightclub "hostess" (yeah, right) or extort her married ex-lovers?

What an epic mess this woman is.

I guess she is not so much in demand as a "nighclub" hostess anymore. What'a a girl to do anyway? She can't make the kind of scratch she is used to as a secretary or a makeup counter girl. I'll bet she is sorry she opened up her trap and had to give Tiger back the millions she extorted from him.

1151 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together!!!

1151 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

she'd probably have more luck making some horrible pop song to get her funds back in order...i'm just sayin, maybe a "Friday" remake?

1151 days ago

Joey Boots    

Oh she is just realizing what she said was stupid and is grasping to do some damage control lest her crisp image as a wholesome girl be tarnished.....bwhahahaa dumb broad......didn't this whore also have to recently give tiger back his payoff hush money because she violated their non-disclosure agreement......what an idiot.

1151 days ago


she is the one creating a disastrous impression of herself. I'm guessing this is just another grab for cash.

1151 days ago


She might have been sorry at the time. But that photo of her started her on the road to "fame." She has gotten over it enough to brag about sleeping with someone's else's husband. Let's be sure to stick around for when someone steps in on a man of hers.

1151 days ago


How can anything about this cow be deemed demeaning? She is the poster child for demeaning.

1151 days ago
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