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Russell Armstrong

The Gruesome Coroner's Report

9/7/2011 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the L.A. County Coroner's report ... describing the scene when Russell Armstrong's body was discovered on August 17 ... and it is extremely graphic.


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There should be a law which prevents having your own body be autopsied. This man was completely dissected. Every organ including brain removed, and weighed. They even did this to Michael Jackson. This is what happens to everybody that dies, unless they have been under a doctor's medical care within 2 weeks of the death and the doctor signs off as "nautural causes". I don't think it is moral, dignified, or justified to violate every human before being put to rest. It is also disgusting.
By the way, even WITHOUT giving consent to organ donation, viable corneas are still harvested from everyone's eyes. That means your eyes will be dissected whether you consent to it or not! Oh what a wonderful world!

1140 days ago


To all the people complaining about TMZ posting the autopsy report: This is TMZ. They post celebrity gossip and news. They have posted autopsy reports before. That is the entire point of this website - to provide insight into the lives of celebrities for us to read. It's not like this is the first time. If you are so outraged, don't come to the website. I don't think posting the autopsy report is any more intrusive than most stories they post here. The whole website is built on intruding into celebrities' lives for our enjoyment. If you have a problem with the autopsy report, then you shouldn't be coming here in the first place because it's the same principle as the rest of the website. TMZ didn't stop covering Michael Jackson's story after he died and they aren't going to stop covering Russell Armstrong either.

1140 days ago


My question revolves around the bruising that was found all over his body... any speculation as to what may have caused it? Something sounds fishy with this being a suicide. You wouldn't expect there to be bruises on the body. SMH

1140 days ago


I don't know what was so GRAPHIC about this autopsy report. I have read a number of autopsy reports due to my work and this is no different than any of those I read. Seriously, remove the graphic description from the article. This is pretty straight forward stuff. As to the response that this is why people don't want an autopsy. Well I suggest that if you don't want an autopsy done, then don't commit suicide or die an unattended death.

1140 days ago


And WHY do we think it is appropriate to have this? God TMZ...get some class. I'm so done with this site...

1140 days ago


Seriously? I've never watched any of these real housewives shows, but this is something that should be kept private and between family and loved ones. Leave the poor guy and his family be.

1140 days ago


It is ******* sick that people think this is okay to post. would you want your grandmother's autopsy posted, or mother, or father? People are ******* sick and wrong. let the poor man rest in peace.

1140 days ago

JEN D    

I am not even employed by the legal system, and I see a cover up all over this. Reading the report I see 2 mysteries! FOUL PLAY

1140 days ago


Then WHY are posting the cornoer's report? This is completely unnecessary and wrong on so many levels! TMZ has absolutely no morals or boundaries.

1140 days ago


Yeah, I guess it sounds better to say that he was murdered than to admit that he was a ****ty human being that not only beat his wives, but deserted his family after he ruined their finances.

1140 days ago


Uh, jdohe, you're wrong. I work in a hospital, and the only person that gets their corneas removed are people that had consented beforehand- I know this because I deal with patients that had passed. Autopsies are only done when they die of reasons that are not natural- in the hospital or otherwise.
Bodies Have to be dissected so that the pathologist figures how how to person died-it's the only way to get answers.
How do you think doctors and nurses get their education?
by watching autopsies and working with cadavers ( big word for ya- a dead person who volunteered their body for scientific research)
It's not disgusting-it's life!!!!!

1140 days ago

Not Impressed    

TMZ shame on you, don't post stuff like this, respect other peoples privacy at some point. Nobody needs to know this much...

1140 days ago


I do watch the real housewives of beverly hills and all I can say is taylor is a horrible person in my opinion. She's obsessed with materialistic things and money. She obviously was with russell for the lifestyle and when that went away she divorced him. I bet she had him so stressed. On the show the other night she said they were both doing a lot of therapy. I really feel bad for their daughter. Isn't it true when you commit suicide you can't get life insurance or anything? I really hope taylor doesn't get a dime and is embarrassed but I'm sure she'll milk this and try to get every penny so she can keep up pretending she can afford a beverly hills lifestyle.
rip russell

1140 days ago


how much did you guys pay for this? i can't believe he was stone-cold sober. he must of had some real demons in his mind at this point. reality tv killllssss

1140 days ago


The death of Russell Armstrong is very devastating for all who knew him. For those of you shaking your finger at TMZ for posting the autopsy report, reality is any autopsy report is public do***ent. The public can access anyone's autopsy report at any time. What TMZ has done isn't wrong, however I will say it is very classless and very distasteful. As for people saying Taylor killed him and used her child as an alibi, you people are sick and should be ashamed of yourselves. Truth is the only one who knows the 100% truth of what happened to Russell Armstrong is God himself. My heartfelt prayers go out to Taylor and her daughter, along with the family of Russell.

1140 days ago
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