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'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom

The Hooker Costume Was Cute!

9/7/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


 "Toddlers and Tiaras" mom Wendy Dickey called in to defend her decision to dress her 3-year-old daughter up like a hooker -- the Julia Roberts hooker from "Pretty Woman" -- and she thinks it was "incredibly hilarious."

Just as funny -- why Harvey now thinks Pebbles from "The Fintsones" was a ho!

Plus, amazing insight into the Al Michaels/Al Davis feud -- does it all start with NFL Hall of Famer Marcus Allen? And, Bill Cosby disses the deliciousness of Jell-O pudding?!!


(0:00) The great Brian McDaniel makes it three.
(4:45) Radishes? Not this time.
(3:22) Wendy Dickey -- the "Toddlers" mom who dressed her daughter up like a prostitute -- calls in to defend the outfit.
(7:30) Wendy calls her daughter's routine "incredibly hilarious."
(14:40) Pebbles was a ho???
(27:00) Al Michaels says the Raiders won't win a Super Bowl while Al Davis is still alive. Ouch.
(30:50) A Raiders insider calls in to explain the origin of the Michaels/Davis rivaly ... which eventually leads back to O.J.!
(35:20) Charles' horrible Bill Cosby impression ... and a clip of Cosby totally dissing pudding pops.
(40:30) Why do TMZ employees have suicide clauses?
(45:01) Celine Dion's Goldilocks-like intruder.
(47:30) Rachel Uchitel to sue over incendiary 9/11 story.


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I think it is going to take a tragedy, like a child taken, molested, and worse before this abomination of a t.v. show is taken off the air. As someone else said think "Jon Benet." This woman needs to lose her child, she is a poor excuse for a mother. This show is a field day for pedophiles.

1140 days ago


OMG! Sick woman. And they let her have kids???

1140 days ago

who dat    

This episode is best enjoyed using the "mute" button, for the entire show.

1140 days ago

Poison Ivy    

Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction caused an international uproar but a show like Toddlers & Tiaras is acceptable?! An exposed nipple never hurt anyone, but pageants and shows like this are going to scar the kids for life in so many ways.

1140 days ago


It is so sad to see these little girls being raised this way. They should be enjoying their childhood. Instead, they're being dressed up like little hookers, painted with make-up so thick you need a spatula to scrape it off, wearing outfits that even Miss America pageant contestants wouldn't find decent, and prancing around suggestively all in order to win a title to feed their mother's (and sometimes father's) egos. Those children do not WANT to enter pageants until they are TAUGHT to want to by their parents. If those parents had never introduced those kids to the pageant circuit and made it out to be the greatest thing in the world, those kids would be much better off and way happier. The most unbelievable part is that these crazy parents really expect these pageants to lead to some great career for their daughters. Seriously! How many tiny beauty queens have gone off to be highly paid and respected actresses or public figures?

The parents of Toddlers in Tiaras are hurting their children by teaching them that their only value is in how they look and how many titles they win for mommy. Deep down these crappy parents know it is true. They know that what they're doing is disgusting but they just don't care. They want the bragging rights, they want that 15 minutes of fame. They want those things more than than they want to be a decent parent to their child. These people should've never had children in the first place. They're just too dang selfish!

1140 days ago


You should kick the person who was videoed that kid that was on hannah montana. The guy that crosses behind him is BRENT SPINER. You know Data from Star trek: next generation. That's who they should have been interviewing!!!!!

1140 days ago


Am I to believe that Celine Dion had no security personnel at all around her trillion dollar estate. That's really hard to believe. I smell a rat.

1140 days ago


Bad taste on the mom's part. My one daughter sometimes watches this show, so I've watched a couple bits and pieces of it as I'm walking through the house. It's really sad when you see these little children sticking their tongue out and saying they should have won because they're prettier. This coming from 4 - 5 year olds. Really!?!? If they act like that at that age, they are going to be total bit..... as they get older, with no friends whatsoever.

1140 days ago


It something terrible happened to these pageant moms it would actually benefit the children. Foster homes, or any other living environment could hopefully save them from being totally screwed up like this poor kid.

1140 days ago


I like how Wendy ****ey is trying to rationalize the argument by saying that it is ok because the child doesn't understand the character or the context of it. So basically if you are ignorant of what is being done it's ok? By this logic it's ok if kids view porn, or make anti-semitic comments because it's not like they understand what they are viewing or what is being said.

1140 days ago


I have always felt that mothers who push these children into this, are trying to live out a fantasy they wish they had. You know that a child at the age of 3 or 4 does not decide they want to do this.....The Mother does. I really think they ened to take a look at some of these parents.

1140 days ago

Melinda Reyes    

What? That is so ridicules. She is a child.

1140 days ago
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