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Chris Brown

95 Parking Tickets


9/9/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just caught the second biggest break of his life ... 95 out of the 117 parking tickets he accrued recently have been dismissed.

Chris' lawyer Mark Geragos said it last month after the singer's progress hearing -- CB had racked up about $15,000 in parking citations for taking up what appeared to be handicapped spaces in the lot at his L.A. condo.

But now, Chris only faces a fraction of that bill -- because sources at the City of West Hollywood tell TMZ, the parking spaces in question were assigned to Chris' apartment from the beginning ... and Chris wasn't doing anything wrong by parking there.

The singer's not entirely in the clear though -- according to city sources, "22 citations remain open” for other parking offenses.

Still, not a bad shake.



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Marc G    

This makes perfect sense, because the authorities would do the same for anybody....BS. You wonder why a young man like this beats on girls, bites them, then acts like nothing has ever's because HE IS ABOVE THE LAW and this just proves it once again.

1102 days ago


People should know what they are talking about before commenting. The parking spaces is in browns leAse as his parking for his condo. The handicap was added after he singed his paper work with no other parking given to him. The tickets were never legit to begin with. I am not a Chris brown fan but also believe just because you are a star does not mean you are not right.

1102 days ago


I cannot believe some are on here still finding ways to complain about this guy. Save your whining and "outrage" for something that actually matters, not some parking violations that he was cleared of. There is no reason that this post should even really have any comments. This isn't an example of celebrity justice, he seems to have been wrongly ticketed for those 90+ violations. I'm convinced after reading some comments that some didn't even bother to read the post, they just saw his name and posted a comment.

How in the hell have some of you let something that didn't personally affect you or involve you get to you all so much? I understand being upset but to consistently find posts on this guy and then feel so compelled to make negative comments, no matter how benign the post, is strange and possibly a wee bit obsessive, don't you think? But I think some people live to degrade because I see it in alot of posts about a variety of "celebs" on here.

1102 days ago


All those who spewed racist comments when this story broke not too long ago, should be apologizing!

1102 days ago


Just goes to show the haters that he was telling the truth all along. Something tells me the rest of the BS with this complex was also a bunch of crap about him. Way to go CB! Lol!

1102 days ago


Get away with hateful lyrics.......check.
Get away with beating girlfriend....check.
Get away with throwing furniture and break glass at TV studio.....check.
Get away with parking tickets......check.
Recipe for a time bomb.

1102 days ago


For the HOA to assign Brown's parking space Handicap is going to cost them a lot of money. Harassment by an HOA has lead to big awards for the homeowner in cases that I have reviewed.

1102 days ago


how can you get a ticket at your apartment building I dont think thats right

1102 days ago


@Jennifer and you other Hater! tsk! you're such hypocrites!

1102 days ago


What is WRONG with the state of California!!?!? We let Lindsay Lohan get away with stealing **** and we let this guy park in handicap spaces possibly 95 different times?!!? I'm getting out of this state soon; **** this!

1102 days ago

Elly May Clampett    

Hey,cb Get those Big Ass Lip`s reduced in size! ASAP!

1102 days ago

Chaim Estevez esq.    

So the spaces are given to Brown? well then --BUY A F&%KING CAN OF PAINT AND COVER UP THE HANDI CAP SIGN ON THE SPACE!end o story

1102 days ago


The people that support this ******* by buying his CD's and concert tickets are just as big of ********? They defend him like they think his gives 2 ****s about them.

1102 days ago


Was the parking space designated for handicapped people who live in the building? If so, is Brown handicapped? If not, he should be found guilty of all the tickets and be made to pay the fines.

1102 days ago

truth hurts    


1102 days ago
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