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Insane Clown Posse Rapper

I Left My Car For 10 Mins

and My Stereo Got STOLEN!!!

9/8/2011 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Violent J
-- one half of the rap group Insane Clown Posse -- says he left his car unattended for a grand total of ten minutes yesterday ... and when he came back, his car stereo was GONE.

Sources close to Violent J -- real name Joseph Bruce -- tell us, the rapper and his pal were making a quick pit stop at some store in Detroit when the robber struck.

But according to sources, J blames himself -- because he left the door to his 2010 Suburban unlocked. Probably not wise.

We're told J doesn't plan to file a police report -- he's gonna suck it up and buy a replacement.

Detroit, ladies and gentlemen.


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weird fat prick....ja ja...thumb me's free speech.

1086 days ago


Actually, I'm delighted to see someone take personal responsibility for their own screw up. He's not up there whining "they did this to me because I'm........"

1086 days ago


There's a good chance your stereo got tired of your choice of shìt music and left the vehicle on its own!

1086 days ago


As Em would say "Detroit What"

1086 days ago


Car do they work?

1086 days ago


They are definitely named correctly "insane". This subculture of grown ups dressing up as clowns without a circus is something I don't understand. However, I wouldn't label them thieves or white trash, just people without any true substance to add value to society. But hey if they want to waste their time as grown ups dressing up like clowns, it is their business. As for this one - he got what he wanted - main stream media attention.

1086 days ago


Seriously? This is news? "Another" slow day at the TMZ newsdesk! What's up with you, TMZ? The past few weeks, your stories have been really weak.

1086 days ago


..."he's gonna suck it up and buy a replacement."

Yeah bcuz he wasn't shot or robbed. They don't play nice here in the D

1086 days ago


*he wasn't robbed for everything else...he's lucky

1086 days ago

Get Over Yourself    

Maybe it's just Karma for being such a douchebag. Really? Painted clown faces? Is it 1997??

1086 days ago


Dear TMZ, go **** yourselves. I am from Detroit and this is highly offensive. Violent J doesn't even live in the city of Detroit and this type of thing could happen anywhere. Do you want to talk about LA?

1086 days ago


Just wondering, since I'm fairly new to this site; I see a lot of people who post here regularly always have 1 Like to their posts. I think we can take it for granted you dumb f*cks already "Like" your posts because you posted it.

Jus' sayin'!

1086 days ago


I work in the D, he should have known better! Dummy

1086 days ago


What a surprise for Detroit. Get a bunch of blacks tougher and you know someone is bound to steal something, pull a gun or start a sentence with "let me axe you a question." And blacks wonder why they have a bad reputation, why people cross the street to get away from them, why they are stereotyped, like I did above. Well, it's right here in black and white print. In the ghetto, someone stole something that didn't belong to them in hopes of selling it for some crack cocaine probably.

Oh the life o*****ang banger, hopefully it's a short life so we can rid the earth of these parasites.

1086 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Sooner these two disgusting pigs & their ilk go away, the better.

1086 days ago
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