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Mel Gibson

I'm Making a Jewish Movie!

9/9/2011 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

File this under ironic and interesting ...  Mel Gibson is producing a movie that triumphs the Jewish struggle against tyranny ... a movie about the greatest Jewish hero of all time.

Mel's publicist Alan Nierob tells TMZ ... Mel is teaming up with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (right) -- who wrote the Jewish-themed movies "Betrayed" and "Music Box" -- to produce a movie about Judah Maccabee, the Jewish warrior who defeated the Greek-Syrian armies in the second century B.C.

Mel -- who famously directed the arguably anti-Jewish "Passion of the Christ" in 2004 -- has signed on with Warner Bros., which won out over several other studios that wanted the project.

Nierob says Gibson has been working on the Maccabee project for a decade, but now it's about to become real.

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No Avatar


Trolls never stop---Ox lost morons!!!

1142 days ago


Come on TMZ... how is it ''anti-jewish'' to do a movie based on a historical fact that Jesus was put to death. That sounds as ridiculous as those morons that say the holocaust never happened.

1142 days ago


He's making a movie about Barbara Streisand?

1142 days ago

frank hicks    

Great choice for producer, If he produces the movie about Judah Maccabee the same way he produced the movie about William Wallace the viewing public is in for a big treat.

1142 days ago


Maybe he will cast his father the Nazi in the lead role. Make what you want Mel but I won*****ch you ever again

1142 days ago


Has anyone ever figured out why the word W**A**T**C**H** is edited on here?

1142 days ago

brown dynamite    

Wasn't a fan of Passion of the Christ, but to say that movie was somehow anti-Jew is stupid. Does every little incident that can somehow be even remotely viewed as anti-Jew/Gay on this site have to be blown out of proportion?

1142 days ago


Mel Gibson, the person whose face appears in the dictionary next to the word anti-Semitic is the last person I think who should be representing a Jewish man in a movie. I'm waiting for the apology for the movie in 2004. Why would they do this?!?!?! For anyone who is apart of that movie I feel bad because I feel there might be some controversy over this whole thing. Mel Gibson owes the Jewish community an apology and he needs to become educated because he proved his ignorance in that movie he made in 2004.

1142 days ago


Whoever wrote this story obviously didn't see "The Passion of the Christ"...your ignorance is showing. Jesus was a Jew, and his death was caused by Romans,(gentilea) and Jewish leaders of the day. It was historically correct. Why are you always trying to stir the pot, Harvey and company?

1142 days ago

fishy won ton    

harvey....mels legacy will surpass your little celebrity stint for generations to come'

Mel you are somebody...harvey you are a nobody...stop the race baiting

1142 days ago


Wow....sounds like a real exciting movie. YAWNNNNNNNNNNN

1142 days ago


Regardless of Mad Mel's personal antics, one thing he does bring to a project is a heavy job of research and "getting it right". Even in "The Passion of the Christ", he stuck very closely to the history of the research material. This will probably be a very well researched & very close to accepted history type of film; it won't be like that idiotic "The Scarlet Letter" with Demi Moore, which the stupid studio suits massively changed from the book to "appeal to today's younger audience" by inserting shootouts & other action sequences not in the book. Ugh...

1142 days ago


No TMZ, it's not "arguably anti-Jewish." He made a movie that told the story included in the New Testament of the Bible. Get real!

1142 days ago


Obviously a publicity stunt! Although in reality why bother. They aren't going to forget and in reality they are a very small minority (not acceptable). Although you see them a ton on TV they are less than 2% of the population. So people use to complain that not enough Black characters were on TV shows. To be realistic you would need at least 6 African Americans and 8 Latino Americans for every Jewish person.
I think the TMZ staff is a little of the real rainbow of American culture!

1142 days ago

Bobo Frog    

That photo of Mel is scary....look at those crazy eyes! Giving me goosebumps. That is a creepy ass photo.

1142 days ago
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