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The Game

Women Have the Right to Know If Their Man Is Secretly Gay

9/8/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0908_the_game_explains_tmz_liveThe Game just went on TMZ Live to clarify his point that closeted gay men spread AIDS by tricking women into bed -- telling us, gay men are predisposed to spreading HIV ... and keeping their sexuality a secret puts women at risk as well.

Check out the interview ... it raises an interesting question -- should a slight reduction in HIV risk come at the expense of someone's right to privacy?


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I am sure The Game knows that many types spread AIDS, but his focus is on the deceptiveness of down-low men and the consequences. It makes me wonder if a female he knows was just given AIDS by a down-low man as this subject has been bothering him of late.

1107 days ago


What song does this idiot sing?

1107 days ago


What an idot. He probably thinks that you can get HIV from a toilet also! What about the married man sleeping with a $20.00 crackwhore WOMAN that is HIV+ and taking it home to his wife. Gay men are more into useing protection then straight men.

1107 days ago


actually - it's illegal to keep you HIV status a secret, so yes a "slight reduction" or any reduction in a virus that can kill you should trump your right to privacy when it comes to your partner.

1107 days ago


I think a better way that he could have put it out there is that closet gay men are usually more promiscuous.Its a known fact that when your hiding a secret like that when married or dating a girl as a cover you spend alot of time seeking out what you like to stay more satisfied. Now because of this you raise your chances of contracting aids and then raises your chances of passing it on.

I also believe that prostitution plays a major role in the spread of this disease. Now even in these times more people are inclined to use protection it still helps the spread. I think if prostitution was legal it would greatly refuse the spread of aids because it would be a business like anything else. It would force people to get tested on a much more frequent basis and also force them to use proper protection. This would allow people to seek out what there looking for and able to find it in a safer environment.Clients would have to be pre screened prior to using the service and get fully tested and get checked on a regular basis to continue to use the service.

I don't think its just closet gays but more about people searching for what they feel they are missing in a dirty environment. They are sneaking around and feel to find just what they want they have to deal with people , men and women who might not take proper care of themselves. I think turning it into a business would eliminate this by a good 70%.

He does make a good point but at the end of the day we have to understand that he is singling out one type of person. Its not just closet gay men but also men looking to cheat on women with fetish's and drug user's and lets not forget openly gay men looking for freaky gay sex. I think it was wrong to label just one gender hiding what they like and blaming it on them. I feel every person has the right to find what there looking for but just be safe about it and maybe provide a service for them, closet fetish,gay,straight whatever and it will cut down greatly on the spread of this horrible disease. just my 2 cents!

1107 days ago


I think everyone, gay or straight, has a responsibility to disclose any sexually transmitted diseases that they may have to their potential sexual partner. I*****ay/bi-sexual man does not want to tell the woman he's about to sleep with that he also has sex with men that is his right. However she has the right to protect herself from a potentially deadly disease by making an informed decision. Right to privacy does not equal right to cause harm.

1107 days ago


The game is right... This is from the Cdc website. No one mentioned that homosexual men are the highest risk factor for hiv so of course women should want to know who they were sleeping with and there prior sexual history. HELLO THAT'S COMMON SENSE!

Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM)1 represent approximately 2% of the US population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV and are the only risk group in which new HIV infections have been increasing steadily since the early 1990s. In 2006, MSM accounted for more than half (53%) of all new HIV infections in the United States, and MSM with a history of injection drug use (MSM-IDU) accounted for an additional 4% of new infections. At the end of 2006, more than half (53%) of all people living with HIV in the United States were MSM or MSM-IDU. Since the beginning of the US epidemic, MSM have consistently represented the largest percentage of persons diagnosed with AIDS and persons with an AIDS diagnosis who have died.

1107 days ago


I agree with the Game... What no one has mentioned... Is hiv is easier to get threw anal sex and second because Gay men are a high risk group and as a woman I would want to know.

1107 days ago


I find it interesting that urnorthlyte uses multiple interpretations of the Bible to come up with his rationale. It seems if they can't find a version of the Bible to rationalize there hate, they just come up with yet anoter version. The verse cited in the NIV Bible is far different from the KJV version. Actually HIV/AIDS is much more prevalent in the Black community than in other racial groups. So what does he attribute that to? Are Black men tricking women into bed and speading HIV? Of course not! This guy is just stupid. Maybe the guy he got off with last night forgot to use protection and he is now afraid. A talentless tool.

1107 days ago


A woman has the right to know if her sex partner sleeps with men. There is a higher risk. She has the right to know if he's sleeping around in general.

1107 days ago

Uh Oh    

Welllll .... He is half right. Sort of. I have several gay friends who do have sex with 'straight' husbands/dads etc; the wives never know... I don't think he's quite right 'on' with the AIDS statement. That really is just ignorance talking -

1107 days ago


WOW...I dont think the game is stupid at all. I think he just saying your partner has a right to know if you mess around with guys and girls. Whats wrong with that?

1107 days ago


Game = def of a N***** your thoughts do not carry wait but are used to make money for others aka TMZ....Game = DUMBS***

1107 days ago



1106 days ago

P. Flowers    

I think the problem is the Game's comment lends credence to the expression, " a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing." I think he's repeating results of a few studies that suggests the rate of HIV/AIDS infections in African American women is high, in part, to down low men in the African American community.

See Link:

1106 days ago
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