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The Game

Women Have the Right to Know If Their Man Is Secretly Gay

9/8/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0908_the_game_explains_tmz_liveThe Game just went on TMZ Live to clarify his point that closeted gay men spread AIDS by tricking women into bed -- telling us, gay men are predisposed to spreading HIV ... and keeping their sexuality a secret puts women at risk as well.

Check out the interview ... it raises an interesting question -- should a slight reduction in HIV risk come at the expense of someone's right to privacy?


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jack doe    

Game - first - "pot of gold" with Chris Brown - fkn rocks - great guitar riff, solid beat, sick song...that being're an idiot....the majority of gay men who are in the closet don't sleep with women dumb know who spreads HIV....stupid azz rappers who don't wear a fkn condom...Old Dirty Bastard probably infected more women with HIV then all of the "gay men who sleep with women"

sigh....great musical talent....dumb as rocks

1139 days ago


I know this comment will make people mad, but I believe that most imprisoned men have sexual encounters with other male prisoners. When these men are released from prison, they pretend that it never occurred and they do not consider themselves bisexual or homosexual.

1139 days ago

Paul Lynde    

The Game sets my GAYDAR on fire!

1139 days ago


Sorry but The Game has a point, stats are higher in gay men. African American women's HIV/AIDs rates have been correlated with "men on the down low" and in his community it is a concern. Chill out everyone. All he is saying is open communication about sexual risks is important whether you are straight, gay, bi. But what he was missing was the main point that he was missing as Harvey stated is that protection is the only other way to protect yourself.

1139 days ago


We get it "the game", you're gay yourself and are too afraid to come out of the closet so you're going on this "gay hateing" spree.

1139 days ago


The Game really has chosen his words poorly, but he has a bit of a point (and for those who will start getting on me, I am a gay male). What I think he was trying to say is that the deceptive life a guy on the "down-low" leads buts his partner at risk for many things, including HIV. It is more likely that men who are in straight relationships, but still like to have sex with men, are less concerned about using protection as they are typically the ones who are having quick encounters in public places and such. If you are having unprotected sex with strangers, you need to remember that you are putting all your future partners at risk. And one other does The Game know so much about gay sex???

1139 days ago


I don't care if he lives or dies. Why would I EVER care what he thinks?

1139 days ago


Gay's don't spread AIDS, people who don't use protection do. This guy is getting more and more stupid recently. Nobody thought it would be possible either.

1139 days ago


another one on the "down low"

1139 days ago


I think I get what he's getting at but he's a little misguided. He's trying to speak to the whole "on the down low" business. The number of African American women especially who are contracting aids because of there closeted boyfriends engaging in unsafe gay sex and getting infected then passing it along to them is tragic. Made the Game should be promoting acceptance of gay men in his community instead of talking to TMZ.

1139 days ago


Is The Game trying to tell us something?

1139 days ago


The Game's comment is one of the STUPIDEST comments ever made. Gay or down low men do not spread AIDS any faster than heterosexuals men or women. Gay, Straight or Bi sex DOES NOT spread AIDS...Irresponsibility does!

1139 days ago


Okay, if gay men are spreading AIDS by pretending they are not gay, does that mean straight men are spreading AIDS by going to prostitutes and pretending they don't? Are these men giving it to their wives? Are prostitutes spreading AIDS by pretending they don't have it or are not high risk? Are Rapists spreading AIDS because they don't know if the person they are raping has AIDS? FACT: CASUAL SEX WITHOUT CONDOMS spreads AIDS and HIV. This is where the majority of new cases come from, people not protecting themselves. The only person that can protect you is you! A wife can get AIDS from a straight husband, or vice-versa. The Game has made one of the stupidest statements by a celebrity yet! For you Game, I say "How would you like that if someone said that about african Americans?" Anytime I hear my children (children don't always know better) say anything derogitory about any minority, I ask them how they would feel if that was said about Mexicans (they are half). If they say something about old people, I ask "How would you like hearing someone say that about your Grandma?". It makes them think. The Game is old enough that he should think before he speaks! If I were his mom, I would be giving him a heck of a talking to for what he said.

Anybody have statistics on how many gay men give AIDS to their wife (By hiding the "gay") compared to how many straight men are giving their wives AIDS (by hiding the hookers and mistresses)? I bet the straights are passing it to more women through lies than the gays are!

Lets play a new game...called Can The Game sut up!?!?

1139 days ago


I agree with him....

1139 days ago

chaz lane    

In other words, ladies, The Game is a closet gay.

1139 days ago
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