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The Game

Women Have the Right to Know If Their Man Is Secretly Gay

9/8/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0908_the_game_explains_tmz_liveThe Game just went on TMZ Live to clarify his point that closeted gay men spread AIDS by tricking women into bed -- telling us, gay men are predisposed to spreading HIV ... and keeping their sexuality a secret puts women at risk as well.

Check out the interview ... it raises an interesting question -- should a slight reduction in HIV risk come at the expense of someone's right to privacy?


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Yo, Gammey. If they're gay, he ain't their man.

1139 days ago


Eric Wright died of complications resulting from the AIDS virus. Game has an N.W.A tattoo. Does that stand for *****s With AIDS? F#ck THE Game!!

1139 days ago


What a dumb question, "should a slight reduction in HIV risk come at the expense of someone's right to privacy"

"slight reduction", what kind of bullsh*t is that, are you suggesting that a person would WANT to expose themselves to HIV. You've been gay for too long Harvey, sane people don't live in your gay world with its risky gay sensibilities.

1139 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

what's even more interesting, is when they do select to remain in secrecy about their homosexuality. out of fear of losing financial as well as social privileges only, and not for their 'love' itself. they are willing to hide this (apparenlty to them...) most important aspect of their personality, for financial gain and an elevated social reputation, it seems.

1139 days ago


you seem to interview a lot of mindless, uneducated trash talking fools on TMZ these days.

1139 days ago


Oh and my sister got HIV EXACTLY like that...a guy she dated for years was a closet gay and gave her HIV....she had it for 10 years before being he is right....Aids is transmitted through blood and I am sure you can do the math to figure out who is most at risk.....

1139 days ago


I think that Harvey is completely correct and that people should be using precautions and treating everyone as a potential risk. However I think that the Game is commenting on the whole down low belief that guys who are on the down low/hiding their sexuality are also most likely being risky with their behaviors. Many of these men are married or with women trying to "pass" and because of that they usually do not pick up condoms or anything b/c of the fear of being seen. Hopefully now a lot of that has changed.

Another thing, many of the men trying to pass do not use protection b/c they're in denial about their sexuality. It's not necessarily having sex rather than getting another form of exercise. Using a condom would recognize the action of having sex with a guy.

Of course this is news that came out years ago when being on the down low was first outed as thing. I really hope that since then some practices have changed. Like Harvey said, you should not just take a stranger's word for anything. Be safe and wrap up!

1139 days ago


WTF ever, this @s**** seems to be at the center of too many "misunderstandings" lately.

1139 days ago


Huh ? First he says "gays spread AIDS" ( Black folks have even higher rates..kind of backfired here... lmao idiot ) And gay men don't have girlfriends...

1139 days ago


People should be upfront about their sexuality. As long as they don't broadcast it.

I think most straight women and even men would agree that they prefer bi and gay people to be honest about their sexuality. Hiding it can lead to a sense of betrayal.

1139 days ago


People in general need to be honest with themselves and others about their sexual conduct. It can save lives. If a person is having unprotected sex WITH ANYONE there is the risk of HIV and other diseases as well. There is an emotional level and a deep sense of betrayal when a woman finds out that her sexual partner is having sex with men too. It can make a complex situation even more complex when you throw in the homosexual activity. And yes a woman does have the right to know if a man is sexing other men raw. Her life can depend on it. No man has the right to put a woman at risk by lying to her about something that has the potential to kill her. People just need to deal with their personal truths and be honest with others. It's not easy to do, but it is the best way to go.

1139 days ago


What an *******. So is Urnorthlyte.If you Truely believe Aids is a "plague sent by God" then you should just stick your head back in the sand and wait for Jesus to come back.Your gonna be waiting a LONG time *******.

1139 days ago


If you are sleeping with someone, what right to privacy do they have, where it can possibly affect your health? It does not matter if they are closet gay, man/woman who sleeps around and does not use protection, or a needle user. Heck even if you got HIV/AIDs from a blood transfusion or just engage in risky sexual behavior?

1139 days ago


By definition, a Gay man is a homosexual, attracted to men, not attracted to women. A man who is sexually attracted to both sexes is a bisexual man, not a secretly Gay man.

1139 days ago


He is not ignorant, he may not use so called high tech terms but he is telling the truth. Gay men or gay cowards use straight women to hide their true sexuality. They are very selfish and deceptive, knowing they have high risk sex with men and many times their down low partners will come into the home and pick up their homie for a nasty night out. Gay sex is high risk sex because the rectum and intestines were not created to have sex. Everyone has a rectum and intestines, but not everyone has the same sex organ. God created 2 sex organs on purpose, if he did not have a purpose for the sex organs, then why didnt he just make it to where we all had both organs and could self impregnate ourselves? Because he made male and female to join together, and same sex match up is a perversion of his original plan. Even certain sex acts between male and female are wrong because it opens a person up to a desire for the sex act- oral sex in the dark is oral sex. Gay cowards stop using innocent women to hide behind you nasty cowards. Innocent women and children are suffering from your selfishness. Statistically, HIV infection via drugs use is less than sexual transmission, especially high risk sex. That is why the blood bank wont accept professing gay blood. You are the ones in denial and ignorant intentionally to the truth for the gay brainwashing and gay agenda.

1139 days ago
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