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The Game

Women Have the Right to Know If Their Man Is Secretly Gay

9/8/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0908_the_game_explains_tmz_liveThe Game just went on TMZ Live to clarify his point that closeted gay men spread AIDS by tricking women into bed -- telling us, gay men are predisposed to spreading HIV ... and keeping their sexuality a secret puts women at risk as well.

Check out the interview ... it raises an interesting question -- should a slight reduction in HIV risk come at the expense of someone's right to privacy?


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I think this country has a big problem with its sexuality... I mean if we all didn't care so much about what others thought, cause we do, That's why we are all in debt, so we can impress strangers. Than people wouldn't have to be sooo private or cruise for sex and put themselves in danger . Besides guys are pervy anyway. Gay bi or straight guys do dirty stuff all the time. Nevermind the married guys in chat rooms, "sex parks" or glory holes . Needless to say not all gays have HIV or AIDs but tell that to the medical community , men who have sex with men are not even aloud to donate blood. Instead of getting mad or ignorant let's have a lesson people.

1120 days ago


I don't disagree with what he is saying. Personally, I wholeheartedly believe the same thing. The "DL" lifestyle = cowards who put others at risk rather than facing the world for thier CHOICE to have gay sex. You like **** on your ****? That's your choice. That has nothing to do with innocent women who think they are married or in a committed relationship with a "real man".

1120 days ago


Many health care professionals attribute the rise in HIV/AIDS among Black women to Black men on the “down low” – gay or bisexual men who secretly have sex with other men while maintaining relationships with women. Recent CDC studies indicate that 90% of HIV positive bisexual Black men don't even know that they are infected. These men are unknowingly spreading the virus to the unsuspecting women in their lives.

1120 days ago


Right to privacy? Are you serious? A chick has the right to know you are getting your a$$ done by some other dude.

1120 days ago


so.... The Game is afraid he's gonna get HIV from a woman then? The gays posing as straight boys are gonna infect the women? Instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing whether or not they have HIV, he should just worry about himself and wrap 'IT' up!!! HIV doesn't discriminate!

1119 days ago


He's right to a point closeted gay men do spread aids but their only one small part of it.. I don't think he was trying to say that gay men are the only ones responsible for spreading HIV but they do makeup a small part of it... maybe he was just trying to make people aware I don't think he's a homophobic though. Sounded to me like he might know someone this happened too.

1119 days ago


Leave it up to a dumbass from "da hood" to think that only gay men have HIV...hasn't this moron ever heard of Magic Johnson? What an idiot.

1119 days ago


people always have something to say negative about this guy. he knows that is not the only way hiv/aids is transmitted. he is clearly speaking on down low gay men who marry women or have girlfriends and on the low sleep with men.i dont see anything ignorant with his comment. i actually admire him for speaking on a sensitive subject in this day and age when he can be blackballed for it

1119 days ago


Do you guys realize that the question proposed "...should a slight reduction in HIV risk come at the expense of someone's right to privacy?" is completely ignoring the medical health and mortality of an individual. The real question is why are we so protective of one's privacy when a person's life is as risk. This is the reason that HIV patients who have had unprotected sex with an unknowing partner are able to be prosecuted in a court of law. Reality Check people!

1119 days ago


He is doing this to draw attention away from himself. Why do people use gay people as a pawn? He means nothing he is saying, bipolar retard.

1119 days ago


I think that if you have more than one partner it exposes you to more risks.. So yes DL men, and women put their partners at risk; for HIV as well as all other diseases. So do straight loser cheaters but that is not what this topic is about. Maybe he didn't say it as 'politically' correct as the extremist would like it, but The Game is right.

Also, at the expense of whose privacy? What privacy does the spouse or sig others of the DL people have when they are telling their other partner to keep it quiet so their spouse doesnt find out? It's wrong and it needs to stop. It's physically and emotionally damaging to innocent bystanders that are just trying to live their lives. They are being true to themselves and others living the straight life, the gay community should be true to themselves and others and do the same.

1119 days ago



1119 days ago


oMG! How stupid are you people? the Game is 100% CORRECT.
What he is saying is that there are men who are gay and on the down low, particularly prevelant in the black community, who date women and sleep with them as well as men and spread the virus. These women then sleep with other straight men and spread the virus, these straight men sleep with women and spread the virus and so on and so on. He's not saying that ONLY gay men spread the disease, he's saying that lying cheating "in the closet" men are a huge contributer to the inability to gain any sense of control on the virus. Women have a right to know if thier man is gay or bisexual and has unprotected sex ith anyone who may be infected. For those of you who are to hip and cool to get this, watch the R. Kelly video for his mini hip hopera In the Closet. It's hysterical but it tells this EXACT scenario. gay men get infected through gay unprotected sex everyday. Men on the DL who are infected, infect women everyday. These women infect other men ...and so on and so on. The comment by The Game wasn't so much anti gay as it was telling folks to stop lying, because their lies are actually killing people.
That's all.

1119 days ago

lulu jackson    

Right to privacy? All privacy is lost when you are having sex with someone. I don't feel sorry for the guy who lies to himself about his sexuality, I feel bad for the woman he's lying too.

1119 days ago


Most irrational human being..he is saying that only gays have AIDS..He probably doesn't realize HIV leads to the ultimate FULL BLOWN AIDS DEATH. Ok, first off to limit and get rid of some STD's that would be an option, but he's leaving out plenty of other things. If Person A is a Man whore and sleeps with everyone around and Person B sits at home and doesn't have sex, than you are leaving more girls for person A, but if Person B went out and "took away" girls meaning went out on the weekend got chicks...then RATIONAL THINKING leads you to understand oh now there is an extra person to take away girls from person A who I forgot to tell you has AN STD. Person B does not. So now hmmmm....Everything is Economics, and this that the Game speaks of is just a percentage of people. If Pimp was alive he'd rat the gays out. This dude's comments are totally for shock value and to act like a homophobic thug

1119 days ago
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