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T.I.'s Attorney

It's the Prison's Fault!

9/8/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


T.I.'s attorney calls in to explain what REALLY happened on the rapper's tour bus ride to a halfway house -- and calls out prison officials for keeping silent.

Plus, Casey Anthony's parents think her seizures could be responsible for Caylee's death -- but no one is buying their far-fetched theory.

And, The Game joins us to set the record straight on his closeted gays/AIDS rant -- but doesn't want to "climb on the same branch" as Harvey. You'll have to watch to figure that out.


(0:00) Rough start for Charles.
(4:30) T.I.'s attorney is on the phone -- and blames the Bureau of Prisons for the rapper's re-incarceration.
(6:30) Who was on the bus with T.I.?
(7:50) Looks like T.I. is stuck in prison.
(15:30) Reese Witherspoon was jogging when she got hit by a car -- so the argument ... are joggers partially to blame for these type of accidents?
(26:05) Harvey and Charles try to figure out what the hell The Game was talking about during his closeted gay/AIDS rant.
(34:30) The Game calls in to set the record straight.
(39:10) The Game does NOT want to climb the same branch as Harvey.
(43:10) Casey Anthony's parents believe a may be to blame for Caylee's death -- Mike explains.
(47:10) Nobody's buying it.

No Avatar


I do think they want to mess with him ya'll think TI is a snicth...i'm just sayin!

956 days ago


he has a VH1 guy on the bus. Of course he's transacting business on the bus.

it's over on the 29th anyways. He should just shut his trap and keep a low profile until this all blows over.

956 days ago


What the Game is saying is true thats why starting to not like men but i wont do women even if we was the last on earth...just sayin he is right!

956 days ago


RE: Reese & jogging - Yes, she has the right of way, but it is worth being "dead" right?

956 days ago


Yes. Yes. Yes. Evan for President!

956 days ago

Grim Reaper    

I agree with Evan.

Joggers have the responsibility to insure that the road is safe to enter in to.

956 days ago


Can someone explain to me why people jog in the road and don't use the sidewalk?

956 days ago


The Game has his facts somewhat wrong, the more realistic and satistacally proven reason is the overwhelming number of males in general and specifically black males specifically in and out of the jails and prisons system engaging homosexual activity while in prison to do what you have to do to survive and getting out, and then refusing to wear condoms which is a mindset and attitude with most males and specifically black males thus spreading AIDS. I highly doubt many homosexual males are having abundant sex with straight females. Nice try Game.

956 days ago


You're worth millions of dollars. You have millions of dollars. You are a major motion picture star. You have 2 children. One of the prior sentences should make you jog where THERE ARE NO CARS.

956 days ago


Harvey, no one over the age of 40 should wear that shirt. Not even if they were playing golf. Throw it out or donate it.

956 days ago

Granny Linda    

It sounds like he is saying, "Come out of the closet and be proud".

956 days ago

Grim Reaper    

Game is an Idiot!

End of Story

956 days ago


See called A Wake-up Call for Black Women - This was an article about Black females getting HIV from downlow men years ago.

956 days ago


If u been in jail at least 10 yrs or more the chance is that they could get hiv/aides and they check them when they go in the joint but check them when they come home...

956 days ago

Give me a break!    

Um gay or straight- wear a condom. You'll reduce the risk of aids and becoming baby-daddy, which is a HUGE issue in The african-american community. Gay/ straight isn't the problem. Using a condom is the issue.

Also- ignorance of the younger generation that are't informed. As far as HIV/ Aid, African American is the community is a community with the fasted rate of infection.

Wear a condom. Educate. Stop sleeping around with anything with a hole! Know who you are sleeping with.

Stop giving the ignorant jackass air time!

956 days ago
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