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Jewish Orgs. to Warner Bros.

BOOT Mel Gibson

from Maccabee Movie

9/9/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two powerful Jewish organizations are lashing out against the decision to hire Mel Gibson to produce a movie about biblical Jewish hero Judah Maccabee ... TMZ has learned.

The Anti-Defamation League has released a statement -- demanding Warner Bros. pull Gibson off the flick immediately ... saying, "As a hero of the Jewish people and a universal hero in the struggle for religious liberty, Judah Maccabee deserves better."

The statement adds, "It would be a travesty to have the story of the Maccabees told by one who has no respect and sensitivity for other people’s religious views."

TMZ also spoke with Rabbi Marvin Hier -- founder and Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center -- who tells us putting Mel Gibson work on a movie about a Jewish hero is "like having a white supremacist portray Martin Luther King Jr."

FYI -- Judah is a central figure in the story of Hanukkah ... as the brave warrior who drove enemies of Judaism out of Jerusalem.


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translated from Russian
Mel Gibson will shoot a film about Jews
The famous actor, director and producer Mel Gibson has repeatedly indulged in anti-Semitic statements, which have seriously undermined his reputation. Hard to believe that he might be interested in the history of the Jewish people. And yet it happened! 55-year-old Gibson will be the producer of a historical drama about Judas Maccabeus - leader of the Jewish uprising in the II century BC, the military commander, under whose leadership the Jews inflicted several heavy defeats at the Greco-Syrian forces.
Most likely, the project will studio Warner Brothers.

A representative of Gibson, Alan Nirob, said the portal TMZ that 55-year-old Mel planned to make a movie about the Maccabees 10 years ago. This seems very strange, considering that in recent years, he often allowed himself to statements against Jews and Judaism.
Recall that in 2006, Mel, being not entirely sober, spoke these words:
- ******* Jews! Fault of their own place wars all the in the world!

In 2004 he took a picture of "The Passion of the Christ", which broke out after the premiere of a real scandal. Many saw in the movie anti-Semitic overtones. True, he told Gibson that was not going to hurt the Jews, but controversy continues to this day.

Either way, the representatives of the Jewish community does not welcome the fact that Gibson is going to make a film about the national hero.

- Mel Gibson has always shown towards the Jews only contempt and hostility - said Rabbi Marvin Haire, a representative of the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. - His anti-Semitic remarks, the image of Jews in the movie "The Passion of the Christ" ... studio Warner Brothers makes a huge mistake. Most of the viewers who become interested in the movie about Judas Maccabeus - members of the Jewish community. But if the film will be Mel Gibson, we are not going to watch it.

it is disturbing how ignorant post communists -mostly atheists from Soviet era are
they burned Bible, forbid Bible and Christianity and denounced God
Judah Maccabee is not national hero of Jewish community

Judah Maccabee is hero from Old Testament from Bible
The Maccabees' struggle against oppression by the Hellenistic Seleucid Greeks was ultimately a triumph of God's people over those who exalted human beings as supreme (167 BC). Among the Maccabees' strongest supporters was a group called the Hasidim, or the "pious ones." These Torah teachers and scholars joined Judah Maccabee and his rebels because the Seleucid authorities had outlawed the study of Torah. The Hasidim are called the "mighty warriors in Israel" in (1) Maccabees. Though noted for their fierceness in battle, ultimately they were devoted to obeying God alone in everything they did.

After the Maccabee victory and the cleansing of the temple, the Maccabees' successors, known by the family name Hasmonaean, soon became as Hellenized as the Greeks they had fought earlier. That presented a problem for these "mighty warriors." Some apparently opted to continue to battle the influence of paganism, whether it belonged to Jews or to pagans such as the Romans, who came in 63 BC. Around the time of Jesus' birth, this rebel group became a formal movement under die leadership of Judah of Gamla. They called themselves the Zealots.

Others decided that violence would not work. They believed that God had allowed (even caused) the foreign oppression because of the failure of his people to obey the Torah. This group believed that one should devote oneself to complete obedience to every detail of law?and to separate oneself from all influences or people that might interfere with that devotion. These Jews took the name "separated" or "the separatists" (perushim)?"Pharisee" in English. They committed themselves totally to God and assumed the responsibility to lead Israel back to him.

The Torah was of great importance to the Pharisees. It was the focus of every part of their lives. They believed that Moses had given a two-part law: the written law of the Torah itself and additional oral commandments that had been passed through generations to help the faithful understand and apply the written law. The Pharisees continued to interpret and expand the Torah to cover every possible occurrence of unfaithfulness to the written law. This oral law became a complex guide to everyday life often beyond the comprehension of the average person. Yet its intent was to help people understand Torah, much as a creed or catechism is intended to help summarize and interpret the Bible today. It is important to recognize that the word "law" can mean either (or both) of these "Torahs" when used in the Bible. It is often the oral Torah that Jesus criticized, though he kept it in many respects.

The Pharisees had many beliefs in common with Jesus and the New Testament. They believed in the physical resurrection of the dead (the Sadducees did not) and a coming day of judgment followed by reward or punishment. They anticipated the Messiah at any moment. They believed in angels. They recognized a combination of free choice and divine control in human life. They thought of God as all-wise, all-knowing, just, and merciful. They taught that he loved his people, calling them to a life of obedience. The Pharisees believed that everyone had the power to choose good or evil, and die Torah must be his or her guide.

Because their lives revolved around the study of the Torah, the Pharisees made the synagogue their community center, though they supported the Temple as well. There were more than 6,000 Pharisees by Jesus' time, and they were the dominant influence on the people's spiritual lives. The "yoke of Torah" (or method of obeying) taught by the Pharisees was a heavy burden, sometimes obscuring the very law they sought to obey. The Pharisees desired to raise the spiritual character of the Jewish people to help them draw nearer to God (Ps. 73:28, 34:18; see also James 4:8 for a New Testament expression of the same idea).

1148 days ago


Oh great, now he can be persecuted not just for the making of The Passion of The Christ but also this film concerning a Jewish hero by the haters!! I agree with Bunny here, not all people of any one faith are either bad or good, but when you give statements like these after Mel was publicly forgiven after his apology, then you really have to wonder at how much hatred and resentment has been built up towards Mel by the few commenting!!

To be honest, no disrespect intended, but would any of us non Jewish faith members have known who Judah Maccabee was or represented? Is it a film any other director would have taken on? Mel makes mega movies, when he made Passion of The Christ he understood the backlash that would cause and yet he was willing to tell the story anyway! He's not a fool, Mel knows making this film would get him flak from the Christian community and more too - yet he's prepared to make it all the same!

His film could get the story out there and at the same time educate a few people on what the Jewish faith represents and while he may be a Catholic himself it's clear for him to even consider making such a film he is intelligent enough to understand that every faith has it's own beliefs or own version of the Bible, it just doesn't mean that any one faith can claim the right to say theirs is the one true faith/belief! Many don't even believe in God or religion, well who's to say they're wrong - no living, walking, breathing person on this Earth can say otherwise! Understanding the beliefs of others offers the only true way to acceptance and tolerance in this world! Right now with over half of the world at war somewhere we need a little F****** belief in ourselves as human beings that a man's race, creed or religion is not reason enough to hate him or kill him over!!

Mel's directing isn't he, not acting in the film? If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will tell me lol! He has proved with films like Braveheart that he can bring life and understanding of a person - why would you refuse to let him work his magic on your own historical legend?

Oh yeah, Officer Mee, who's dashboard camcorder wasn't working (allegedly) the night he arrested Mel on his DUI declared Mel made anti-semetic remarks and Sugartits also took offence at him! He wrote up his report and lets be honest here, no matter how you feel about Mel, he could have reported that Mel said anything since there was no proof to prove otherwise - conveniently! He was so drunk Mel apologised not knowing if he had said anything or not, just in case! That doesn't make Mee's comments true and also it doesn't mean Mel didn't go on a rant, but if you declare someone said something you need proof unless of course you want to be sued for defamation hm?!

It's not as if the likes of Spielberg or anyone else in the Jewish faith in Hollywood has EVER come up with a working idea to film the story of Judah Maccabee, in reality, is it now! Why? Because they figure it would be seen as Jewish power housing and that probably it wouldn't sell out at the box offices! Well maybe lol! Whereas with Mel making the film you know people will go to see it - even if it doesn't make hundreds of millions of dollars it will be a work of art by Mel, who WILL stick to the facts as already proven in Passion!


1148 days ago


Did you Know???

Heroes of the Apocrypha, Part Four- Judah Maccabee
Did you know that the Roman Catholic Bible contains a longer Old Testament than the one Protestants use? That’s because the Catholic Bible includes the Apocrypha. The Apocrypha are a set of biblical books with titles like “Tobit”, “Judith”, “Wisdom of Solomon”, “Baruch”, and “Ecclesiasticus”. They appeared in the first Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures, and so they have been considered Holy by many Christians ever since. The Jews, however, later decided to exclude these books from their canon, leaving it to the Christians to preserve them. They were part of the Bible for all Christians until the Reformation, when Protestants decided to exclude them too. But in doing so, we miss out on a number of great stories and characters from these books. Perhaps the Apocrypha are to be considered less authoritative than the rest of scripture, but there is still much there to learn from and enjoy.

The Jewish holiday of Hanukah celebrates the victory of a warrior hero named Judah “the hammer” Maccabee over the forces of the Seleucid King Antiochus IV “Epiphanes” of Syria, and the liberation of the Temple, in the year 165 BCE. How do we know about this victory, which happened in between the Old and New Testaments, and isn’t recorded in either part of the Protestant Bible? It is, of course, part of the Apocrypha.

Judah Maccabee’s story is told in two books, 1 and 2 Maccabees, which are two versions of the events written by two different authors. The first book is mostly a historical account, and the second is much more religious in character. They both recount Antiochus’ attempt to wipe out the Jewish religion, and the rise of a hero to save it. Antiochus was ruler of a huge empire to the west of Israel. In 168 BCE, thwarted in his desire to rule Egypt, the mad Antiochus turned his wrath towards Israel. “So, raging inwardly, he left Egypt and took the city [Jerusalem] by storm. And he commanded his soldiers to cut down relentlessly every one they met and to slay those who went into the houses. Then there was killing of young and old, destruction of boys, women, and children, and slaughter of virgins and infants. Within the total of three days eighty thousand were destroyed […] and as many were sold into slavery as were slain. Not content with this, Antiochus dared to enter the most holy temple in all the world…” (2 Macc.5:11-15)

“Not long after this, the king sent an Athenian senator to compel the Jews to forsake the laws of their fathers and cease to live by the laws of God, and also to pollute the temple in Jerusalem and call it the temple of Olympian Zeus […] For the temple was filled with debauchery and reveling by the Gentiles, who dallied with harlots and had intercourse with women within the sacred precincts […] The altar was covered with abominable offerings which were forbidden by the laws. A man could neither keep the Sabbath, nor observe the feasts of his fathers, nor so much as confess himself to be a Jew.” (2 Macc. 6:1-6)

Now the basic pattern of history observed by the writer of 2 Maccabees is this: God uses enemies like Antiochus to discipline God’s people for their sins. Those of the faithful who die can still look forward to resurrection. “You accursed fiend” says one martyr, “you are depriving me of this present life, but the King of this world will raise us up to live again forever.” (2 Macc. 7:9) Eventually God has mercy and is reconciled to his people. In the end, God’s people are redeemed, while their enemies are utterly destroyed. When God’s wrath turns to mercy, he sends a man like Judah Maccabee to save his people.

In 167 BCE, an old Priest named Mattathias and his five sons defied the edicts of Antiochus and refused to worship pagan gods. They joined together with other pious Jews, and began to fight back against the Syrians. Upon the death of Mattathias, his son Judah, a warrior from his youth, became leader of the army. He was so well loved that the following words of praise were written of him: “Like a giant he put on his breastplate; he girded on his armor of war and waged battles, protecting the host by his sword. He was like a lion in his deeds, like a lion's cub roaring for prey […] and his memory is blessed for ever. He went through the cities of Judah; he destroyed the ungodly out of the land; thus he turned away wrath from Israel. He was renowned to the ends of the earth…” (1 Macc. 3:2-9)

Unable to face the Syrian armies directly at first, Judah Maccabee led his rebels to strike from the hills and use guerilla warfare. In this way, he won a string of early victories. Judah won against all odds precisely because he had faith that God would give him strength for victory. “Judah replied, “It is easy for many to be overcome by few, for in the sight of Heaven there is no difference between deliverance by many or by few; for victory in war does not depend upon the size of the army, but on strength that comes from Heaven. […] we fight for our lives and our laws. He [God] himself will crush them before us; so do not be afraid of them.” (1 Macc. 3:18-22) “So now let us cry to Heaven in the hope that he will favor us, remember his covenant with our fathers, and destroy this army before us today.” (1 Macc. 4:10)

Every time Judah needed a victory, he would pray to God to deliver his enemies into his hands. Every time Judah won a victory, he and his men sang songs of praise to God. New recruits flocked to his side, and soon his army was large enough to win in open battle. Eventually, the Syrians were driven to the coast. In 165 BCE, another victory opened the road to Jerusalem, and Judah marched in at the head of his forces to liberate the city. The Holy Temple was in rough shape, thoroughly defiled by the Syrians.

“Then said Judah and his brothers, “Behold, our enemies are crushed; let us go up to cleanse the sanctuary and dedicate it.” So all the army assembled and they went up to Mount Zion. And they saw the sanctuary desolate, the altar profaned, and the gates burned. In the courts they saw bushes sprung up as in a thicket, or as on one of the mountains. They saw also the chambers of the priests in ruins. Then they rent their clothes, and mourned with great lamentation, and sprinkled themselves with ashes. They fell face down on the ground, and sounded the signal on the trumpets, and cried out to Heaven. Then Judah detailed men to fight against those in the citadel until he had cleansed the sanctuary. He chose blameless priests devoted to the law, and they cleansed the sanctuary and […] built a new altar like the former one.

“[…] Then Judah and his brothers and all the assembly of Israel determined that every year at that season the days of dedication of the altar should be observed with gladness and joy for eight days, beginning with the twenty-fifth day of the month of Chislev.” (1 Macc. 4:36-59) And so began the tradition which is now observed as Hanukah, although neither book of the Maccabees mentions the miracle of the lamp oil which burned for eight days – that story comes from another set of writings called the Talmud. Finally, in keeping with the pattern of history explained above, the human instrument used to discipline God’s people had to be completely destroyed, and so King Antiochus died just two years later. (1 Macc. 6; 2 Macc. 9)

This ends our brief meeting with the heroes of the Apocrypha. We have encountered quite a variety of heroes, but they have one thing in common – extraordinary faith in God. Daniel was an intellectual hero who used his cleverness to defend his faith while in exile in Babylon. Then there was Judith, a brave woman who used beauty and trickery to kill an evil General and save Israel. Tobias and an angel defeated a demon to save his new wife and his father, who had both lost their faith. And Judah Maccabee led the outnumbered warriors of Israel to save the Jewish faith one hundred sixty years before Jesus. Each hero embodied and expressed true faith in God. Although their stories appear in apocryphal books, they deserve to stand proudly next to all the other heroes of faith in the Bible.
Posted by Calvin Presbyterian Church at 10:13 AM

1148 days ago


I bet the film will be great, just like all Mel's directorial efforts. He is not going to play the title character. Have they ever thought that maybe this is his mea culpa? Besides it has been said this has been in production for 10 years...long before any of his drunken idiocy. I will see it. Besides, if this story is so important to Jews then why hasn't it already been told in heavily Jewish-employed Hollywood by now?? It's almost 2012.

They should get their own project going...this is Hollywood, land of no ideas and once someone gets an original one all the studios come up with competing versions of the same damn thing anyway. Like 2 Snow White movies coming out, all the disaster movies, etc, etc. Just fund your own movie if you don't like Mel doing it. Good grief. I bet half the people whining about not forgiving Mel have more compassion for Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, too, and manage to watch their movies, still and they actually ACTED on their impulses/depravity.

1148 days ago


I can understand the concern however, Mel is still a fine actor/director - perhaps he wants to do a fine movie that portrays the Jewish historical figure in a spectacular way, make amends for his past rants. I can also ask the Jewish community, where is the forgiveness? Are they, by action, saying forgiveness is conditional and Mel can never do anything to obtain it? Think twice, let it go, and take the higher road.

1148 days ago


Oooooo . . .Tell, Shirl and emerald! Special howdies to you my friends.

Came across this nugget, thought I would share -
--Though Gibson's latest project is now a public punch line, for those in the know, this was old news.

A few years ago, The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg -at the urging of Christopher Hitchens - went to LA to "stop" the project.--
Love the silly joke included here.

But the main point is, this project idea has been around for a while, it's a PR stunt recently thought up. Nor has this been the first time someone has tried to put a stop to it. The full article on the Atlantic is pretty cool.***cision/244828/

1148 days ago


Correcting myself -
... it's NOT* a PR stunt recently thought up...
Sorry, got distracted by groaner cir***cision joke =D

1148 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

When you fight against the absolute grain, resistance is to be expected! It's almost like, why didn't I come up with sooner? Mel was evaluated by big time agencies and the biggest one won out, so now the Jew*****e him? The Jews should take heed in Mr. Mel's diligence and show the world that, although they're a minority", they're all about forgiveness and redemption and in the end, we're all fighting "a struggle"!

1148 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

I see, the ADHD battalion of the Mel-Army is on the loose.

1148 days ago


The fact is that this "jewish-hero" doesnt deserve to be played by Mel Gibson. Its pathetic that he has to try to appease the jewish run media just to try to keep himself for being blacklisted for doing nothing more then speaking his heart.

1148 days ago


Sincerity: 20 hours ago

Truthfully this project has "BOMB" written all over it!!! The dynamics that made "Passion of The Christ" successful in 2004 simply AREN'T there. Many people respected Mel Gibson's determination to produce and direct a movie about Jesus Christ who's life, ministry, death and resurrection are the bedrock of Christianity. He appeared to be the fabled "David" fighting against the intense Jewish backlash generated by this movie's theme. Since 2006 up until now, the public's perception of his persona has drastically changed. Frankly many Jews and Christians take their religious beliefs very seriously and they're not going to support this project because they don't perceive Mel Gibson as someone who should be using anything with "serious" religious overtones to resurrect his "severely" crippled cinematic career. This project has the potential to become both a "professional" and "financial" drain. I would avoid it AT ALL COSTS!!! Now's NOT the TIME for it. Producing animation and small movies with very moving story lines like "The Help" really makes much more sense in this economy. There's certainly projects available to Mel Gibson but this one screams "DISASTER"!!!

I posted the above passage on the other Mel Gibson thread yesterday and it looks like everything I said is coming to pass. I knew the Jewish Community wouldn't be on board with Mel Gibson's participation on this project. Below is a response to one of my posts from another poster on the same thread.

Cujeaux: 13 hours ago

ITA Sincy. I can't think of a worse subject matter for MM to take on than the retelling and reenactment of ancient Jewish history. (from his perspective) What on earth is going through his head? Is he trying to piss off the jewish Hollywood execs thinking he's going to one up them and make a ton of money off of it? Even if he portrays the jew's struggle in a flattering light, jewish people aren't going to support it! People of other faiths probably won't find the subject matter compelling enough to choose it above other movies, so who does that leave? His female fans? Forget it.

Where are his handlers and publicist? They should be telling him to give it a rest before he loses his entire fortune. 10 years in development? I bet he wouldn't have revealed that tidbit of info back in 2004.

It's as plain as day that enough time hasn't elapsed for Mel Gibson to return to producing Biblical related movie themes. It may still be possible for him to produce this movie independently but AT WHAT COST??? If he could get it successfully produced, his distribution efforts will be "shutdown" by the powers that be. IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! When the "Passion of the Christ" debuted in 2004, Mel Gibson knew it would be supported by a devout Christian fan base but I WOULDN'T BANK ON IT THIS TIME!!! HATE ON ME ALL YOU WANT, but sometimes the "SMARTEST" move is to know when it's time to cut your losses and move on to something else. At least he tried to make amends to the Jewish Community, artistically. For many in the Jewish Community, the historical scars of "ABUSE and BETRAYAL" run very deep. There are plenty of other projects to choose from that will generate far less resistance.

1148 days ago


Poor Harvey, he just doesn't feel he's put in a week's work unless he tales a swat at Mel. Now he's invited the senile old men from the ADL over to join the brawl. Mel must be so-o-o-o scared.

I hope this backfires on Levin. It would be sweet if one of the rival gossip sites got up the gumption to do***ent Harvey's work in "developing" this non-story.

1148 days ago


ROFL I think very few people give a damn what "the Jewish community" thinks of this. Plenty of folks will go to see this movie. I have spent the last several hours reading the two Machabees books in my Bible, and boy oh BOY!!! This is one AWESOME story. I can hardly wait to see how MG will make this film. It is going to be glorious.
Blech, whatever. You can think what you want. Mel is on a roll again and the whole world is watching! What a spectacle :))

Incidentally, everybody needs to watch TMZLIve for today. Harvey went at it with Rabbi Hier, and I can tell you, there is no such thing as a monolithic "Jewish community". Harvey was in SHARP disagreement with Hier and for GOOD REASON.
Harvey hates censorship, and that is what this boils down to.
I think that Protestant Bibles may not have the Machabees books, so here is a link for those who don't have these books in their Bible. It's a great read about a holy warrior hero who is worthy of the greatest admiration.

1148 days ago

For Sooth?    

Why don't they use their voting power, their bucks, and their time searching out and destroying people in the biz that molest child actors and the use of the casting coach for the older actors.
But I'll wager they don't have any real balls.

1148 days ago


Jus*****ched tmz live today with the Rabbi, this guy needs to learn how to let a grudge go.

1148 days ago
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