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Leo DiCaprio

Jewelry Clerk Panics

Please Don't Rob Me!

9/9/2011 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An Australian jeweler feared she was about to be robbed by a shady American ... who goes by the name Leo DiCaprio.

A clerk named Linda -- who works at The Family Jewels shop in Sydney -- panicked when she saw two burly men walk into her store and then stood guard at the door.  Suddenly, a man whose face was concealed by a hoodie, cap and dark sunglasses entered the store.  Linda sensed she was about to get robbed, so she sent a customer next door to summon the owner of The Family Jewels.

Alas ... by the time the owner arrived, Linda realized it was not a robber, but a "Titanic" star who was more than able to plunk down $1600 for a Nepalese antique necklace set with lapis lazuli and coral.

Problem was ... Leo's car was blocking traffic, so he said he'd come back to buy the piece. 

And Linda had a good story at the dinner table.




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What idiot would go into any kind of store wearing a hoodie, cap and sunglasses?

1079 days ago


Probably neurotic about Hollywood celebrities, after all the Lohan hoopla. Not all Americans are shady.

1079 days ago


What if it was a surprise gift for his mother?

Now, it's ruined!

BTW - he hasn't bought it yet - them selling the story probably didn't help! He keeps his private life as lowkey as possible!

Doubt he'll come back for it!

1079 days ago


and maybe Leo can call ahead next time as to avoid such future confusion...

1079 days ago


Ha ha..

1079 days ago


I guess not everyone watches TMZ.

1079 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Nothing screams "look at me - I'm a celebrity!!!" like a rather short guy in a baseball cap and sunglasses flanked by two 6'4'' (or taller) men "routinely" scanning the surroundings. The only way Wilhelm Di Caprio could attract even more attention would be by wearing a sandwich board with a "Titanic" movie poster on the front and his name in big letters on the back.

1079 days ago


Maybe they had recognized him from the movie "Blood Diamond" and couldn't decipher that from reality....

1079 days ago

Fat Mike    

All Australians are drunken, racist, cultureless morons

1079 days ago


Not surprised it happened. Two large guys bodyguards come into the store and then a guy wearing shades and a hoodie comes in? If thats his idea of low-key i'm not surprised. If i saw someone wearing a hoodie and shades red flags would be going up Maybe if he took off the hood removed the guards he wouldn't stand out so much. I understand he's recognizable and trying to not stick out but in the process I'm sure he gets attention from people wondering who the hell is the moron in dark shades covering his head with a hood. Ditch the guards and maybe remove the hood so at least you don't look like a idiot sticking out of the crowd.

Now that he's known for wearing shades and covering his head I'm sure he's even easier to spot now ironically. Paps could spot him a mile off in a crowd.

Leo's smart that he doesn't respond to paparazzi though. Doesn't add fuel to the fire.

1079 days ago


What a beautiful piece of jewelry! I would wear it in a heartbeat (if someone with money offered to buy it). In all honesty, if I was clerking in a store I would be nervous about an 'important customer' with bodyguards. You never know if they are icky types or not.

Beautiful piece of jewelry.

1079 days ago


LOL - He walks around lookin shady

1079 days ago


hehehehe Poor Leo. LOL That's funny.

1079 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Luckily the clerk did not have a gun under the counter or this story would have ended up really interesting. Pointing things out like neckless over and over is like picking on the slow kid in school. Yeah it is easy but it is not really funny to anyone but you.

1079 days ago


Leo should consider giving the store owner a heads up before performing this entourage theatrics. May be funny in Austrailia but some store owneres i the US may welcome him with a firearm in his hooded face.

1079 days ago
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