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Richie Sambora

How I Got Into

The TMZ Heroes Hall of Fame

9/9/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


If you want to know how Richie Sambora achieved TMZ American Hero Hall of Fame status -- just ask Heather Locklear AND Denise Richards. Or ... just watch this story.

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F*ck you TMZ. He was talking about Camp Pendleton and his guitar collection and you ******* him. There is no new drama, no new scandal. You just trashed him simply cause you just felt like it! F...K YOU!!!!

1143 days ago


How is that trashing anyway, guys who sleep with a number of hot women are heroes to other men, and no not just the men who watch TMZ, but any men, even those who wouldn't want to admit that. It's not cool to take life too seriously, dontcha know. As for there not being any new scandals or drama, well the fact that there were dramas and scandals before would probably also qualify him as a 'hero'.

1143 days ago

There's a problem here    

Dude looks like a lady.

1143 days ago


Leave him alone. at least he has a real job than you TMZ who is making money by gossiping about the Celebs.

1143 days ago


It's gotta be a dude writing this.

Either that, or a lesbian.

Jealousy, and nothing else.

The guy's talented, rich, got plenty of chicks and doesn't comment on roll-calls.

Maybe I would get mad if I were you.

But TMZ doesn't have a reputation of a serious magazine, does it? Oh, no, wait, it's a tabloid!

Gotta keep that in mind next time. Peace to all.

1143 days ago


Hey he had the hottest chick of all. CHER! I would take her sloppy seconds any day, he is still hot. a little older. and can play a hella of guitar,

1143 days ago


I love me some Richie! Good on ya for buying some axes for the troops. :)

1143 days ago

random poster    

Really TMZ? Richie did something nice for a group of Marines...OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET (not some company putting up the merch and he was just the face delivering it)...and you go the Heather-Denise route? Can't you manage to have ONE instance where you're better than that?

1143 days ago


how is that trashing anyway, people who **** hot women are heroes to most men. and not just the type who watch tmz, ANY men, even though not all of them would admit it.

1142 days ago


F*ck you TMZ... He was talking about the guitars and his collection and Camp Pendleton and you ****** him. There is no new drama, no new scandal. You just felt like trashing him for now reason. F...K YOU.

1142 days ago


Is this supposed to be a joke?

1142 days ago


It's so sad when you can find nothing better to do.

1141 days ago

Stephanie MacD    

Oh dear - this is hilarious! It sounded like an infomercial haha I think he is a hero for getting his life in order - that takes more strength than most of us realize. It's awesome he helped the soldiers. no PR person to tell us he's a great guy. As The Rock says, #teambringit ! Great job, Richie.

1139 days ago

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