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Jewish Leader:

Boycott Mel Gibson's Movie

9/9/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson's plans to produce a movie about the greatest Jewish warrior of all time started a firestorm today. Rabbi Marvin Hier -- founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center -- called in to encourage a boycott ... but is it fair to prejudge the film?

Plus, a pair of Nike's Marty McFly shoes sell for $37,500 -- leaving some people here baffled by the craze over the super cool new kicks.

Plus, TMZ Live presents: the tale of Leonardo DiCaprio's mistaken identity ... beautifully told -- and only slightly embellished -- by our very own master story teller.


(5:45) Mel Gibson is producing a movie about the greatest Jewish hero of all time -- isn't it ironic?
(6:45) Rabbi Marvin Hier -- founder of the Sam Wiesenthal Center -- is furious that Mel has anything to do with the movie ... and calls in to voice his opinion.
(16:10) Rabbi Hier calls for Jewish people to take a stand against Mel movie ... by boycotting it completely.
(25:20) The Rabbi warps it up with an on story.
(36:00) Nike finally releases the futuristic shoes Marty McFly wore in "Back to the Future II" ... and the first pair sells for $37k!
(38:00) Harvey, Charles, and Jason may be too old to comprehend the coolness of the shoes.
(42:10) What memorabilia WOULD they buy?
(44:00) A dramatic telling of the Leo Dicaprio mistaken identity story by Mr. Harvey Levin ... complete with sound effects.


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Re: Mel
Should the guy be able to redeem himself or is he beyond redemption? Is an anti-semitic always going to be one? Likewise, is a white supremacist always a white supremacist?

1137 days ago


tolerance goes both ways are does it

1137 days ago


Leonardo was mistaken for Lindsay Lohan? They don't even look alike.

1137 days ago


Mel makes movies. People can see them or not. Not anyone's business to interfere in his life. This whole issue is so yesteryear.

1137 days ago



1137 days ago


Hope it has the success "Beaver" had.

1137 days ago


You know, All the Mad Max series have been playing on cable as well as Braveheart on HBO and Cmax....I watched and I'm pretty sure a helluva alot of others did too.

I'm tired of Him getting ripped to shreds. He's been though enough I'd say and it seems his friends, some who happen to be Jewish have not made an issue of hi alleged Antisematic tirade.

1137 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

who edits (deletes!!) the comments on tmz, that they personally find offensive??! what kind of uneducated, ignorant perosn has a 'qualified' job at tmz to delete comments of INDIVIDUALS! that they personally have beef with? that is soooo stupid. go read the reading rainbow if someone's opinion bugs you, idition.

1137 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Boot Mel from the Jewish Movie? Yes. Let him produced the all white actor porn 'Sugar Tits'? Yes.

1137 days ago


Seriously why is he doing this? He made comments about Jews. So did Sheen, but for some reason they hate Mel more, because of his dad or his religion. I don't know why it matters to him whether he does it or not. The ADL will never forgive him even if he rescued a boat full of drowning Jewish babies. They just hate Mel for being Mel.

There aren't any other super heroes to work on in history? I thought Maccabees was a city or town in the Bible?

1137 days ago


Marvin heir you sound like a 2 yr old who had his candy taken away.

1137 days ago


All this mel gibson bashing is to be expected, given his stupid comments. However, The Israelis were behind 9/11 along with the US government. Take it from there. Also, how is it that 6 million Jews were killed during the holocaust, if there were only 2 million living in all of Europe at the start of WWII? How does that add up?

Perhaps idiot Gibson was onto something with the zionists - wars.

1137 days ago


OMG! These people sure gives Mel a lot of power. I love Mel and his movies, but the way people jump on anything Mel is like they are totally obsessed with him. And, this Rabbi guy is sounding a lot worse than Mel ever has. Wow!

1137 days ago


jew make chrismas movie

1137 days ago


Hervey, you're coming off as a jerk. Did your family die in the Holocaust? I think you ought to give Rabbi Heir more respect. This is someone who has made his life work dealing with issues of anti semitism. He is a respected figure, and YOU'RE TALKING TO HIM LIKE YOU ARE TAKING A CALL FROM OCTO-MOM

1137 days ago
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