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Lindsay Lohan

In Black and White

9/10/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was out and about in New York City last night as part of Fashion Week, appearing once in black and once in white.

There's two sides to every wardrobe.


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She should really go back to being a redhead. That's when she looks healthiest and not as washed out.

1117 days ago


How come every time there is a photo of her, she's holding some sort of bottle. She must be the most hydrated person on the face of the earth. The unfortunate thing is that her skin looks like the dry wrinkly mess of a 40 year old.

1117 days ago


She's pure trash. Making an absolute fool out of herself around NYC's fashion elite, who are laughing their asses off at her.

1117 days ago


Lindsay looks like Marilyn Monroe at the age of 36 when she died. She really looks bad. Maybe if she went back to the red hair it would improve her looks and make her look younger because that blonde hair is making her look older than what she really is.

1117 days ago

Grammar Police    

"There's two sides to every wardrobe."

Seriously now, if you need an editor, you have my email address to contact me in the event you would like to hire me. It should be "There're two sides to every wardrobe."

1117 days ago


Hey Lohan Inc.....your elevator is going down fast and the bottom floor (otherwise know as gutter) is coming up fast.... 48 hrs after this posted and only 75 posts !!! Wow Lindsay's drawing power is dropping like a leak ball ain't it... Nobody wants to even make a comment on her anymore.....

Looks like old Harvey will be dropping her coverage if you can't do better then this....

1117 days ago


Posted this in the wrong place the first time:

The thing with the photos is ....they are so obiously set up and planned...She is ready to pose in everyone of them they are not spontanous thats for sure....I hate to say this but she looks like a road repair light in that know the one that on a silver poles with the orange sign on the bottom saying danger and the orange and white lights on the tops that blinks like crazy in your headlights.....LOL . and she must have wriped her face after eating cause shes done and wiped off all her tan and her lipstick at the same time and her mouth area is a different color then the rest of her face.....
I know I'm being picky but hell I don't come to the Lohan Freak show every day to cry now..but to get a good laugh..and she sure is good for laughs cause the whole freaking world is laughing at her and she thinks its because they like her.......
Hope she make enough money in NY to pay Shawn when she gets back cause she's going need plenty of helping hand money for Shawn to hand out to keep her ass out of jail....A little here and a little there and she be good to go......

1117 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Been gone for awhile and missed Nothing? How very sad. Hi to everyone! Missed ALL of you!

1116 days ago

Red Cloud    

Please allow me to pop in for a few minutes to pizz you off. INTERESTING indeed, that she has not been romoved from the Fiore site. Could she get the role of younger (blonde)Victoria???? Lindsay's MILLIONS of fans will be very happy. And non-fans will "frown". WTF?? You lose some and you win some. You take some knocks, some disappointments, and you move on. You don't like Lindsay???? You're OUTNUMBERED!!! VASTLY OUTNUMBERED!!!! Accept it and deal with it.

She sure is PRETTY!!!!

1116 days ago


Come on back, Linds. You weren't that bad. It was the lighting. We only gave you Camel Lights because they were on sale. Next time - Parliaments - we promise. AND we'll throw in some PetPads AND if you shoot another spot, we'll try to get you back into Cameltown - nobody's banned forever - just don't do that one thing there anymore and I'm sure they'll forgive and forget. Love you, Linds!

1116 days ago


Lindsay Lohan and Jason Sudeikis got into a peanut battle at the Purple Magazine party Saturday night. A spy at the Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room told us, “Jason and LiLo were sitting across from each other, then Jason started throwing peanuts or paper at her. Lindsay kept ducking to miss them until she decided to throw them right back at him. Then they began throwing nuts at each other trying to get it into each other’s mouths. Once finished they got up and hugged and started laughing together.” Sources tell us the pair are friends from her appearances on “SNL.”

Read more:

ok...a little awkward sounding...hmmmm

1116 days ago


Sources report that celebrity-spotting photo opportunists with amNewYork snapped a photo o*****roup of diners at Dream Hotel Downtown. What's funny is that the amNewYork crew didn't even realize that Lindsay Lohan was among the dining patrons at the Hugo Boss party for Fashion Week. Before they even had time to point out that they'd just spotted LiLo, the irate star shot up from her seat and started shouting at the photo opportunists. Lindsay started screaming for security as she demanded that the photo-snappers delete the pic they took immediately.

Too bad for her, nobody deleted anything. Lindsay Lohan was looking quite rough in her photo, so was she trying to hide something? She hasn't appeared very bothered by paparazzi before so why now? Her face was covered by huge shades and her face seemed worn and haggard for her just being in her 20s. Could she be recovering from a bender or having some work done? She certainly didn't know how to handle herself at the event. That's for sure.

1116 days ago


Dina's going on TV soon.

1116 days ago


Dina will be on the Wendy show tomorrow to talk about Ali.

1116 days ago


Hey Red Cloud or Chief or Whatever.........

ONLY 88 comments counting this one........4 days and 88 comments ....

People are really crazy about her right !!!!!!....
Keep on twittering away son...your fingers must be really sore.....The only reason people are following her on twitter is because its human nature to love watching freak shows. and honey she is the Star of the Lohan family freak show playing every day on your nearest computer and phone...stay tuned for the next performance...coming sooner then later......

1116 days ago
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