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Mel Gibson

Why I Want to Make A

Jewish Hero Movie

9/10/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has a passion for the story of Judah Maccabee, one of the greatest Jewish heroes of all time, but is not doing the movie as an act of contrition.

Sources very close to Mel tell TMZ ... Gibson does not feel the need to bridge a gap between himself and the Jewish community, because he doesn't believe a gap exists.  They say Mel is adamant -- he does not hate Jews, noting that his lawyers are Jewish, his publicist is Jewish, and he has many Jewish friends and employees.

As for Mel's anti-Semitic rant during his 2006 DUI arrest, Mel has written two public letters of apology and also met with numerous leaders in the Jewish community to discuss where he went wrong.

As for the movie, Mel has wanted to produce it for a decade, telling our sources it's actually a statement against corruption in the church.  Mel believes Maccabee's story parallels the modern church, and he thinks the movie will help force change.


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Sure baby, sure. Like the corrupt movie about Jesus he made with Jewish people looking crude and ugly with big noses and eyes that were penetrating evil. Stay away from the Jewish people, Mel. Write a story about things you know best, i.e., alcoholism, abuse, etc.

1147 days ago


Thee so-called jews are really satanists, this race/religion of magicians claims they are thee one and only descendants of JESUS when he never produced any offspring in his life, jews are of the synagogue of satan and are liars.

1147 days ago


Apocalypto,one of the most novel and creative movies of the past decade. It turned the processed formula movies on their head. From the mind of Mel. Oh I forgot the other one..Braveheart", yes the man is a great director with great vision.

WTF? If he wants to make a movie about Judah Maccabee as some sort of personal attonement, why not let him? What would be good enough for the people who hate him? No one else has ever thought to make the movie, I am sure Mel will do a brilliant job.

1147 days ago

Sadie Rose    

What's next, the skin heads making a movie about MLK? PETA making a movie praising Michael Vick? Who would Mel cast in this auspicious roll of Judah? John Galliano? The Grand Wizard? Maybe himself? Pay $10 to see thinly veiled hatred in the guise of praise . . . no thank you.

1147 days ago


Sadie Rose,
What's next? It seems to me that Mel Gibson is trying to give every group an equal share of the pie. Hopefully, next on his list will be a grand epic about the plight of the Native Americans.

Maya 28

1147 days ago

Sadie Rose    

Mel's next movies -
Timothy McVeigh's travel guide to Oklahoma City.
Dracula - My favorite spots to watch the Sunrise
The 911 victims do a musical salute to Osama Bin Laden (in 3D)

Let's keep it real. Stop selling hate and marketing it as historically based entertainment.

1147 days ago


TMZ just can't get over their obsession with Mell

1147 days ago


Mel Gibson is a Racist , alcoholic , wife beating douche bag ..he's no different from the Usual TMZ -

1147 days ago


He is so lovely. People have diffulculty understanding true artistiic is easiier to persecute them ..the old "Love the art , hate the artist" so........

1147 days ago


oohh --Puuhleease !! Chris brown

1147 days ago


Mel Gibson has an anti-semitic history, and it is only natural that people of Jewish descent (like myself and Harvey) take offense to not only that Jesus movie, but Gibson's disgusting comments on multiple occasions (drunk or sober). He is also misogynistic and racist. Do we not remember the phone message he left to his baby mama about hoping she gets raped by a bunch if N-words? The anti-semitic comments here are very disheartening to read. Anti-semitism is just as ignorant AND hateful as racism and homophobia. Yes, we all have our First Amendment rights -- that's what's great about America-- but HATE SPEECH by Americans makes us no better than other countries.

1147 days ago


Mel Gibson is a humanitarian. Tell me, JUstin, what have you done to make this world a better place?

Maya 28

1147 days ago


Once and for all, I would like to know what "ALL" the jews need from Mel, in order to forgive him. I would also like to know, if "ALL" of them would accept his apology at that time, or if only a few and he would still need to "WORK" on himself.
Lastly, as I am leaving now, it didn't seem as if the jews banning his movie "Passion" hurt him to badly as it was a HUGE hit at the box office. And I find it funny that most of the people stating that the Passion movie was so evil, never even went to see it, cuz they were banning the movie anyway. Way to stick your head in the sand folks!
Make your movie Mel. Peace out!!

1147 days ago


His last Movie " BOMBED " ...Funny how people are still thinking back to the days of " The Passion "..Umm, excuse me , but lots have happened since

1147 days ago


I really think Mel has rigged TMZ, stuffed the votes. I will NEVER watch another movie of his, and change the channel when one's on. I think he SCREWED his baby-momma, all that money & all those tapes and promises I'm sure he made to her when they were together. I CANNOT STAND him.

1147 days ago
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