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Mel Gibson

Producing a Jewish Movie


9/10/2011 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is facing criticism from some members of the Jewish community who think it's a travesty for him to do a movie about Judah Maccabee, a famous Jewish hero. Now that Warner Bros. has signed on, we gotta ask:


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Professor Chaos    

The guy is a good filmmaker. I couldn't care less what his personal views are. He's made some good movies. I'm sick of how damn politically correct everybody is nowadays. Bunch of whiny babies.

1139 days ago


It's that time of the movie season again...the jews are going to come out with a holocaust movie or something so everyone can feel sorry for them...again...and again...and again...and again...and again....

1139 days ago




1139 days ago


Personal views ARE irrelevant to film making. Its a business and money does not discriminate. Us Americans are criticized for being cautious around Muslims because of what they did and they are crying over a few words.

1139 days ago


As I told my daughter at the time of his arrest, he was drunk and right around that time there had been bombs flying to and from Israel over Lord knows what. I believe Lebanon was getting hit, where Jews, Christians and Muslims live together relatively peacefully. It is 3 a.m., so maybe I am fuzzy on this. All I know is fighting was going on and innocent people were dying. Maybe he was riled up about that. I just remember saying he may have said something drunk, that sober would have meant something different. Cut the guy some slack!

1139 days ago


Go Mel...don't let dumbazzes Jews stop you

1139 days ago


Good Movies need a good script and good actors. Mel knows a good script and he is a good actor. I don't need to know nor for the most part do I care to know his views about anything, I expect him to be a good actor (which he is) and to put out good movies (again he does that).

The Jewish leader(s) need to understand that God only wants good Jewish movies too, thats why he has made Mel involved.

Although I should say that I do feel some Karma going on here.

1139 days ago


We vote yay or nay with the money we spend or don't spend on movie tickets. Period!

1139 days ago


Look, since the Maccabees existed before all those Christ killers and their oven dodging descendants, I'm sure Mel has no problem portraying their story.

As for those Jews who help Mel's career and finances, of course he doesn't care they're Jew. They may be going to hell for refusing to convert to Mel's brand of Christianity but how can he really hate anyone who's on his side and keeping him flush? (In Mel's eyes, it's OK if we use our ugly cabal to help Mel even though our mere existence is a blight on humanity because anything we do that doesn't help Mel is what leads to all the evil in the world)

1139 days ago


Looks like alot of the "pro Mel" group is also the "anti-jew" group.

1139 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

The poll results are interesting. Even if the Jewish leaders are against him it seems that public opinion is with Mel on this one. I was expecting a closer gap but the polls are pretty far in his favor. They were upset before because of The Passion so it seems like a fitting way to portray Jewish people as heroes if he makes this film. You would think they would want him to right what they see as a wrong in their eyes. But if you do not give him that opportunity then who is the one committing the sin? I understand how they Jewish community feels about all of this but really everyone screws up and it speaks more to your character if you cannot accept the apology and take the high road. The important thing is that someone wants to honor a Jewish hero and you should praise that more people will come to see Jewish people at their greatest moment. And the fact that the person is someone who put you down should make it even sweeter. I've heard people ask how would i feel if it was someone who put me down but now wants to sing my praises. Um yeah that would be awesome.

1139 days ago


I could care less what that freek, loser does.

1139 days ago


Judging by the votes taken here....the voters are all anti-simetic!

1139 days ago


i like jewish people. -its his money.
he can do what he wants with it.. he always makes good flicks.
and yes there are a lot of jews in hollywood..and he said it.

1139 days ago


Whom ever came up with this poll should be marched off to the museum of tolerance

1139 days ago
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