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Mel Gibson

Producing a Jewish Movie


9/10/2011 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is facing criticism from some members of the Jewish community who think it's a travesty for him to do a movie about Judah Maccabee, a famous Jewish hero. Now that Warner Bros. has signed on, we gotta ask:


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I can't believe how tendencious and misleading this poll is!!

Harvey, how about under "forgive Mel??" a fourth option: "There's nothing to be forgiven here" ?!

Stop spreading your ka-ka tmz, it's showing and stinking!!

1148 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i bet, before mel gibson even discovered this 'jewish personae', hardly even any jew even heard, knew or let alone cared about them. but now, suddenly, where someone wants to make a couple of million (hundred millions?) of DOLLARS!!! $$$$$$$$$$!!!! off of telling his story, now suddenly, 'the jews' are vehemnt in their 'claims of ownership' of the person, his story and his life! why didn't some jew make the move on their own before, if the dud was so dam important to them??????!!! because we all know how much they love them some liquid green...

1148 days ago


I'm not even Jewish and I am surprised at the percentages. Somethings can be forgiven but not forgotten. He should stick to talking to stuffed beavers.

1147 days ago

Matt Fagan    

It's easy for non-jewish people to forgive Mel Gibson, but imagine if he had targeted African-Americans, Asian-Americans, or Arab-Americans? Would you all be so forgiving then? For somebody of such public prominence to spout views of such hatred whether it be 6 years ago or today, is completely unacceptable. I don't believe Jewish Leaders are being sensitive? Imagine how the Reverend Al Sharpton would have responded? Come on people, Mel Gibson hasn't had a good movie in 20 years, it's time that American society lets him go on his merry way.

1147 days ago

The Neko Nation    

By the look of the poll it looks like there are a lot of anti semites on TMZ. The holocaust was not real comments are a real joke and just shows the lack of intelligence in this country today. I'm not even a jew and I'm offended by the comments on here.

1147 days ago


Harvey's Jewish TMZ is very heavily biased against Christians. Not sure he should be allowed to continue in this manner. I'm offended. I demand several apologies. Harvey should attend anger management to learn how to speak civilly to Christians and non-homosexual people.

1147 days ago


I certainly admire Mel Gibson more than I would Harvey Levin/TMZ. Mel has passions and goals which he pours into his movie making. Harvey's just out for... for what? Money, I guess, and whatever fame gossip Internet rags get these days.

1147 days ago

some guy    

Vienna sausages are more kosher than Mel making a movie. Some rabbi told me that.

1147 days ago

Captain Spank    

Listen, if hollywood can support an unpunished child rapist like Polansky. Then it becomes completely hypocritical and really far out there that they could not support a man who only mouthed off while drunk, and has apologized. Talk about a sick and twisted reality in hollywood. Mel Gibson has hurt nobody, he ran his mouth like anyone else has done.

But ofcourse hollywood is run by jews, so that is a major sin, where as sexual perversion is perfectually ok. It is worse to be a verbal bigot in hollywood than an actual child rapist. Very sick culture in hollywood.

1147 days ago


mel may have personally stumbled but he is still a damn fine actor and one of the best of our time...even all time. He can do this and it will be good...everything Mel does on the screen is good...even if hes a racist wife beater you cant really take that from him.

1147 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Should Mel be allowed to make the movie? Hmmmmm...

Wow, somebody must think they control the world. Who would stop him, huh Harvey? Some secret Jewish Hollywood cabal that controls what movies can or can't be made. Wouldn't that just prove that Mel was speaking the truth in his screaming rants?

1147 days ago


1147 days ago




1147 days ago


You really need a "Who gives a ****" button on your surveys!

1147 days ago

Kathi j    

I understand why Jewish leaders are upset with Mel Gibson, But, if Jewish leaders can forgive fashion designer John Galliano for his racist rant in France after he was found guilty. They said they were happy with the verdict and felt it was time to move on and hope people learn from it. If Jewish leaders can forgive John Galliano, why can't they forgive Mel Gibson? I think mel Gibson is disgusting and I think John Galliano is equally disgusting but why the difference in the treatment?

1147 days ago
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