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The Situation

Abercrombie Is RIPPING ME OFF

9/10/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation is returning fire in his war with Abercrombie & Fitch -- claiming the clothing company has repeatedly tried to exploit his good name -- and now, he's demanding they BACK THE HELL OFF.

You'll recall ... the conflict began last month, when A&F publicly offered to pay The Situation NOT to wear their clothing. Days later, Sitch claimed he never received such an offer.

What's ironic ... A&F has previously marketed t-shirts clearly inspired by "Jersey Shore" -- including one that reads "GTL Fitch" and another that reads "The Fitchuation" -- and Sitch believes last month's offer was nothing more than an elaborate publicity stunt to trade off his good name.

Now, Sitch's lawyers are saying enough is enough ... firing off a cease and desist letter to A&F on Wednesday -- demanding the clothing company yank the t-shirts from their shelves.

Sitch also wants all the profits A&F made off the shirts -- insisting his company MPS Entertainment owns the trademarks ... and the clothing co. is infringing on them.

According to the cease and desist, A&F has until Tuesday to respond -- or else.


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Sitch actually seems to have a point here. Interesting.

1138 days ago


INTERESTING that the A&F "label" was BLURRED out this week on JERSEY SHORE... which can be a QUICK and EASY edit as a result of the first "situation"...

When is the FP/P/C (FIST PUMP, PUSHUP, CHAPSTICK) Tee coming out "ABER"?

I'm not a fan of EITHER...

1138 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Even if you don't like the guy you do have to respect how he handles his business. The guy probably knows his 15 mins are just about up so he's gotta get what he can while he can. He apparently created a great character to market with his whole "Situation" thing and clearly A&F are trying to piggy back off of the Jersey Shore. So i'd actually have to side with Mike on this one even though i can't wait for that show to be done because i'm tired of people not from NJ assuming all of us are like that.

1138 days ago


i bet you anything A&F along with this idiot are in on the whole thing together, and tmz is getting some kind of a kick back for "reporting" such a bs story

1138 days ago


Why does every picture of him have his big mouth open. He is so annoying. As for the comment "Sitch believes last month's offer was nothing more than an elaborate publicity stunt to trade off his good name." UMMM, good name??

1138 days ago


So just like lohan if someone uses the word situation its an infringement on this a hole. A&F is just a play on words nothing else. What this clown is saying he owns a tradmark on a common word like situation.

Funny how come you never see The situation with the registered tradmark logo?

1138 days ago


Only thing this jacka ss can do is get drunk , fall down and look like an idiot trying to fight. He isn't even good looking. In fact the entire cast are the worst possible influence our kids need.

1138 days ago



1138 days ago


"...tried to exploit his good name?"


1138 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

He is an idiot but he is right in this situation. They are clearly playing on the Jersey Shore popularity, the same one they condemned.

1138 days ago


Who does
Abercrombie think they are,
better than him? A little
presumptuous if you ask me,
and the nerve making money off
of him after claiming they're too
good for him to wear their clothes.

1138 days ago


I am sure A & F will just laugh at this buffoon!

1138 days ago


Letter has tons of typos, misplaced capitalization, and poor grammar.

Also, lawyer fails to correctly format the legal terms. I am a 2nd year law student and we write better than this joker. BTW, this lawyer's primary expertise is probate law.

1138 days ago


First of all... Who wears Abercrombie?.. And as much of douche I think the situation is, I think he has a point on this one.

1138 days ago


Like him or not. . .and I don't. He has a solid case of defamation and trademark infringement against them. It's a no brainer what the intent is with the "GTL & Fitchuation" logos on the shirts . . .then making a public demand that he can't wear their clothing. He's a moron, but he's got them on this one.

1138 days ago
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