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Chaz Bono

Strong-Arms GF

9/11/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono and his girlfriend, Jennifer Elia, walked the red carpet at last night's Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

He's got her, babe.


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I hope the super glued penis doesn't come off during sex. This is all just so Weird. Man, Women, or it ?

1101 days ago


They're BOTH messed up...very disturbing every time I see these gals.

1101 days ago

The Village Idiot    

Chaz Sonny's revenge against Cher he had always wanted a son.

So what a chemically altered daughter with an addadictomy will have to do.

1101 days ago

Sheila Shigley    

Who cares about this FAT and TALENTLESS lesbian loser and her girlfriend? Only TMZ cares about them.

1101 days ago

indignant moose    

Cher should have slapped the sodomite right out of her when she still had the chance.

1101 days ago


sick people,stop showing this crap on tmz

1101 days ago


Miranda: 3 hours ago: over 20 years ago Chastity Bono came out as Lesbian. She lived as a Lesbian for MANY years, then somewhere along the line she came to the conclusion that she was really transgender. Explaining this evolution she said that she was CONFUSED when she thought she was lesbian. Hmmmmm confused for nearly 20 years. Said girlfriend who was with her when she was Lesbian and also claimed to be Lesbian is with still with Chaz, the transgender. Hmmmmm, that's some messed up *****. I don't suppose Chaz has come to the conclusion that he's just messed up period. So now that he's transgendered, I'm assuming his girlfriend is still Lesbian unless she is confused too and now considers herself bi-sexual. it's good that Chaz has at least ONE part of his female anatomy to entertain her. You just can't make up stuff like this. To each his own, but this is really a hot mess especially because he has to take drugs the rest of his life to maintain his 'masculinity'.

1101 days ago


I don't understand this - if Chaz's girlfriend was attracted to Chaz when Chaz was a woman, then how can the girlfriend be attracted to Chaz now that he's a man? I don't get it.

1101 days ago


To answer your question, Chaz THOUGHT years ago he was a lesbian because he knew nothing of transgender. All Chaz knew was that he was attracted to WOMEN (and not men). He was attracted to women because deep inside he always FELT like a man but was trapped in a body that had the wrong "parts", Now, he knpws the difference and is trying to show that everyone should be allowe dto live as they choose and as they are most COMFORTABLE, even if it bothers a bunch of you judgmental, low-lifem uneducated LOSERS. God made each of us and he loves all of us. Even you rude, obnoxious, mean spirired people who have nothing positive to say. Just remember..karma's a real bitch..and I can't WAIt for it to come around and bite all of you HOLIER THEN THOUGH idiots on here. NICE people do not make fun of a person's face, body, let's remember who is rude when you loook in YOUR OWN MIRROR. You're all sickening creatures. Rock on Chaz! You have more class then 97% of these morons on here.

1101 days ago


Freakin' Nasty ! You shouldn't be teaching kids that it's ok to act like this. No wonder children are so messed up now days.

1101 days ago


Well, I've heard about MTF transsexuals and transvestites who make no bones about still wanting to have sex with women. But what really confuses me is the sexual orientation of Chaz's partner. If she's really straight, why would she want Chaz? If she's really lesbian, why would she want Chaz?

1101 days ago


@Miranda: "Blah, blah, blah. Rhetoric, rhetoric, rhetoric".

I hate having to repeat myself, but, you leave me no choice. Chaz Bono has taken it upon herself to shove her Political Agenda down our throats. She is only half Trans-gendered. I respect the people that go through the "COMPLETE" transformation. I will never respect Bono. She has convinced a Judge to formally call her a "MAN" Making new case law changes it for all of us. She and her group of activist are bringing our morals to a halt.

Chaz has only had a double mastectomy and is being pumped full of testosterone...a steroid. She has admitted in her interviews that she has had nothing changed below the waist. Another way to prove this is look at the inside of her forearm. There are just ugly tattoos there, no scars. The inner part of the forearm is where they take the material from to design and make a false penis. If she would use tissue from someone else she would have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of her life.
If she would ever be truly trans-gendered, she would have scars on her inner forearm and her fake penis would be a gray ugly tattooed blob.

In my opinion, Chaz is a fake, a liar and a fraud. Not so good of a quality in a person to be a role model.
@Miranda, before you spew your hatred on us, get your facts straight!

1101 days ago


jennifer has to be one messed up mofo for 'dating' a transgender.

1101 days ago


There is nothing less attractive than a woman wearing mans tie. Can't stand that look. And when you are a mutalated lesbian, it's even worse. Please, enough of this sea hag already.

1101 days ago


If you were born a female what is it inside of your mind that would make you KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that you should have been a male or vice versa? That's the part I don't understand.

I'm not talking about things like "I have always wanted to do guy/girl things". When I was younger we use to wear men's ties with our slacks sometimes but that was a fad and we certainly didn't do it everyday or even WANTED to do it everyday.

It did not have me thinking "oh I really like dressing like a man and want to dress like one all the time" or take it further and start acting like a man or cut my hair like a man or build myself up like a man......I know my examples are weak but that's all I

Seriously though, I don't understand this. I would never do anything to harm a transgender and I have no hatred towards them I just don't understand what it is within them that makes up the deciding factor where they want to change their gender.

One thing I do know is the men who change into a female are still men in my eyes and the same for the women who want to become men. You cannot change the gender you were born with no matter how much you change your outer appearance.

That's why when a man becomes a woman he/she can never have children or when a female becomes a man and leaves her reproductive organs intact, she/he can have children.

The pregnant "man" can bear children and the silly media wants to make it a big deal when it's not. She/he was NEVER a man. She/he just left her reproductive organs intact. This is not a man nor will she/he ever be a true man.

1101 days ago
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