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Rachel Uchitel

Tweeting from Ground Zero

9/11/2011 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel visited the memorial at Ground Zero this morning to pay her respects to those who lost their lives on September 11 -- including her fiancé at the time, James Andrew O'Grady.

Uchitel is currently embroiled in a spat with Page Six Magazine, which ran an article that quoted her as saying, "I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good."

Rachel says she never said it and plans on suing.


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lol I call it a BS publicity stunt to shake her post-9/11 comments about her late husband

1101 days ago


Who is this and why is she important to America?

1101 days ago


Tweeting from the WTC memorial? Disgraceful.

1101 days ago


Why did you even post this? This isn't news and she isn't news-worthy. She is a nobody. Her only 'claim to fame' is fu(king a married, professional athlete. Her former fiance really dodged a bullet by dying because death far outweighs being married to this terrible person for even one second.

1101 days ago


Of all the famous and heroic people at Ground Zero today, why would you ever mention this one??? Thumbs down to TMZ!

1101 days ago


She's the last name you want to see in regards to 9-11. To her, any press is good press. And of course, she is going to sue. She needs the money, being she had to pay back Tiger.

1101 days ago

two cents    

SHAME on you TMZ! How dare you soil the day of remeberence of this national tragedy with this nasty ct's stupid story. You're disgusting and this attention whr deserves NO attention today. Today a nation mourns and remembers. POS

1101 days ago


class.....real class....NOT !!!!!!!! alas, we all will never forget this sad is it that she will be milking this till she dies......sooooo SOME class , woman !!!!!!

1101 days ago


There's a sign there that says Don't Take Pictures.

1101 days ago


Dear Rachel: Please, just go away...No, seriously...GO THE HELL AWAY!! In addition, who would sign up to receive this ho's tweets? Jeesh....

1101 days ago

Jurgen Brul    

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1101 days ago


Is her only income lawsuits and reality shows??

1101 days ago

Wait a second!!!! They wouldn't let firefighters, clergy, or any of the first responders to Ground Zero, but they let this thing show up???

1101 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

She just wants to own it, just for the attention. It's not so much as grieving for her as it is "Is anyone paying attention to me?"

1101 days ago

Linda Brown    

I can't stand this bimbo! She KNEW Tiger Woods was married and boy did she milk that for all it was worth!How much money did she get off of him? And she is right, Andy was clearly TOO GOOD for her!! How dare she go to Ground Zero, wanna bet she wants to make sure the media takes her pic as this skank is a camerawhore if you ever did see one! And I about barfed when she was on Celeb Rehab for SEX ADDICTION? Come on, I don't believe for a minute that is her problem she is under the impression she is some big star? And she made sure she milked that for all it was worth and last night she was on Dr Drew? When one goes willingly with someone else's man you are entitled to no respect and I suppose it was Andy's death that made her boink Tiger? I don't want her near my cousin as his remains are entombed at the memorial, he was a hero, he went into the south tower bent on saving people as he was a people person and I caught a glimpse of him on a live news feed and he was at the command post awaiting his command and he walked back toward a bank of elevators and that was the last anyone ever saw of him, he was never recovered, when the tower collapsed, he was on the 44TH floor bringing down injured people, but I take comfort that he died what he loved most because as a fireman you take risks every day, I am sure he thought about his 3 kids and his wife before he started up the long climb, but I am sure he did not think the tower would fall, he responded to the 93 bombing and it took him 3 hrs to make it to the top so he and all the others knew this was going to be a daunting task and yet, they did not hesitate, they went up and never came down, SO forgive me if I don't feel any sympathy for this ho!

1101 days ago
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