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Bam Margera

Detained by Cops

After Taxi Cab Punch-Out

9/12/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0912_bam_taxi_V2Bam Margera was detained by police early yesterday morning outside a biker bar in NYC -- after the "Jackass" star allegedly got into a punching match with a cab driver ... then kicked in his car door.

An eyewitness tells TMZ it all went down outside the famous Hogs & Heifers Saloon.  He saw Bam and his friend attack the driver through the car window, so he flagged down cops. We're told Bam walked away ... but the officers caught up to him.

Bam tells a different story.  According the him, the cabbie started the whole thing by calling his lady friend a "slut." Bam says the girl spat at the driver, who in turn grabbed her hair.  Bam says he then dove into the car and began punching on the guy.

Bam acknowledges the cops showed up "but couldn't figure out who to arrest," so everyone walked away ... free to do it again.



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Fuck Celebrities    

Why isn't he dead yet? Hasn't he got an appointment with an drug overdose or the back of a truck?

What a waste of oxygen.

1114 days ago


he kicks the windows out of an astro-van after chaneling Latoya Jacksons pyschic hot-line- about Ryan Dunce 's crash- now he's kicking a cab leaving dents -And as luck would have it - Bam has not been run over- smashed up -or ended up a lump of charcoal yet -UGGGHHHH Bam is such a chubby doosh...

1114 days ago


how sad that the cab driver did not chanel Clara Harris...

1114 days ago


we need his neighbor to push him down stairs - 1 more time...

1114 days ago


The Girl Is Porcelain Black, A Singer Signed To Young Money Records

1114 days ago


the cabbie said 'shut' not slut.
the door was open..bam heard 'slut, because
thats what he always calls her..he is a accident
waiting to happen..btw the driver was from either india, iraq
or iran..mexicans dont drive here we go with the
hate crimes..

1114 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

I have something she can spit on.

1113 days ago

Bam's just getting into shape for the next Jackass movie.

1113 days ago


**** all of u tht think u know ****! haha! the cab driver has no right to call ANYONE a slut shouldnt he be professional for work?!? she should of ****in spit some damn Jameson in his face **** him! BAM IS DEFENDING HIS GIRLFRIEND! thts right GIRLFRIEND he is not with Missy so **** OFF! and every time u hear **** about him STOP BLAMING RYAN'S DEATH! hes ****in fine!!! if anything Porcelain is keeping his mind off tht ****! shes a really good ****in person and for u all to judge her based on what u hear or what she looks like makes u look ****in immature! haha Porcelain Black is my bitch!! and Bam and Louie are the ****in ****!!! ♥

1113 days ago


He seems to get into physical altercations frequently. Maybe because the only time I hear about him it's through posts like this, how old is this guy again? A little too old to still be getting into "brawls" with random people. His friend shouldnt have spit on the driver, how does he just get to walk away without charges? The driver must have opted not to press or something. Must be nice.

1113 days ago


@ pork-celain tramp- I bet you droped out of high school because your bff was expelled for smearing poop on a locker ...

1113 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Yet another jackazzz just waiting to get himself on a slab for his inevitable early dirt nap. The sooner the better I say. These morons have done enough damage to the youth of America and themselves. The thought that they have millions in their bank accounts points out everything WRONG with America today and why it's near full bore collapse not unlike the WTC ten years ago Sunday.

1113 days ago


Hanging out with a cut -rate celeb like Bam is about as cool as hanging out with Slobastain Bach...

1113 days ago


let me share a prediction - let me gaze into the crystal 8 ball- Bam will sprout moobs- wear black hoodies to conceal them - when it's 95 degree's - suffer a broken rib because his wonder bra got snaged on the broken speaker wires of an astro van- while groping a 15 year old -trailer court cutieeeee- landing him in the pokey for 3-7 sharing the sex pred list like his fat pile uncle...

1113 days ago


- did bam flash his moobs while at the hogs and heifers saloon - did he leave his moob-tube hanging at the bar ? GET IT TMZ !

1113 days ago
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